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Google Buzz in the field of SEO, Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Google Buzz has already created a buzz with its comparison with Facebook and Google. Additionally,it was infamous for its privacy lapse,though Google seems to have sorted it out.However there is another important aspect of Google Buzz which cannot be ignored,which is its importance in the field of seo.Few include:

Google Buzz and SEO

  • Feature of Indexing - The most rational explanation is that Google Buzz can be used for quick indexing of new content. So in order to obtain to get a new page indexed post it on Buzz or better include a buzz button.
  • Facility of keyword research - One can use,which is the third party Google Buzz search engine to find out popular keywords presently. They're displayed on the homepage itself as "popular searches".

  • Helps in link building - Google Buzz does not use "nofollow" as Google moves away from this option. Twitter included nofollow to all links in tweets as well as its profile pages. Some people include their Twitter feed to Buzz in order to get it rightly indexed and followed.
  • Organic Search Results - Google Buzz items presently don't appear correctly in real time results on Google yet but there is every chance that it will appear soon.It could be one of the major reasons Google introduced Buzz, to contend with Twitter for attention.
  • Microblogging Phenomenon- Though majority of people compare Buzz to Twitter and Facebook, in reality it is rather a Tumblr and Posterous rival. It's quite good for content you just drop quick without much commotion. Tumblr and Posterous are still much superior but Google is bigger. So choose one.

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