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Copywriting for Blogs – Limitations

Is there any limit on the number of contents you post in a blog? Well I personally write a lot of contents in my office and some of my colleagues ask me to provide 4 or 5 contents for a blog per day. Most of them are SEOs or technical people who are not fully aware of the way search engines. I tell them to not just post too many information every day but concentrate on the quality of contents too. Blog posting is not just about writing and posting for the sake of search engines. You need to be focused more on users. If you do a posting make sure its interesting. If you get contents written it’s the due to of the SEO blog poster to make it interesting for their audience. Copywriters like me can only write contents. We don’t have enough time in our hands to think of innovative ways to improve the quality of the blog posting.
Our SEO guys have ton of time in their hands, I tell them to make sure they add nice images, videos, make the content more attractive by adding good formatting etc. Adding 5 postings are not going to work if each of them is attractive and well written. Search engines like that too they don’t just like contents, they like quality. They measure quality by the number of backlinks that comes into a blog posting. SO if your blog postings cannot attract links or quality visitors then you are not doing something right. It’s important you know what is right and what is wrong for your website.
I tell me seniors in my office to train the SEOs better so that they understand the important of each content rather than ask me lots of contents every day.
There is nothing wrong in adding too many contents to blogs but in user point of view make sure it works for you. If you adding contents just to make sure you fill up the pages and add up more pages for search engine indexing you are on the wrong track. Make sure you remember quality always when posting contents. Even if its one content if its taken care for quality then its more than enough.
Excess contents never hurt same way it doesn’t help too. So you decide whether you add contents for users or for search engines.

Friday, June 19th, 2009 copywriting 7 Comments

Time Management – feature of a good copywriter.

If you see great copywriters are actually good time managers. If you want to be successful you need to know how you manage your time. Time management is everywhere. It’s not just copywriting but all industry looks for time management and good time management needs to have good copywriting skills.
We should always look for better ways to manage time available to us. Many of you might be doing writing as a part-time job. We at Contempo give away work to many copywriters who are freelancers we have seen many of them deliver their articles delayed. It’s mostly because either your profile is already hectic and you are trying to find time to write or you are not managing your time properly. If you see online they suggest many different ways to manage your time I am not going to be too contradictory. Here are my thoughts on being more efficient by good time management.
1. Maintain a list.
Do you know what you will be doing the following day before going to bed? Well of course we cannot predict future but at least if you are working in a office you know you need to work the next day and then you have lunch and travelling, meeting etc. Just note it down and then try to break down your copywriting work into timing it should work for you.
2. Production time.
You know better than anyone else when you are more productive and when you are less. So utilize the most productive time to as much work as possible. For me I am usually lazy first thing in the morning and get more active later part of the day I am sure you will have the something similar.
3. Importance:
Urgent and ordinary they call in our local police. Usually they have different files once says urgent and other ordinary. If you have a leader or manager above you or if you want to deliver to a client make sure which ones are urgent and which ones can go in regular time. Make sure you do the urgent ones first and the ordinary ones later.
4. Use tools:
If you have cell phones you will have calendar, alarm clock in it. Make use of it set alerts, set appointments. Make sure you have a deadline for writing and when the clock ticks you should have completed your copy. If you are sitting before a computer your computer clock is an effective time management tool. When I write my copies I always see the clock time to see how much time I have utilized effectively.
According to Wikipedia
Fourth generation of time management is being efficient and proactive using tools places goals and roles as the controlling element of the system and favors importance over urgency.
Time management in copywriting is important use if effectively to become a good copywriter.

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 copywriting No Comments

How to motivate yourself to write?

Motivation comes in different ways for different people. It’s not the same for 2 different people. There might be some similarities like listening music when you write can make you some people write more. Well here is some stuff that motivates me to write.
a. My primary motivation to write comes directly from my girl I like. More I think about her while writing more I write. She is a major inspiration for me during my writing. Sometimes you can get into small challenges with your lovable girl and you want to impress her by doing something she likes. In most cases I bet with my close friend that she needs to give me some chocolate or some gift if I write this much information. And I write to win it and impress her. Yes that’s my best motivation.
b. Eating: I write more when I am not full but not thinking about eating. Feeling hungry makes me lazy, while eating more makes me sleepy. So I tend to make sure I don’t feel hungry or lethargic while I write.
c. Deadlines and targets: This is an important motivation you need to be clear what you will achieve that day. If you want to write 5 articles make sure you write all 5 that day itself. This is another way of motivating yourself. If you fall short you will feel guilty of falling short. So make sure you keep targets and deadlines while writing. It helps me when I write my copies.
d. Extreme helps: If you feel writing and enjoying that day make sure you write more. It helps me I have had days where I have continuously written non-stop for more than 7 hours. Its because I enjoyed copywriting for that day. So it’s easy and very fruitful to stay on extremes. Once you are done with the contents I am sure you will feel proud of you that day. Also sometimes you can over work and save a day or two in writing. So at times extreme helps. If you are motivated stay motivated as long as possible.
e. Music: Listening music helps me. It’s not just listening music even watching online videos or videos in TVs helps. I do that since I have a separate cabin I listen to music or watch TV when I write and I don’t feel that I am writing at all. It all looks so easy.
f. Avoiding distractions: Avoiding distractions is the best motivation for me. I tend to write more on Sundays sitting alone in office than on week days where I have lots of distractions. If you are same like me make sure you have a place which doesn’t distract you. Sometimes distractions lead to fewer creativenesses. You cannot think peacefully if you are disturbed.

