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Google's latest SEO Rules

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Google's latest SEO Rules
 PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 5:19 am Reply with quote  

The New Google's SEO Rules - How they may possibly affect your ranking

Google has at present made some pretty important changes in its ranking algorithm. The newest update, dubbed by Google forum users as "Allegra", has left a number of web sites in the dust and catapulted others to top positions. Main updates like this can happen a few times a year at Google, which is why picking the correct search engine optimization company can be the variation between online success and failure. On the other hand, it becomes an ever more difficult decision when SEO firms themselves are suffering from the Allegra update.

Over-optimization may have played the greatest part in the falling of your site from the top 50 Google results. Filtering out web sites that have had readability sacrificed for optimization is a growing movement at Google. It is happening with the Sandbox Effect in late 2004, where comparatively new sites were not being seen at all in the Google results even with good keyword position in content and incoming links. Many thought it was a deliberate effort by Google to penalize sites that had SEO work done. Some months later and we see many of the 'sandboxed' web sites after a long wait appearing well for their targeted keywords.

With 44 occurrences of 'SEO' on the fairly short home page of your site, and many of them in close nearness to each other, the content reads like a page intended for search engine robots, not the visitor. This ranking shift should come as no surprise to SEO professionals as people have been saying it for years nowadays: Sites should be planned for visitors, not search engine robots. Unfortunately few of us don't listen and this is what happens when search engines lastly make their move.

One side of search engine optimization that is also affected in a roundabout way is link popularity progress. After observing the effects of exactingly relevant link exchanges on many of our client's sites recently, we've noticed very fast #1 ranking on Google. It seems Google may be looking out for links pages considered for the sole point of raising link recognition and devalues the relevance of the site. After all, if a links page on a real estate site has 100 outgoing links to pharmacy sites, there has to be lots of content on that page totally unrelated to real estate. Not until at present has that been so unfavorable to a site's on the whole relevance to search terms. It goes back to the old rule of thumb: Make your visitors the top precedence. Create a resources page that truly contains useful links for your site users. If you want to do reciprocal linking then keep it appropriate and work those sites in with other good resources.

Keeping up with the online search world can be awe-inspiring for the average small business owner or corporate marketing section. Continuous Google changes, MSN coming on the scene in a great way, and all the hype around the new shopping search function can make heads spin. However just keep things easy and follow the main rules that have been around for years. Google, with other search engines, won't ever be able to pay no attention to informative, well written content down with good worth votes from other web sites.
 PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 6:37 am Reply with quote  

Google new updation seems good and it is quite necessary to improve the search engine optimization. The Google's new SEO rules will highly affects the ranking position of the website....
 PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 6:41 am Reply with quote  

All SEO firms must be aware of this vital information . . .
 PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 6:42 am Reply with quote  
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I feel what you are posting here is old news. Google allegra as far as I know happened before 2 years and that is very old news. Lets talk something new Smile
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