SEO beginner PPT from Educational institutions:

Here are some interesting SEO beginners PPTs from top universities. Today many universities are teaching SEO as part of their curriculum. If you are a beginner in SEO or a SEO service provider this set of SEO PPTs will be very useful for you. All SEO power point presentations are provided for education purpose only.

SEO is common sense Not Rocket science

Is SEO a qualification. Many think so but no it is not a qualification. There is no degree required for this or does have any position related. I see in countries like India they call themselves SEO analyst, SEO senior expert etc. Those sounds really funny. Who gave these people these titles? Those who gave this name are just trying to scam people. There are no posts related to SEO. The maximum you can call yourself is Search engine optimizer. There are no better titles than this.


Same SEO is not rocket science it requires patience, dedication and lot of your time. If time is money for you then doing SEO is not your cup of tea. You need to find some good SEO companies so don’t have to use up your time. But if you have time in your hands then it is all Do It Yourself SEO. Don’t spend a penny if you have time there are lot of online materials to read and understand the way SEO works these days. If you spend 3 months you will read most of the details required for SEO. 6 months you can update yourself on past trends too. It is important to know the current situation and past so that you don’t make mistakes that was penalized by search engines before.

I stress again SEO is not rocket science anyone can do it. Anyone calling themselves SEO analyst or what ever crap don’t believe there are no terms like that. SEO is important but Search engine optimizers are not always important.

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SEO 301 redirect from http to https

Recently our site was moved from http to https. Moving a big site like ours was not easy. It took us a lot of time to move. We had too many static pages which made our life difficult. When we move our site from http to https it is important that move everything to the secure section.

SEO 301 redirect from http to https

Areas to consider are CSS, images, JavaScript and any other client side includes should be from secure section. If your URLs are relative you don’t have a problem but if your URLs are absolute then you have a problem in your hand. Make sure you search and replace all URLs that have absolute links. We search for pages with URLs like,, etc.

These type of URLs are replaced with https instead of http.

But before moving into all these details make sure https works perfectly on your site. Next important thing is to 301 redirect all http pages to https pages.

Because we are on an Apache server we used this code in our .htaccess file.\

RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on RewriteRule ^/?(.*) https://%{SERVER_NAME}/$1 [R,L]

This code worked great till we went into our wordpress pages.

We have about 8 wordpress blogs.

Insert code here

Then we need to login to our wordpress section and change the htaccess files there. We replaced above code in .htaccess in each wordpress blog root section. Boom it worked. We never had any problems after that.

To make sure browsers don’t throw insecure content error for wordpress blogs. Use “wordpress https” plugin. It is freely available for download.

If anyone need help moving site to a secure server contact us we are more than willing to help you.

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HummingBird Algorithm

On September 27, 2013 Google launched a new “Hummingbird” algorithm at its 15th anniversary event. The name Hummingbird was used as searches are turned to be “precise and fast.” with this latest update.


Hummingbird is an entirely new updated search algorithm incorporating new technology combined with older features of the existing algorithms. It approaches search engine queries in an intelligent way that instead of looking at the individual words that match with the keywords of finding page, the algorithm aims to understand what the users intention was – figuring out the reason what exactly the user looking for to search.

This release is basically a platform that enables Google to better handle “conversational” search queries.

Working strategies of Hummingbird

The major change what made Hummingbird to be so special than past versions of the Google algorithms is that its conversational search.

For example, if you search for ‘shipping companies near me’, then Hummingbird knows that ‘near me’ might mean where you are when you’re searching, it understands the user searches for the shipping services in his nearby locality. This clearly indicates many people are searching for results without using the appropriate keywords.

Hummingbird breaks this dismay by introducing Conversational Search concept-  allowing user to ask Google a question, as you would a friend, and it answers you using contextual and background knowledge (just like a real person would). Hence the importance to keyword slackens behind.

Few new post-Hummingbird SEO best practices

  •  Long-tail phrases have to be given more importance than keywords in order to prepare for more semantic search.
  •  Website content has to be clear and concise that answers all the questions what user may have.
  • Need to answer the “5 Ws” (Who, What, Where, When, and Why) and also “How” when it comes to product or service the company present.

