Pages falling out of MSN search for No reason, - webmasterworld members report fall of pages in MSN results members report fall of pages from MSN's index, some of them notice their homepages dropping, some notice that their pages drop by a trend,

Most notice a huge flux with MSN results after christmas, Is MSN onto something, lets wait and see,

Rich of webmasterworld says,

"Pages are falling off for no reason. On using the site command it returns 650 pages which is less than 1% of the sites content.
I noticed that some pages return the page title with the following in the description field rather than the meta description on the page:-
"To get the most out of the XXXX site please either enable Javascript or download a newer version of your favourite browser - Mircosoft Explorer Mozilla Firefox Alternatively please follow "
On watching the recent video clip of the two msn guys talking about the search engine learning from itself i do wonder if the have a major problem with this search facility.
I would say they are trying to be smart by reading a sites pages in a different browser and it clearly doesn't work - rather than trying to be cleaver they should try and get the basic search right first - such as deep indexing of websites for a start
In this example msn clearly does not cash all of the sites pages despite the site being an established site and authority with thousands of backlinks nor does the bot fully index the site when it visits.

On the face of it i would say that the site has triggered some sort of filter and that's why its a)not deep spidering the site and b) not indexing the pages and c) removing pages it already has in its index - whats causing this i am clueless of!
Currently based on other sites we work on i would say that if you knock together a thin site low on content, with keyword domain name you will rank top for that keyword very easily. In one example a site with one page but loads of links to it ranks high in an extremely sought after sector.
All in all, its still early days for the search but i think its got serious problems and issues that need fixing"

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