Pagerank update after a long wait:

It seems Google has started to move away from PageRank or at least they are trying their best to make people move on from their PageRank obsession. PageRank from the day it came into existence has been the talk of the search engine world. Almost all webmaster knows about PageRank and its importance. Even lot of webmasters go one step ahead and learn how PageRank works and find short cut ways to get high PageRank.

Google is well aware of this PageRank obsession and they are doing their best to stop it. Recently Google removed PageRank from webmaster tools. They used to say which page is the most popular on your site every month in webmaster tools now they removed it from there. Just do a Google search and you will see how many blogs are talking about this news. Just a simple thing and people talk about it to the core. It just illustrates the importance of PageRank and its obsession on people's mind.

Now after a long time Google has updated its toolbar PageRank. You can see from this list ( ) last PageRank update was end of June and this once has come after almost 4 months. That's virtually just 3 updates a year.
Before we used to have updates every 20 days. People just wait to see their green bar increase on Google toolbar. Now that has gone down since every site has to wait at least 4 months to get PageRank or see any update / upgrade / downgrade to their PageRank. I feel Google is doing the right thing by moving people away from PageRank obsession. I hope Google maintains the current trend.




Unfortunately I didn't get PR update on my newest site. I think people are so obsessed with it as it boosts your ego and can be a sort of guideline as to how "good" your site is. Nice points made though ;)

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Thats such a wonderful news.What is most interesting about the PageRank update is last time it has come in less than a month's time,May and than in the end of june.But this update took 4 months.Well thankx for informing.....

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It's really very impressive information on your blog that Google is very important to increase PageRank dramatically day-by-day is attracts more and more customer towards Google
... Thanks for your Information....

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What is most interesting about the PageRank update is last time it has come in less than a month's time.Very good job for you people.

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