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SEO tools updated 10-20-14

As you all know we at Search Engine Genie have the most comprehensive set of SEO tools.

We like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have used our tools on a regular basis. We will continue to keep our tools free for many years to come. We hate the policy of tools subscription. Please don’t fall for tool subscription scam. There are enough free tools available online that you can use for your SEO purpose.


Free tools help you limit the queries you send to Google. Automated paid tools send mass amount of queries to Google when can result in penalty for your site. Google has always said they will ban tools that send mass amount of queries to their search engines. For example web position gold a tool that scraps Google was literally banned for a very long time. Nowadays there are subscription based tools that has sprung up. Avoid using them long term because

1. Google knows what are the sites that are sending too many automated queries.
2. Mass automated tools will stop anytime soon. Google knows how to block them.
3. Results vary significantly because most of the time tools set results to 100 instead of 10 the way we do normal search.

I can list out many reasons to not shed out money on tools that are freely available online.

We at search engine genie do periodic checks our tools to make sure most of them work. Yes some tools stop working as the search engines evolve but we do our best to make most of them work.

Keep using our free SEO tools and don’t FALL for paid tools SCAM.

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