Sanford wallace AKA Spamford wallace awarded 234$ million fine for spamming

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008 social bookmarking, Spam

Well people in online marketing industry for a long time should be knowing the long term spammer and one of the worst email spammer of all time Sanford Wallace. His company cyber promotions started in 1991 is one of the foremost email spamming company. He closed his company due to lawsuits and public pressure and now is resorted to spamming through more sophisticated methods.

Wikipedia has lot more information on this spammer . Well Now he is faced by a lawsuit by myspace for spamming their members using fake IDs. Now a civic court has ruled against him and he should pay 234$ million as fine to myspace for abusing their services. Well i am sure he is not going to pay this anyway i dont think first of all he has any where near that money to pay. I am sure this is just a warning lawsuit from Myspace to everyone trying to spam their users. Wallace was previously asked to pay FTC more than 4 million dollars as fine which he never paid now i am sure for the type of low life he lives he will never pay the 234 million.

Spamford wallace runs his personally blog probably started very recently here . I am not sure whether its his personal blog ( no way to authenticate ) but seeing from the postings it seems its the real sanford wallace.

The thread about recently lawsuit really attracted me.

his post

“$234 million dollar judgment
I just read that a court awarded MySpace a $234 million dollar judgment against me. That’s pretty amazing since I haven’t even been served in this case since the preliminary injunction about a year ago. Regardless, the check’s in the mail.

and his replies

admin Says:
Good demonstration of how some people base their thoughts on erroneous information. #1 The poster doesn’t understand the meaning of a civil judgment. #2 The poster clearly feels I send crap in his or her inbox even though I haven’t sent a mass commercial email in over 10 years.

admin Says:
“Innocent until proven guilty” does not apply to civil actions. And I am still waiting to be served. And I haven’t been hiding either. The whole case was one big PR move.

admin Says:
There’s a big difference between crying “its not my fault” and “they won a $234 million dollar judgment without even serving the defendant.” I’m not asking you to care about me. I’m asking you to care about what happens when a huge corporation and the gov’t have a common interest.

I personally want all the email spammers to go to hell or serve Capital punishment they are just a disgrace to internet and Internet freedom

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