what *is* Google going to do with $1.8 billion?

Saturday, August 21st, 2004 Google

There is an interesting Forum discussion thread going on in webmaster world one of the leading seo marketing forum in the world, People there started speculating what google will do will all the money they get from their Stock, This IPO has brought some good money into google and we are yet to see Google’s future plans on what they are going to do with all their money,

Ok Here are some pick from what people want from google from that thread…. – my comments are added as well,

1. Hire more PhDs(Search algorithm scientists) to find spammers. This is a point even I stress upon I hate Spammers winning in google and i would like Google to fight bad unethical practices more vigorously,

2. New Google directory: I would love to see one, I hate these Dmoz volunteers taking control of the whole directory and never accept many many quality site submissions, Instead we see lots of starter sites with only 3 or 4 pages accepted, That is too weird cant understand what criteria they use to accept site submissions but sometimes it looks pretty ridiculous, I wish Google comes out with an excellent human edited directory, But with real people who are paid to do their work, I wish Dmoz is dropped by Google soon,

3. Google branded browser based on Firefox or a G-branded IM client. Good ask from google, But I personally feel Internet Explorer is much more comfortable and adaptable than any other browsers, Many applications are built around the compatibility of Internet Explorer and it makes it difficult to use other browsers which lack in compatibility, Regarding I am client I would like to see one from Google, I personally use Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, AOL, Indiatimes messengers. I don’t mind using an other one especially from google which I love,

4. ISP business – I don’t want Google to get into ISP services just because it has a potential risk of loosing their Branding,

5. Google Auctions – Already lots of auction sites out there, Cant sit out to see an other one from Google,

6. Overture acquisition – Silly As if Yahoo is ready to sell it,

7. RSS desktop version MyGoogle – Good ask, wish Google comes out with something like this,

8. Google SEO – LOL, i had a Giggle on this, If Google is out into SEO business there are 1000s of companies willing to spend millions of dollars to them, But what happens their results will be completely corrupted and all junk sites will be on top, Anyway funny wish to google,

9. semantic web — Ahh that will be great, Google moving into semantic understanding of queries, it is going to be one difficult job to achieve this, hope to see something like this coming soon,

10. A better search engine – SteveB an experienced poster in webmasterworld suggested this, I think steve has to say this to yahoo, Google does some great job improving their Algorithm, They are constantly working on it but yahoo on the other hand sits of Onpage factor analysis and pushing lots of junk sites on top, I wish Google takes care of them selves to build a better search engine, I appreciate all their efforts towards it,

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