Profile Submission FAQ

How to submit your free SEO profile. Please use this link to fill the contact form with your personal details once we recieve the profile it will be submitted to our team for review and will be made live within 3 days for life time free listing.

Free backlink:

We will be providing a free backlink to your website for life. We will review the quality of your site and if its eligible your site will be eligible for a lifetime free listing of your profile plus a free backlink. Backlink will be Nofollowed if the description is not unique and is less than 200 words.

How to edit a existing profile:

Currently we dont provide end users to update / modify / delete a profile. If you need to make changes to a particular profile please contact us via mail and mention the changes our staff will make the Modifications within 3 days.

How to remove a profile:

We dont allow removing a profile unless a valid reason is provided. If you feel your profile is listed wrong please explain the reason and if we find the reason to be valid it will be removed. Please contact us via mail

I am a web designer can I submit my profile.

If you provide even small level of SEO services / consulting services yes you can submit your profile. In future we are planning to start web designer's directory we can include your profile there for free when we bring the new upgrade.

Outdated profile:

If you find an outdated profile please feel free to contact us via mail we will make necessary changes to it.

please contact us at