SEO and page Rank strategies

The implementation of this new algorithm has raised number of queries in the users’ side whether this new methodology will forfeit SEO and page ranking strategies. But Google strictly answers with its strong words as”NO” .Google says there is nothing new or different SEO guidelines has been introduced. Guidance remains the same, it says: have original, high-quality content. Signals that have been important in the past remain important. The keywords within a query still play a major role. Hummingbird just allows Google to process them in new and hopefully better ways.

Benefits VS opportunities -Hummingbird

The release of Hummingbird creates the perfect scenario for smaller websites to gain more exposure. As long tailed keywords are to possess more priority, content stands top that holds the ability to answer search engine queries. The algorithm broadens the horizons by expanding number of entrance pages that answer the questions being posed by the target audience. Answering more questions is now considered as the vital part of the new Hummingbird algorithm.

The new algorithm was designed in the sense to address all users search conveniently. Many users are not aware of using keywords that direct to appropriate page they try out with the normal conversation as they talk with their friends. This issue was greatly analyzed and brought out with the solution which is “Humming bird”.

Future with Hummingbird algorithm

The Hummingbird algorithm is meant to turn the SEO into the marketing strategy. It will take little time to get familiar with the new methodology but it’s an evolution of Google in elevating preference for quality content that address user’s actual needs in their own natural language. Google is increasingly concerned to find content that is relevant and trusted, in essence content with authority. The algorithm has grabbed more attention with common users. In future, it is no doubt that Hummingbird will extend its wing in elevating the search experience to new level.

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Operation Kill competitor – successful

Google has long claimed no one can hurt a competitor site. We believed Google all these time but we wanted to test it recently. We took a main tail keyword where our client ranks position 12. Our client wanted us to push into top 10 results. So we tried our secret weapon against our competitors. We added a bunch of low quality links from sites deemed low quality by Google. Just added 30 unique links from different sites to each competitor and BOOM within 2 weeks we saw the competitor sites drop 6 to 8 positions. One competitor dropped from position 6 to 14 other dropped position 9 to 17. Well it can be a coincidence but there was no update during the time we tested and those sites were sitting there for about 2 years. So what Google is claiming is truth we don’t know, but we believe we can sabotage a competitor rankings but pushing low quality links. When I say low quality links the links we added are from good pagerank pages and they are strong themselves but come from a negative area.

We wish Google seriously looks into this issue. If you think I am lying we don’t care but it is 100% true we tested and the results are positive. So why disclose a secret weapon? LOL we don’t want to take it as a weapon we just tested we prefer to do SEO search engine friendly way. We tested this to bring awareness to people.

Do you disclose the test results?
Ofcourse NO. We don’t want to keep our client’s rankings and online Business in jeopardy.













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Affected by PAID links? We can help you

Affected By Paid Links

Google has long time warned not to get paid links for the purpose of increasing PageRank and rankings. But so many companies kept buying links. For a long time people got away with paid links. Some got caught in Google paid link penalty some got away without any issues.

Recently ( September 2010 ) Google’s engineers removed the plug on paid links. We have seen and experienced 1000s of sites loosing rankings within a span of 2 weeks.

Almost all the sites were buying links one way or the other. We started getting leads where people have bought links and were affected by Google’s recent buying links penalty.

We at Search Engine Genie have always stayed away from paid links to boost PageRank. We have denied lot of offers from link brokers to buy links from them for our clients. In our company we don’t encourage buying links. There are areas where we tend to go a bit aggressive due to the competition but we always stayed away from buying links.

Till today we never bought a single link to our client. Most of the links are either got naturally or traded or got from some other purpose other than link buying.

If you recently got affected by paid link penalty we are ready to help you. We can get your site recovered and ranked without any paid links. We have done this before and doing it now for our clients. Google kept stressing buying links for the purpose of increasing ranking and PageRank is a big no-no. Feel free to fill up the contact form on this page or send us an email to this email ID ( We will get back to you with a quote to recover your website and get it back in ranking. Understand that Google is not the only search engine that is against paid links even yahoo and bing have strict polices.

If you have trouble with any search engine contact us and we can help you.

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Are embedded links in widgets ethical?

Google and other search engines have always stressed for people to get only natural links. The whole link based algorithm depends a lot on natural links. Scientists wrote link based algorithm because links are natural and more reliable. Talking about widget embedded links this has been in debate for a long time. Search engines always have mixed opinion on this.

