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What are the reasons for creating sub domains?

Few valid reasons for having sub-domains:
    1. Some websites want to keep their support, products, services etc., separate and then want them virtually on different websites without spoiling their brand. So they have sub-domains to manage their brand since all the name will be ending with
    2. Free hosting websites cannot provide free domains which goes for more than 10$ a year. So many free web hosting companies provide free hosting as a sub domain. It's not going to cost them much.
    3. Many blog platforms like blogger, Wordpress uses sub domains to allow people to freely blog without paying for hosting or domain name.
    4. Sub domains for load balancing – Major search engine's huge websites, uses sub domains to redirect users to different servers based on the load on the servers. Google used to have domains like,, All these domains are sub domains of and Google uses them for load balancing.
    5. Sub domains for branding and organizing are primarily used by big websites. A typical but valid example is uses sub domains for various topics. It has domains like, that separates them into each site dealing with different topics.

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