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Latest Blog Entries

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Featured Articles

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Our Hot Tools

Latest Blog Entries

Latest SEO Articles

Latest Blog Entries

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I have suggested SEG to many friends in need of the same services and benefits; we have never seen such a positive return on our advertising dollars and look forward to a long & profitable association with SEG in the Future.



I wanted to take a second to write and let you know just how pleased and happy I am with the work Search Engine Genie has done for us.

Mike Fredericks


We are highly satisfied with the outcome you helped us achieve in such a short time. Our search engine rankings have stabilized and improved significantly.

Bob Delozier


I am incredibly impressed with the level of service received by the folks at Search Engine Genie. Not only did they do everything they promised in less time than originally estimated, but they made some additional changes to our website at no additional charge.

Larry Bouley


Search Engine Genie delivers a highly personalized level of service. Search Engine Genie's staff has gone above and beyond my expectations both in levels of customer service and in the results they have achieved for my website. Thank you Search Engine Genie.

Krista Moyers


You are the man; you did a great job in ranking our site on top of all search engines. I will use you in all our projects. Thanks for the help.



Let me introduce you to the best search engine optimization firm for the aspiring e-business. This company,, is the very best SEO company I have dealt with thus far. Shortly after using their service, my sales increased 50%.

Victor Joshua


Ranking was achieved in quick period of time, Good Job, We will definitely hire you for various projects.



We have used Search Engine Genie for the last 6 years for all our Search Engine Optimization needs. They have always done a great job in getting our clients sites ranked in the search engines. I wouldn't trust our clients sites with any other company. Great job Vijay.

Ron Tomasetti


I am very happy to have the site feature amongst the top 10 in Google for spanish holidays and spanish holiday we have subsequently seen an increase in targeted traffic coming to the site. I was unaware of the Sandbox effect until I read your postings on a SEO discussion board.

Ron Harris


The massive job taken by them was accomplished soon excellently. Working with this SEO to optimize our site has given us one of the finest returns on investment of any of our marketing plans. SEO was trouble-free to work with, receptive to our questions and most prominently worked with us to achieve splendid results.


We have attempted many other optimizers all through the years and you guys are the only ones who have ever achieved superior results!



I am extremely impressed with the level of service received by the folks at Search Engine Genie. Not only did they do everything they promised in less time than initially anticipated, but they made some additional changes to our website at no additional charge. We noticed our rankings increased vividly within just a few days. Their service was well beyond and above what I had expected.



We are extremely pleased with Search Engine Genie's work and professionalism as we look forward to working with it on future projects.



Our proven client results (click links to check)

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Comprehensive Competitor review / Analysis report are your competitors beyond your dreams; it is time for you to beat your competitors who are dominating Search results. You would have tried to figure out what makes your competitors site rank, but it is a very difficult task. Search engines like Google use more than 100 ranking factors in their algorithm. You cannot come to a conclusion what makes them rank. We at Search Engine Genie use high level expertise we have in Data retrieval and ranking algorithms to judge what makes a site rank. All competitor analysis reports we provided before, were a huge success. We do this analysis using custom made tools. Cost for this service ranges from 400$ to 1800$ depending on the sites competition. Click here to sign up for this service.


Link analysis report is huge step ahead in search engine rankings. Report includes analyzing your competitors’ link patterns, analyzing where they gets links etc. This report also includes free 5 hour consulting with a link building expert in Search Engine Genie team. Expert link analysis report costs anywhere between 500$ to 800$. We recommend this service to everyone willing to beat their competitors and stay ahead.


Seeking Authoritative Link building as we all know is the most important factor in Search engine Optimization. Top priority in getting links is to first determine the quality and authoritative status of the links. Authority relevant links are links from sites in your area that are ranking on the top 50 rankings in google, .gov , .edu sites relevant to your business and in sites that are very popular themselves etc. In other words authority links are links from sites which google ranking algorithm treats as the most trusted ones. It is very important to get links from these areas. Search Engine Genie, the best seo company will get you links from these sites. Cost for this service starts at 800$ to 2500$ per month.
Read more on Search Engine Optimization.

Full Search Engine Optimization focus is to optimize web sites around the products or services your company is offering, identifying the key phrases people will use to find out about the products or services you have to offer. We then use our understanding of search engine algorithms to produce the results you need for your online business to flourish.
Click Here To Sign Up For Full Search Engine Optimization.



Onpage Optimization are the changes you make to your site physically, this includes optimizing Html Design Elements, optimizing internal link structure, writing good contents that suits the site needs.
Read more on Onpage Optimization.


Offpage Optimization is optimization done off the Page such as getting relevant links from other sites, link exchange with quality relevant sites, choosing relevant anchor text from the perfect location on the different pages of different sites etc.
Read more on Offpage Optimization.

Why Search Engine Genie?


Search Engine Genie is a specialized search engine optimization, marketing, promotion and ranking firm. We set very high, but realistic goals and do not believe in misleading our clients. Search Engine Optimization also known as Ranking is a gradual process as we all know and at the end of the time frame agreed upon, we guarantee top ranking results.


We assure you that at search engine genie we use completely tested and perfectly legal methods to optimize your website. We have people who are highly qualified and understanding any complex search engine algorithm, Our team of consultants and marketing specialists are well versed with the algorithms of every major search engine.


In Our SEO Company ,we believe in providing the best results to our clients. Search Engine Genie employs a staff of optimization specialists and position programmers to make the site rank high . Search Engine Analysts determine the search engine trends, programmers implement these trends into optimization programs, and optimizers put the programs to work, in addition to manual placement methods, to carefully place and submit client sites into all of the major search engines and directories.


Our focus is to optimize web sites around the products or services your company is offering, identifying the key phrases people will use to find out about the products or services you have to offer.


We then use our understanding of search engine algorithms to produce the results you need for your online business to flourish.

We always keep updating ourselves to the latest trends in this field. We have a team of dedicated optimizers who dedicate part of their time in researching search engines and their new ranking algorithms, Understanding these algorithms is mandatory when it comes to search engine optimization and marketing.

Our work model- client suggests a list of phrases, then we do keyword research comparing Overture, adwords, wordtracker and work on a bigger list of phrases than the client suggests, get approval from the client on optimizing those words then we use it.

One very big advantage we get from this model is the diversity across search engines, today google expects a different kind of optimization, INK different, altavista, alltheweb all have their own way of ranking, so one phrase doesn't rank in one search engine it will rank in other similiarly targeting a list of phrases drives good targeted traffic to the site and in the end client is happy with the results,

Success of search engine marketing largely depends on selecting the right keywords. At this point, you have to send a list of the phrases that you feel are important to your site. Unlike our competitors, we spend a lot of effort on keyword analysis and research for you.


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