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009 copywriting No Comments

PPC and affiliate programs:

If you run a good blog or website there are ways you can write your way to good advertising. Advertising doesn’t stop with AdSense or other contextual advertising. You can actually use affiliate programs as an effective way to get paid. There are lots of affiliate programs in internet that pays out very decently.

If it’s not an external affiliate program you can set up your own commissioning program with clickbank. If you have well writing skills you can go a long way in marketing your affiliate products. Affiliate products are same like retailing or reselling. If you buy bulk from a merchant and send it on retail then it’s definitely not wrong. Affiliate works the same way. There are some good product site owners who provide quality buttons and banners that you can add in your sales copy or the articles you promote.

Good place to start is click bank one of the most renounced programs. We have commission junction in look which also gives good returns. We have Amazon who used to pay its affiliates handsomely. They still do it just sign up with Amazon and I am sure you can get good Business from them. If you write well then i am sure you can learn the art of marketing online and make good money out of it. We run blogs they pay us handsomely just by running AdSense or affiliate programs. But remember don’t ever cross the limit most of the search engines including Google don’t like excessive affiliate links on a page. So stay in your limit concentrate more on content and quality and the money will flow automatically.

The fastest way to make money selling affiliate products is to think about the forums, lists, and discussion groups you already belong to. What are the questions being asked? Is there a problem that people need a solution for? What are the hot topics?

Content is king and will always be that way. So remember if you can write content you can do a great job.

Monday, June 15th, 2009 copywriting No Comments

Stop spamming in the name of copywriting

Copywriting is a wonderful art I recommend everyone who does cold calling, spam emails to stop promoting themselves. It’s not the best way to do it. I don’t want to mention the names of the spammers. Here is couple of emails we got.
“Located in an elite business centre in New Delhi, India, we are a professionally managed Content Writing Company specializing in online copywriting and optimized content writing. Over the years we are successful in building reputation for us as a quality content management solution provider meeting high quality standards and executing all projects as per specified deadline.
We have a team of unmatched copywriters holding years of expertise in writing impressively for varied business sectors with a key knowledge of online content writing and keyword rich writing.
Our Credibility
– We can deliver articles within 24 hours
– We offer quality content writing services at your affordable price for as low as $1
– Our team is efficient enough to handle outsourced bulk articles jobs and delivery within the specified deadline.
– We have separate team to handle US and UK projects.
– We have enriched knowledge of keyword rich content writing.
– We pass each article to various duplicate content checker software and article checker software.
– To test our expertise, we can provide with sample writing too for free on any topic as asked by”
“I am contacting you to offer my services as an SEO content writer.
I am an experienced web content writer who provides professional SEO content at reasonable rates.
The following are my rates:
$25 per article for orders of 9 articles or less
$23 per article for orders of 10 articles or more
$20 per article for orders of 20 articles or more
You will have full rights to the articles so please feel free to mark up my rates to your customers.
To see my samples, learn more about my services, and more, please go to my website at
I can be contacted via email at . Thank you for your time and I look forward to helping you with your
content needs.”

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Are you safe rewriting stories?

In my opinion no, I never recommend rewriting stories it’s not the best way to prove your online presence. I have seen on numerous occasions that people get caught and end up embarrassed for rewriting other’s work. When you want to write something you need to say it from your hands. It’s ok to citate some good resources but rewriting a story and claiming to be yours look silly. There is a huge industry that thrives on this. It’s called Para-phrasing, Especially in SEO industry it’s pretty common to Para phrase. But is it a good strategy? I recommend staying away from it unless you are completely out of resources.
If you rewrite something make sure you add some of your own story to it. Or combine multiple resources together so that it doesn’t look as if you took it from a single place. Most people tend to ignore rewriting but if you keep stealing from the same source and rewriting its obvious they might get pissed off. One of my friends was regular to a news site most of his website contents were rewritten from the news site source. Once he got a cease and desist letter from the news site to take down the whole site. He was forced to do to avoid legal battle with the news giant. All his work and the money he spent to rewrite the article got wasted.
There has been some claim that copyright does not hold on rewritten articles and you can actually get away with your article if you are sued, then again why get into all these problems when you can actually write articles from information available online totally for free.

Thursday, June 4th, 2009 copywriting No Comments


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