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A back link is an inward link to your site that may or may not be reciprocated with an outward link back. If page A links to page B then a back link would be a link which goes from page B back to page A. Our Backlink checker will provide only a sample of your backlinks in Google search engine. For a comprehensive free backlink report check Google search console. .
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Google Back link Checker tool enables you to know the number of websites who have given a link to your website or webpage.
Back links are inward links to a website or a webpage; it acts as one of the key factors in determining the ranking of your website. It helps you to have a track of the other websites on the web that link to your URL..

For example let’s consider you find an interesting article on web and you require the article to be displayed on your website hence you link the article to your website. Now your website acts as a back link to that article or to the URL where the article is originally located.
Google back link checker tool enables you to know the visibility and the popularity of your website or a particular webpage.

Google uses this same concept in calculating your page rank. Also remember buying links won’t help the back links have to be got in a natural way. That is either someone should really like you page or tool or article, or you are providing a rich resource on a particular topic who may stumble upon your page.

The method to use this tool is extremely simple just enter your website address and click submit .The result is displayed just above the form pane. It is an effective tool that provides you an innovative way to know your webpage status with time optimization.

Google backlink checker tool runs series of tests to determine the number of backlinks being pointed to the website or link you entered. The number of inbound links in a webpage directly boosts the Google Page Rank. Not just the numbers but the quality plays the major role in positioning website top on the page. It is better to have 5 quality backlinks rather posing 50 low quality backlinks.

Our Google backlink checker tool gives you all information about the quality of links and also displays the exact number of links. On clicking each link it will open to a new window where you will find Page Rank of webpage containing your source link. Using this tool one can easily prioritize the quality of backlinks as each will be sorted by strength. In case you need further assistance in processing Google backlink checker, feel free to contact us and send suggestions about this tool. Each suggestion will be respected and valued.

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Thanks for this simple backlink tools
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Good back-link-checking.
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thansk for all
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nive tool.... thank u
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excellent website and excellent tools.
tnx very much.
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This is wonderful -- very much appreciated tool. Thanks for all that you do Google.
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Awesome Site. Works like a charm.
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I thoroughly enjoy this site, the tools, etc., I hope you can keep it free but if not, I would consider joining. Thank you for your efforts! Rob in Atlanta
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Its an excellent tool very useful for easy access to know the number of backlinks.
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