Matt Cutts WordCamp Transcript Part-7

Thursday, August 27th, 2009 Matt Cutts Video Transcript

Ok let me show you a few quick screen shots


I did a post in my blog where I wrote about how to get free links, how to get free great links, which ofcourse everybody will like free links. The trick was we have something like will show you the posts on your site and who links to it.

Example: the link in purple ie7-promo-page the one with parenthesis Jeremy is the one who was formerly with yahoo and now with craigslist linked to my blog and the link was broken. Jeremy has got a lot of PageRank and we definitely want that PageRank it’s good to drop him an email to fix the link. You can say hey Jeremy you want to take that parenthesis off and if he does you get a free link. The point is he is already linking to you just the link is broken and needs to be fixed, you can help yourself, so this is a completely free service which you can make use of to get free links. Here you can find out about all kinds of people who are linking to your sites or pages on your sites that don’t really exists. One more quick thing about we give you all sort of crawl stats.


For example this is how much time Google takes to crawl your website, here you can see it shows a huge drop down its because I changed the site theme as it does better CSS here


It You can see the amount of changes the amount of pages being downloaded it is pretty handy and will help you diagnose your issues. And Google also helps you set or which is also very handy.Here is a quick question anybody uses Google analytics? Ah great that’s lot of users I love you guys. Ok here is something you don’t know about Google analytics. You can click settings on top of the links and this will tell you which blog post gets the most visitors.


This one hacking an iphone anyone want to guess when I wrote that? You know I wrote that in 2007 so how come still in 2009 it’s the No.6 most viewed page on my site? What does that tell me? May be I should go back and update that post because everything in that is probably wrong or may he I should write an other one. Ok here is an other one, one of my top 10 post ( gmail tips ) it’s a old tips page, oh people already know this now so ill throw it down No, people still love it so may be I should write 5 more gmail tips. So when you are sitting on a blank screen and thinking what should I do today?

You can talk a walkthrough in Google analytics and see what are the pages people like on your site and make sure they are well built and ideal for them. And what about bounces yes, bounces tell you how often people land on your page and then leave. If people come from DIGG they come on your page and then leave so if you try to reduce the bounce on your site that means it will be more visitors and that will be more Business for you if that is what you are looking for. It will result in bringing more clicks to your ads, bring more site usage and bring more business all those stuff. One simple trick which I have on my template is show me the leading posts to my visitors right, someone has just finished reading your blog here is a great article they have one happy feeling about you, what do they do now they leave why because you didn’t give them anything else to do show them some related blog post. There is one blog post they like it, read it if they find something links more from the bottom they might click and read some more. So that is the simplest way to reduce the number of bounces and can lead to people staying longer on your site.

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