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Can keywords be repeated in title tags?

Title tags are very important part of search engine optimization, A good title tag will give good relevancy to that page, A title tag should be relevant and effective, Good title tags should contain important phrases for the page that is optimized.

So can keywords be repeated, YES keywords or keyword phrases can be repeated in title, But title is an important factor in search engine algorithm, Also the first 6 words are very important and is given the most weight so it not good to repeat the keywords or phrases in this first 6 keywords, we can repeat the words after the first 6 words but the first six words has to be utilized to the most, We can use singular/ plural version of the keyword in the first 6 to 8 words that way we target 2 version of the same targeted keyword.

Conclusion we would like to say dont waste precious title tags, Make sure title tags are optimized to the best and contains all important keywords in it.

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