Photo Panel Effects in Horizontal Using Photoshop

Friday, January 2nd, 2015 Whats Trending

Step: 1
New image opened on Photoshop, next adding a solid color fill layer using background for the effect. Click new fill icon button choose solid color adjustment layers. Choose picker is by entering 255 for the RGB value.

Click ok button your document will appear filled with white.

Close color fill layer.
Step: 2
Select the rectangle tool, Next Draw first horizontal panel top to bottom, so start over the top.
Double-click on the layer name “Rectangle 1”Rename it “panel” Press enter to accept the name change.  Rotate the panel with free transform path (ctrl+t).
Now that added your first horizontal panel, opened color fill layer.
Next choose blending options from the menu.

Open the layer style dialog box set to the blending option in advanced blending, change the knockout option selection from shallow, and then lower the fill opacity down 0%.


Step: 3
Add a drop shadow to panel, lower the opacity shadow 60%, then set angle to 130% select use global light. Finally increase the distance and size around 30px.
Add a stroke; choose new color by entering 255 for the RGB value. Then change structure size 12px and select position “inside”.

Drop shadow and stroke applied in panel.

Step: 4
Now ready to add our next all panels. Make select duplicate panel, or simple pressing Ctrl+j on your keyboard.
“All horizontal panel style follows in first panel style “


Step: 5
   Finally Select the Crop Tool from the Tools panel make sure you select Delete Cropped Pixels in the Options Bar. Select option original image inside the cropped, press enter button to crop the image. The photo inside the panels will reappear, giving us our finally “Horizontal photo panels” effect.



Mobile apps Photoshop using gif

Thursday, September 11th, 2014 Whats Trending

Step 1:
open the new document in photoshop. After mobile phone add the document after create the new apps icon shown below the image.

Step 2: Next design the images given below to show in

Step 3:
After go to the window and select the animation. Next above to design the pages one by one arranged.


Step 4:
Next select the selection loop option is forever and select frames delay time is set your image convenient. After modify and changes to the animations. After finally save the image in Gif format.
After you will get below the image.
final image

Black and white photo to color photo using photoshop

Thursday, July 24th, 2014 Whats Trending

Black and white photo to color photo
using photoshop

Step 1:
Open your black and white image.1

Step 2:
Using the pen tool cut the eye images after perss the (ctrl + D) selection area will be copy the new layer(ctrl + j).2

Step 3:
that the new eye layer color is will be change using the color balance tool.following given below the image.3

Step 4:same procedure to every part will be cut and create the new layer to paste after change the color using the color balance. Cut the hand and change the color will be given below the image.4

Next change the color for lips.5

Step 5: next change the color is face you will get below the image.6

Step 6:
Next change the color remaining part after you will get the final


Thursday, July 17th, 2014 Whats Trending

Step 1 : Create a new document
Create a document with preferred size. Set the background color as white. Take any image to do typographic work.
Step 2 : Posterize the picture
Desaturate this image for doing this go to
Image -> Adjustments  -> Desaturate 
Then posterize the picture for doing this go to
Image -> Adjustments  -> Posterize->set level 4
Step 3 : Create a new Brush
Hide the portrait picture for a while.
Using type tool type a few words what do you want to display on the image.
Now we are going to create Photoshop brush. For doing this simply make a selection around the first word and go to Edit-> Define Brush Preset.
Now a new brush will appear under the brush preset window.
Do the same process for the remaining words.
Step 4 : Customize a fill pattern
To create a pattern select free transform to text and minimize the size to very small.
Hide all layers except text layer and make a selection around the text.
Now we have to define pattern. For set this go
Edit -> Define pattern and set pattern name.
Step 5 : Select similar colors
This is the time to unhide the portrait layer and make a small selection on black color with that selection go to Select-> Similer this will select all areas with this particular color.
Now create new layer and hide portrait layer. With this selection select brush tool and right click to adjust brush size.
Start to Stamp using brush tool around this selection. Repeat to stamp for few times after the portrait will look like this
Step 6 : Fill Pattern
Some small part are really troublesome to fill so with that selection create a new layer below the stamp layer.
Select paint bucket tool and fill pattern we made earlier.
Then Ctrl + Click on stamp layer and inverse that go to Select -> Modify->Expand-> 1px select pattern layer and create layer mask.
Repeat these steps for other two tones of gray color in the portrait layer.
The Final image will be like this.

Text Effects using photoshop

Saturday, July 5th, 2014 Whats Trending

Text Effects using photoshop
Step 1:
Open the new document after fill the background color is black.1

Step 2:

Choose the text tool and font 16px,after type any word and type any words and copy the same words after rotate the text, following given below the image2
Step 3:
After off the text eye icon next choose the text tool type the ant words but very big size can be type following given below the image.3

Step 4:Select the text layer(88 text layer)after (press) ctrl +(click) 88 text layer. Next hide the 88 text layer next you will get below the image.4

Step 5: after on the another text layer eye icon after copy and paste next you will get below the final image. Same way to using any letters or texts using this methods.

