Funniest SEO forum on the web,

Recently these SEO forums were started by some guys hidden behind a proxy whois information, They personally have a lot of hatred for some SEO companies and they started bashing them as much as possible,

Following are some interesting reviews of some SEO companies,

Traffic Power Official Review from SEO-FORUM will get
results where few others can.
Traffic-Power is a highly comprehensive
internet marketing company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Their technological
know-how coupled with a huge research and development department has given them
the edge in Search Engine Optimization. By continuously researching search
engine trends and comprehensively testing cutting edge placement techniques they
keep on top of the myriad and frequently changing business that is SEO.
than just SEO, Traffic Power boasts a number of products and solutions for every
business need. Their Merchant Associate Program has been so successful, that
there are thousands of technology professionals on the web selling Traffic Power
advertising services under their own brand name.
If you're looking for a
comprehensive Advertising package on the internet, you need look no further than
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and reviews!

As we know traffic power is absolutely a company doing unethical practices, it is weird their site is listed as the best SEO services site,

Aaron's SEO book review on their fake site,

SeobookOfficial Review from SEO-FORUM
Seobook Overview
Simply put, Aaron Wall's SEO Book is a waste of money, even at $39.99. Two thumbs down. 0 out of 4 stars. You get the idea.
Seobook Con vs. Con (No Pros here!)
The problem with his eBook is the same problem as all SEO books have. Once a book is printed, the contents within it cannot be changed. This isn't a problem when you are reading the latest fiction piece by John Grisham or Stephen King, but when the book is a guide to a technology that changes everyday, the problem is huge. What was printed last month about the state of SEO might have been true at the time, but one little Google update can make that book irrelevant. Search Engine Optimization techniques, companies, and services are changing all the time to keep up with the changes of the search engines.
A better question to ask yourself though, is why would you want to pay $39.99 for something you can get for free? There are dozens of websites and forums, like this one, that provide the latest information on seo techniques, seo companies, and search engine news for no charge. These sites and forums have the flexibility to update their information every minute of the day, whenever something new happens. The same cannot be said for a book.
We at SEO-Forum are a bit perplexed as to the cost of SEO Book. Aaron Wall currently operates several websites, including the one for his SEO Book. On one of his sites he provides much of the information in his book online at no charge. On the same site he also promotes his own SEO Services, for a fee of $120 an hour. On another of his sites he mocks the SEO industry as a whole. It's a bit odd to take so many stances on the same service. Aaron Wall claims to be an expert, but he sounds more like a scam to us at SEO-Forum.
Seobook Conclusion
The question you really have to ask yourself when considering purchasing Aaron Wall's SEO Book is whether or not you want to pay for outdated information, when you can get the most up to date and relevant information for free from other sources. If it was up to us at SEO-Forum, we'd put that money back in our wallets instead of throwing it in the garbage.

Fake review of Pageoneresults,

PageOneResultsOfficial Review from SEO-FORUM
PageOneResults SUMMARY
Search Engine Marketing by Edward Lewis aka pageoneresults is located at They claim to specialize in search engine optimization and search engine marketing services. Their site consists of a lot of general information that can be found anywhere on the web, links to other sites, and very little information on their actual product. Basically, there is nothing special to be found here.
PageOneResults SERVICES
On the website you can find services ranging from web site design and redesign, to web marketing, SEO, and some traditional marketing services. The trick, however, is to find where to actually obtain these services. Is Edward Lewis not confident in his product? If a potential client can't even find what they need on Mr. Lewis' own site, one has to wonder how effective his product can be. No where on the site can you find examples of design work, sites he has done SEO work on, or any sort of client success.
After looking through PageOneResults, we were unable to obtain any concrete information about the fees and pricing of Edward Lewis' services, even though there is a page titled Fees. The site comprises of text such as, "Our published hourly rates are $XXX.00 USD per hour." Another place on the website states one estimate was $12,000 USD for initial development with additional charges possible.
A more shocking thing we noticed on PageOneResults was the Guarantees section. Truth be told this is actually a NO GUARANTEES section. PageOneResults states they cannot guarantee their SEO work and also cannot work with single words and generic search phrases. This information leaves SEO-Forum wondering what exactly you are paying for.
Combine the lack of concrete pay structure along with a no guarantees policy; you could end up throwing away tens of thousands of dollars for nothing if you are not careful.
In the end, it appears PageOneResults strategy is to try and confuse potential clients with a lot of information and possibilities while in reality providing nothing. Our suggestion to you is to avoid PageOneResults, and Edward Lewis you should consider changing your company to NoPageResults.

There are more funny reviews which are all fake visit the forum here :


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