Google's blind eye towards paid links:

Recently we are seeing more and more websites buying links casually to get their rankings boosted. Google who is opposing paid links openly are nowadays showing a blind eye towards mass link buying. We are a SEO company but we always stay away from buying links or recommend clients not to buy links. Its because we know that buying links are the biggest plague to hurt the search engines but the search engines seem to not realize it.

Yahoo is the only search engine which is serious about link buyers. Google seem to be never interested. They keep saying they want to fight it algorithmically and in this process they ban some innocent sites. Almost a year back our ranking got devalued because Google thought our widget links are paid links and devalued our rankings ( ) .

More and more people resort to link buying these days. Almost all clients who come to us for SEO and have done SEO before have paid links to their site placed by previous SEO companies. So is automated detection working? I see it a big failure people just find innovative ways to hide links from Google's algorithmic detection and the result it hurts Google.

I expect Google to take more action on buying links since it hurts people like us who don't buy links. Our clients push us hard to buy links but still we stay away to stay within Google guidelines. If Google continues to show blind eye towards paid links companies like us too with resort to buying links since we don't have an ethical option to tackle aggressive competition.




I think buying links is a pointless exercise long term, Google and their algorithm usually get it wrong, they do with keyword density, they do with page content and they only way they have found that stops people manipulating the search engines is by the "tailored" search engine based on previous searches.

In my opinion the above search is simply a way of saying "we cant beat the marketers" so we will just display random results, lets face it if we knew the page we were looking for in the first place we wouldnt use the search engine to begin with. In my opinion Google is probably one of the worst at generating "relevant" seach results, and if people tried other search engines they would probably find they get on alot better!

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