Embedding links in widgets has been in existing from the day widgets were introduced. a world famous tracking company which provides free tracking were PR 10 because of the links embedded in their counter. Seeing this people started this natural usage of links in a commercial way. People started approaching commercial counter companies to embed their links when free counters are distributed in exchange for a payment. Lots of companies got temporary benefit from it but the search engines immediately woke up to the occasion. An SEO company which did this as part of their link building strategy was completed banned from Google’s search engine. Also Google started implementing link based penalties like the -60 penalty for sites that use widgets to embed links. Even we were affected a bit but later recovered. So is this ethical? . In my opinion I feel the user should know that the link is embedded into the widget code as long as they know it its fine. But if the links are embedded without the user’s knowledge then it’s wrong. I feel search engines too have similar view. People should have the ability to embed the link or remove it or make it no-follow. If they can do it I am confident the search engines will accept it whole heartedly.

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SEO Blog Back Again

I have to personally take the blame for not updating my blog regularly. I am learning to get rid of this laziness in me. Ill make sure from now on ill keep you entertained with my posts. Also blogger ftp being discontinued affected our blogs but that was not till end if May. I don’t have an explanation for not posting before may. My last posting was in Feb, that is 4 months before blogger discontinued allowing FTP publishing. Now I am back to some serious blogging I will be giving you latest updates in SEO industry and also will continue to share my experiences that I have gained over the years.


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SEOs in twitter prosper

Twitter has become an excellent tool for SEOs. SEO had a wrong name with many social sites. Places like myspace, Orkut and even social bookmarking sites like digg hates SEOs. But nowadays there are many SEOs who use twitter the right way.

They have learned methods to use sites like twitter with lot of respect. I have seen some very good discussions in twitter between people in search engine industry. Some SEOs have 1000s of followers which itself is a very good sign for SEOs.
People are listing to the SEO guys and I have seen people like matt cutts, Adam lasnik follow some SEO guys. Matt cutts makes some interesting comments in his twitter account which is worth the read when you are in search engine industry.
He already has a whooping number of followers ( 45,000 ) .

Its incredible since there are so many people who are active in this search and SEO industry. Today the awareness of people about search engines is huge. Only good SEO companies and SEO guys survive in this ever increasing competitive industry.
Other people to look out for in twitter are Danny Sullivan, Jeremy Zawodny and lot more. I don’t recommend you block anyone who wants to follow you unless you feel they are really spammy. I have seen people having 100s of followers before seeing anyone spamming them.
Most SEOs feel twitter is a great neighbourhood. Even Pageoneresults ( Edward ) has named it twitterhood. Great to see SEOs use a great platform in a constructive way.

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Influential women in Search industry – 7thpixel

In response to our post on the most influential people in search industry v7pixel blogged about the most influential women in search industry. I have to agree with v7pixel guys or i should say girls :-) .

Here is the list according to them, check their Most influential women post here

Alex Bennert
In-house SEO, Wall Street Journal

Allison Fabella
SEO Manager, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Amanda Watlington
Ph.D., Searching for Profit

Anne Kennedy
Managing Partner, Beyond Ink

Christine Churchill
President, KeyRelevance

Dana Todd
Founding Partner, SiteLab International, Inc.

Elisabeth Osmeloski
Managing Editor, Search Engine Land

Gillian Muessig
President, SEOmoz, Inc.

Heather Lloyd-Martin
President and CEO, SuccessWorks

Janet Driscoll Miller
President & CEO, Search Mojo

Jennifer Laycock
Director of Social Media/Editor, SiteLogic/Search Engine Guide

Jessica L Bowman
Founder & President,

Jessie Stricchiola
Founder & CEO, Alchemist Media, Inc.

Jill Whalen
CEO, High Rankings

Kim Krause Berg
Web Site Usability and SEO Consultant, Cre8pc

Rae Hoffman
Chief Executive Officer, Outspoken Media

Rebecca Kelly
Director of Social Media, 10e20

Rhea Drysdale
Co-founder and COO, Outspoken Media

Shari Thurow
SEO Director, Omni Marketing Interactive

Tamar Weinberg

Vanessa Fox
Founder, Nine By Blue

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