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Anchor text of incoming links plays major roles in website, Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Anchor text is the text that falls within a hyperlink leading to another page. The Anchor Text of Incoming Links plays a main role in your website's ranking in the search engine result pages. Anchor text is very important from ranking point of view as your most important keywords are used in the links pointing to your site which help in gaining rankings in SERPs.

For wider keyword coverage, you may work with different link text options. It is important to have a amount of combinations of anchor texts and associated link texts, so that the linking does not have a fixed model that the search engines can detect. This has become even more important due to recent Algorithm updates of major Search Engines.

If you have more number of quality links pointing to your website, the keywords within your anchor text could benefit your website's ranking greatly for those particular keywords. The web page of your site that the link is pointing to must also be optimized for that keyword(s) in order to properly influence rankings.


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