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Google Buzz in the field of SEO, Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Google Buzz has already created a buzz with its comparison with Facebook and Google. Additionally,it was infamous for its privacy lapse,though Google seems to have sorted it out.However there is another important aspect of Google Buzz which cannot be ignored,which is its importance in the field of seo.Few include:

Google Buzz and SEO

  • Feature of Indexing - The most rational explanation is that Google Buzz can be used for quick indexing of new content. So in order to obtain to get a new page indexed post it on Buzz or better include a buzz button.
  • Facility of keyword research - One can use,which is the third party Google Buzz search engine to find out popular keywords presently. They're displayed on the homepage itself as "popular searches".
  • Helps in link building - Google Buzz does not use "nofollow" as Google moves away from this option. Twitter included nofollow to all links in tweets as well as its profile pages. Some people include their Twitter feed to Buzz in order to get it rightly indexed and followed.

  • Organic Search Results - Google Buzz items presently don't appear correctly in real time results on Google yet but there is every chance that it will appear soon.It could be one of the major reasons Google introduced Buzz, to contend with Twitter for attention.
  • Microblogging Phenomenon- Though majority of people compare Buzz to Twitter and Facebook, in reality it is rather a Tumblr and Posterous rival. It's quite good for content you just drop quick without much commotion. Tumblr and Posterous are still much superior but Google is bigger. So choose one.

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Google Buzz: The New Microblogging and Social Networking Tool, Thursday, February 11, 2010

The new tool Google Buzz which is built right into Google's Gmail allows you to social network and microblog in real-time.Google Buzz is a novel method to share updates, photos, videos and more as well as start conversations about the things you find interesting.Google Buzz is identical to Friendfeed and twitter.

Google Buzz
To set up Google Buzz, proceed to
  • Once you have signed-in with your Gmail account / Google account, you are automatically following the people you have earlier emailed and/or generally chatted with through Gmail.
  • You have the option to "unfollow" anyone at any time.
  • Create/update your personal information via Google Profiles.
  • Begin using Google Buzz now.

Pros of Google Buzz:
Google Buzz offers you microblogging in Gmail setting and enables you to:
  • Follow others, and/or be followed by other people
  • Publish your posts to your friends and obtain comments right to your Gmail inbox in real-time.
  • Post messages in either private or public mode.
  • Share links, photos as well as videos with others.
  • Import stuff from Twitter, Flickr, Picasa as well as Google Reader.
  • Maintain all your social networking friends' conversations in one location.
  • Automatically eliminate useless short messages.
  • Share from your Andriods or iPhones.
Additionally,Google Buzz also automatically suggests fascinating messages and filters out futile messages that you are likely to skip

Cons of Google Buzz:
The possible issues of Google Buzz include:
  • It might take time for existent Gmail users to actively microblog Google Buzz.
  • On the other hand, it might take much longer for non-Gmail users to begin with Gmail and then get into Google Buzz.
  • It is not possible to export items into Google Buzz from the world's biggest social networking site Facebook.
  • When you post on Google Buzz, your message will not appear on the most trendy micro-blogging service Twitter's Tweets.

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SEMMY Awards 2010, Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The SEMMYS are an annual awards event honoring the search marketing industry's finest articles and blog posts.The nominees incorporate around 139 authors who represent nearly 99 blogs as well as sites.

SEMMY Awards
The event began in the year 2008 in order to give credit for the great content that is produced in the search and online marketing industry. As the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has developed to comprise a variety of disciplines, including blogging, social media, reputation management etc,the SEMMYS thrives to consist of all the above elements into a single event.

The SEMMY Awards 2010 are divided into 17 categories that include SEO, PPC, Small Business, Local Search, Google, Blogs & Blogging, Link Building, Social Media, Analytics, Search Tech, Rants, Online Marketing, Reputation Management, Viral Marketing, Design & Usability, Industry, & Copywriting.Check out their website and vote for you favorite article in each category.The final winners will be announced on February 1st.

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American Dialect Society selects 'google' and 'tweet', Thursday, January 14, 2010

Google and Tweet
The American Dialect Society (ADS) has chosen "google" - the verb - as its top word of this decade and "tweet" - a short message sent via the service or the act of sending such a message - as its top word of the year 2009.

Grant Barrett, chairman of the New Words Committee of ADS stated that both words are, in the end, products of the Information Age, where every person has the ability to satisfy inquisitiveness and to broadcast to a select following, both through the Internet.He also said that he had assumed the word blog would take the position in the word of the decade category, but its also true that more people google than blog.

Google only became a verb after users of the search engine began to use it to mean search. "Google" as a verb was coined and included in the Meriam-Webster Dictionary as well as the Oxford English Dictionary in 2006.

The American Dialect Society(ADS) is a collection of scholars dedicated to the study of the English language and other languages and dialects in North America. They choose the Word of Year by conducting a voting session.

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Microsoft Hopes to Capture a Big Part of Chinese Search Market, Thursday, December 31, 2009

The search market is an extremely profitable business for those involved. In the United States,Google,Yahoo and Bing are the obvious leaders in the search trade.The Chinese search market is an unusual setting from what the major players in America are used to. In China, the chief search engine is not a name that most Americans are familiar with. The top search engine for Chinese users is Baidu , which holds 63.9% of the Chinese search market,which leaves Google in the subsequent place with 31.3% of the search market.

The Chinese search market is very productive with a value of $293 million in Q3 2009. Microsoft is hoping to intensify the popularity of its Bing search engine in China. The software giant announced that China is its chief strategic market for search.

China is such a significant market to search firms as it is home to the world's leading internet population with more than 350 million users. Bing has been available in China as a beta product for sometime now, but has not made a considerable impact in the market so far.

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Extensions in Google Chrome :, Friday, December 18, 2009

Firefox has long been greater to Google Chrome,for most part because of Firefox add-ons. Now since the Google Chrome Extensions are available here at, many people might prefer to switch over to Google.

Google Chrome
Although there are just around 500 Google extensions, in comparison to thousands of add-ons for Firefox, several best and most constructive Firefox add-ons are already available as Google extensions, or their capabilities are duplicated by a Chrome extension.

For those interested mainly in speed, the additions of extensions to Chrome are reason enough to make the change from Firefox. For many the ultimate turning point would be extensions available for Chrome, while many are sure to stick to Firefox till they find each and every of their extensions available for Chrome.

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Google Wave,a Tool for Effective Communication, Friday, October 23, 2009

Google Wave
Google Wave is a pioneering real-time joint tool that has the potential to be a perfect method for members of a group to work together. Yet, it's not lucid how useful it will be in the real world. It's the sort of tool that you prefer to use, but one that you might not be able to figure out easily, how to fit into your work life.

In fact,Google Wave seems to be one of those tools that's extremely difficult to explain to those who haven't started using it. One way to think of it is as a collection of threaded e-mail conversations and instantaneous messaging. Rich content, together with Google maps, interactive polling, videos and much more, can be embedded in conversations (known as waves). Additionally, the rich content is live and interactive. As an example,if you embed a Google map, all members in the conversation can utilize it as if they were on the Google Maps site.All the above features makes for a kind of profound collaboration that's impossible with more conventional means of Internet communication. Theoretically, Google Wave can help groups distribute information, take decisions and actions faster.In practice,however, it's difficult to predict the future of Google Wave, as most people still prefer to use the traditional e-mail.

Presently,Google Wave is still in a fairly strongly controlled, invitation-only beta. Considering that it's free, however, when it becomes public, or if you're fortunate enough to obtain an invite, it's definitely worth to test it out, just for the "coolness" factor.For further details, check

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