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Aaron Swartz

Software developer, Writer, Entrepreneur, Web developer, founder of and co-founder of, Co-Founder - Semantic Web Agreement Group.

20 years of uncertain achievements is how Aaron Swartz describes his life as. Might be dubious but certainly it is interesting with his own interests and radical actions. In 1986, he was born in Illinois and started his life like a normal kid up to high school, and to be clear he taught himself besides learning the basics of physics, chemistry, logics in Lakeforest College. During his nascent growth as a software developer he developed a database website with his knowledge coupled with that he gained from Philip Greenspun. With his first project he was declared to be a runner in Arsdigita prize. Then he took up, co-authored RSS1.0, a lightweight versatile extensible metadata description and syndication format which he is maintaining now. Only through his sole interest, he turned his amateurism in RDF into perfect professionalism. This interest took him to take the RDF lead in creative commons project.

He did his graduation in Sociology at Stanford University for a year, after which he was engrossed in his full time work in his company. He is known for his blogs which he articulates as raw thoughts. His famous writings include “Who Writes Wikipedia”, an article about Wikipedia and “HOWTO: Be More Productive”, an article on personality development.
He is right now a member of the Long-Term Planning Committee for the Human Race (LTPCHR) and he is one of the finer web developers.


Writing, Blogging.

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