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Welcome to the page of our parent company Contempo technologies PVT LTD. Contempo Tech is the private limited company behind Search Engine Genie. Both found by Vijay has established into a highly valuable and expert company. Contempo technologies have all the expertise to deal with projects in all areas. We have multi talented people whose expertise makes us the best in various IT areas. We are one of the leading web development and shopping cart Customization Company in India. Contempo technologies pvt LTD deals with varied clients ranging from 1000$ to 200,000$ per year. Our clients believe in Contempo technologies PVT LTD. They feel we are one of the best among IT companies for everything we do. Contempo tech also known as Contempo technologies PVT LTD has grown from 10 employees to over 100 employees during a time when IT industry was progressing very slowly. Contempo SEG never stopped growing during recession. Today Contempo technologies PVT LTD has established into a high level company with top class employees.

Contempo technologies PVT LTD has high level retention rate when it comes to employees. Contempo tech has trained many top level employees and our employees get placed directly in MNCs. Please visit our parent company website Contempo technologies PVT LTD. If you have a look around Search Engine Genie you will understand what Contempo Technologies PVT LTD has in its future. We have what it takes to be the best. Soon Contempo is going for certification and we are confident we will be recognized with top level certifications.

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