Given below the final image


Matrix Text gif images using photoshop

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 Whats Trending

Matrix Text gif images using photoshop
Step 1:
Open the new document and se3t the background color is black.1

Step 2:
Any image to right click to oprn with note pad and copy the text after past inside the photoshop document. After change the font color is set by green color.

After select the text layer and press the Ctrl + t after right click and select the rotate 90 cw.1.1jpg

Step 3:Next open the window menu and click to select the animation after animation layer is open below the image.3

Next animation area to select the duplicate selected frames to every one by one step can add the one duplicate frame after change.
Step 4:
Select the 1 st frame and text movements for select some texts and press the down arrow five or six time.
Select the text layer and choose the color green and apply the inner shadow and outer glow. All the letters will be separate to type( M A T R I X). After off the text eye icon.

after select the second frame and change the text movements for select some texts and press the down arrow five or six time after and on the “M” text layer same to move to the text and “M”. 4

Step 5: same process for the aothe texts can be move finaly animation layer to select looping option and select the forever after change the times for your convenient to set the time. After play option to click you will get the final image.5

Step 6:
Finaly you will get below the image and save the image is GIF formate and your image similar to below the image.


Skin text effects using photoshop

Friday, June 20th, 2014 Whats Trending

Skin text effects using photoshop
Step 1:
Open new document and apply the gradient for red and light red color effects below the image to follow.img-1

Step 2:
Choose text tool and type any letters for example “Skin Effects” and set the text size is large size follow below the image.

Step 3:
Next choose the any skin image placed above the image.img-mis-1

After resize (using Ctrl + t ) the skin image in place by the letter “s”

following below the image.img-mis-2

Step 4:
after change the blending mode to “Overlay” mode.
After change the all text color will be apply the gradient following below the color.

Step 5:
After remove by the other parts and you will get below the image.img-missing-5

Same procedure to copy the skin layer and apply the remaining text areas you will get below the image. img-3
Step 6:
After cut by the “n” letter. After placed above the image. img-mis-6

This image selection part will be cut and place by the “n” letter following below the image. After you will get final image.

Hair color change using photoshop

Thursday, June 19th, 2014 Whats Trending

Hair color change using photoshop
Before image

After image

Step 1:
first open your image after press “ D ”.img-1

step 2:
next select the soft edge brush tool and follow below the image.img-2

Step 3:
Next you will press “ Q ”. after mark for the hair area with using brush( don’t mark for the accurate air area). img-3
Step 4:
Again press “ Q ” after selection for around the air.img-4

Step 5:
After go to select the layer and select the new fill layer and also select the solid color and you will choose any color after change the air color.
Finally you will get the below the

Young girl image in to old girl image using Photoshop

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 Whats Trending

Young girl image in to old girl image using Photoshop

Before image:images

After image :final-image

Step 1:
open your image and create the duplicate image [ctrl + j]. after off the original image eye icon. images

Step 2:
Next vertical rulers is both the centre of the eye is placed and another one ruler is placed in centre of the nose and following below the image.1

Step 3: same for the Horizontal side in the centre of the eyes and centre of the mouth following to below the image.

Step 4:
after using the move tool and track the old image photo above the young lady image given below the image.3

Step 5:
old image and young image is combine to the same image and old image eye,mouse and mouth is arranged by same for the young girl image (ctrl + t and right click and also select the Distort) shows below the image.img4

Step 6: Now old image opacity is decrease 55% or your image convenient to decrease the opacity range. img5

Step 6: after erase tool use to erase the unwanted areas. Now you will get the final image. final-image

Rainbow Effects in Photoshop

Monday, June 9th, 2014 Whats Trending

Rainbow Effects in Photoshop

Before image:7757793424_159511bac7_z

After image:final-image

Step 1:
Open the new image(background “sky”) .
Create a new layer.
Now select the rectangular marquee tool and create a selection for below the image.1

Step 2:
Next select the gradient tool and set the color from below the image2

After apply drag the selection to apply the gradient shows from below the image. Next copy the duplicate(ctrl + J) layer and original layer eye icon is turn off the visibility.

Step 3:
Select the Erase tool and also select the soft round erase tool after erase the right and
left Corners shoes below the image.4

Step 4:
Now apply the blur, first select the filter and select the blur and also select the Gaussian blur and enter the radius value is 18 px.5

Next select the Rainbow gradient layer and press the [ Ctrl + T ] and right click and select the warp option and arrange to following to below the image.

After Modify the size and position using the free transform[ Ctrl + T ]. And finally blending mode change to the “color” and decrees the opacity range is 70% after you will get the final image .
Final image

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