Google Leads the table in helping out webmasters

Google has picked up its efforts to help out webmasters for their website related problems. They now guide webmasters to effectively maintain a website so that it gets its deserved rankings. Google gives support in Google groups and other various forums, by employee blogs ( Matt cutt's blog ) , Official Google blogs ( especially webmaster central blog ) , Google live webmaster chat ( 2 already over ) and now we have Google Trifecta: Webmaster Tools, Analytics, Website Optimizer coming up in July. We are very excited about this and thought we can create some cartoons representing Google's good work.

1. Matt Cutts , Adam Lasnik and other Googlers are Desperate in impressing webmasters with their active participation in various forums and Blogs.

Google Matt cutts Adam lasnik chat

2. Matt Cutts Speaks in various conferences to make webmaster understand the way Google works.

Google Matt Cutts Search Marketing Expo Conference speech

3. Google is becoming increasingly popular among webmasters and site owners for their effort to become closer to them. Two successful Google Webmaster Live chat is a proven strategy.

Google Webmaster Live chat important

4. Matt Cutts Answering Q and A in Webmaster Conference

Matt Cutts Answering Questions and Answers

5. Google has been actively promoting Google Webmaster Central BLog them want webmasters and site owners to read it. Also their Webmaster Tools are becoming increasingly popular.

Webmaster Central Blog Google Webmaster Tools

6. Calling all webmasters to participate and visit Google Webmaster help Groups.

GOogle webmaster help groups calling webmasters

Search Engine Genie.

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Blogger Adam Lasnik said...

Hey, that was pretty damn funny! Thanks for giving me and the whole webmaster central team a good chuckle :-)

12:18 PM  
Blogger Search Engine Genie said...

Hello Adam,

Thanks for Stopping by. Good to know you liked the images. I am personally impressed with Google's efforts, thought i should find a way to thank them and my designer did a good job getting it right :-) .

1:03 PM  

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