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Writing for the web, Monday, February 15, 2010

Web writing comes with a purpose. It can be either marketing or propagating ideas. Be it whatever, your aim would be to make the readers read your content. By taking care of a few things, you can make your contents attractive.

Keep your words simple and concis

The basic characteristic of web writing is its simplicity. Unlike any other media, the web is known for its fast pace and purpose orientation. In web writing, the words are usually meant to sell. So if you want the readers to read the content and achieve the purpose, your words should be simple and easy to understand. Jargons and pompous words would irritate the readers. We know it very well that people are not going to open a dictionary and search the meaning of each flowery word. So keep the words simple and easy to comprehend.

Understand your readers

As in any other media, a clear understanding of the readers is needed in web writing too. Unless you know your readers, you can't influence them. Your words should be aimed at the readers or potential customers i.e. if you are selling something. Moreover, you cannot just keep on writing about a thing. Your sentences should be properly aimed so that it gives a solution or answer to what the readers are seeking.

Utilize the possibilities

There are many benefits in web writing than traditional writing methods. Hyperlinks (the links that lead you from one page to other) are the main attractive feature of web writing. Since you can give more information using hyperlinks, you must make proper use of it. But remember not to over crowd hyperlinks in a single page.

Make it easy to read

While the readers read your content, they must get a clear understanding of the topic. For achieving this, try to incorporate minimum words that would make the reading easy. It would be good if you can separate each topic using sub heads. Illustrations to an extent would be interesting. But never confuse the readers with so many graphics and pictures. Always remember that writing provides more authenticity than illustrations.

Last but not the least, your expressions and sentence formation should also be given proper consideration. You don't want to create a negative impression by making spelling or grammatical errors in your content. It would be better to do a thorough spell/ grammar check before submitting your content. And never be rude to your readers or impose any idea on them forcibly. Try influencing not imposing.

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Rewrite and review your content, Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Writing content is just one part of the many things you need to do when you write copies. I have seen many people don't even read what they have written. Is it because the contents are so bad or just lazy to review what they wrote before posting it in a blog or website. So what happens when you don't read your content before posting them.
There are many problems when you don't read your post / review before posting

1. Spelling mistakes: Its common to make spelling mistakes especially if you are a writing fast and if you don’t review your content you might post something that is full of mistakes.
2. I have personally had this problem when I use word it automatically corrects my spelling and sometimes the auto spell checker will correct the words into a different word that I don't want it to be there. This is another problem; I hope you don't want your content to look crazy when one word is substituted by a completely different word that is not supposed to be there.
3. Writing fast is not always the best you will lose your creativity and the content will sound too simple but if you read it again and fix stuff you will be able to include stuff that are much more creative.
4. You can miss punctuations when you write fast if you review then you can rewrite the document with proper punctuations.
5. Some sentences can be longer than you expected if you read your content you might break down content into different parts suitable for the article.
6. Check to see if your content has a proper mood set into it.
7. If you review your content you can narrow down the message you are willing to convey in a shorter way. Remember people don't have 10 hours to read your content. It's important you impress people in fraction of seconds so that they can continue reading and like your content.


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10 Tips for writing a Blog, Monday, December 21, 2009

Two important tips for writing a Blog are compelling content and frequent updates. Below are a few ideas that you can use while writing a blog.

1. Lists:
People love to read about list, just any kind of list as it can increase traffic of your blog. Some examples are Top 10 lists, 3 reasons I love something etc. Start your heading from number.

2. How to
To accomplish a task many people would like to find easy-to-follow instructions. For example: How to avoid getting bitten by a mosquito etc.

3. Write about Reviews:
Write a review about anything on your blog. Some of the suggestions are:

  • Products
  • Websites
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Hotels
Try to share your experience and thoughts.

4. Photo:
Try to post a photo based on your topic.

5. Tips:
Write about tips so that readers can achieve something faster or cheaper way.

6. Recommendations:
Try to share your recommendations about the websites, books, movies or other favorite topic on your blog.

7. Contests:
Blog contetsts can increase traffic in your blog and enable visitors to leave comments.

8. Videos:
Put a video from YouTube or one of your own, or host a video blog.

9. Guest Posts:
Ask other bloggers or experts in a field related to your blog topic to write a guest post.

10. Polls:
Register with a site like then publish a poll related to your blog topic in one of your blog posts.

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Do you need to know the dictionary to write best copies, Monday, December 14, 2009

Well I am just using slang here. Obviously we don’t need to know the full dictionary to become a great copywriter. But there has been some misconception that the more words you know and the more different types of synonyms you use better copywriter you are. Well I wouldn’t disagree with that more. I feel most of the time people like to read what they speak. When I go through a website and if its using too much advanced words that are not used in standard speaking language I will not waste too much time there. It’s simply because I don’t want to go to a website that has too much complicated words which I need to refer a dictionary to understand.

Research has determined the average time a person spends on a new website he visits is just 20 seconds. So you just have 20 seconds of time to keep your visitors to your website. If you are using high words and if the person finds it difficult to understand your copy then you are doomed. You will loose a lot of potential visitors / buyers. So I recommend don’t spend too much time on reading dictionary and identifying new words. If you know some words make sure you use it the best way possible. Make sure you use good grammar. Grammar plays an important role when it comes to quality of a webpage / web copy.


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Copyblogger on how to make money with free stuff,

Copyblogger has an interesting article on how to make things work when you offer free stuff. Offer free stuff on your website is a great promotion method. It gives people a reason to visit your website and also a reason to repeat visiting your site.
We at Search Engine Genie provide more than 100 free web tools which can be used for search engine optimization and other online activities.
Checkout the article from copyblogger here:
Its a great article for starters who want to learn the art of promoting your content or free stuff online. Also the article talks about how to transfer your free stuff to paid ones and make money out of it. Subscriptions are a great way to make money with your content.
Branding has been in existence now and forever. The better you brand yourself more people will read your stuff. Especially in SEO copywriting there are few readers. To make them read your stuff you need to provide contents that really improves their social values as well as help them in their day to day life.


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Headlines play a vital role, Sunday, December 06, 2009

In any marketing piece, headline should be given utmost importance. Creating a headline swipe file makes good sense.

What a good headline is supposed to achieve?
  • Attract attention of your prospect.
  • It should deliver a understandable message.
  • It should enable the prospect to read your article.
  • Prospect should understand what's in it for him.

In most of the advertising materials you'll see that their are several sub-headlines in the copy. Make sure that sub-headlines fit the parameters above.

Some ideas as how to start a headline

  • Do you struggle with....
  • Discover.....
  • 10 ways to......
  • Learn exactly How.....
  • 7 Amazing strategies to.....
  • A Guide to.....
  • 7 Sure-Fire Tips for....
  • Tips on.....
  • Learn how to start.....
  • 10 Steps to.....
  • 5 Action Ideas to Get....
  • The 7 Secrets to.....
  • Learn how to Explode.....
  • Proof that....
  • Uncover....

By using these headlines you can create great article and advertising headlines. These are just a few examples. If you have more interesting headlines let us know.


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Increase traffic of real estate websites through article marketing, Monday, November 30, 2009

Real estate investors can increase traffic of their website through article marketing. Article marketing is extremely powerful and can give you following advantages:
  • Increase traffic in your website
  • Authority and expertise in your niche
  • Your site will get powerful one way back links
  • Exposure
  • High search engine rankings for very competitive terms

There are endless advantages of article marketing. If you write a short 300 word article and then post it on an article website you can get various benefits. If you write a real estate article, then within hours your website and name can be seen on the first page for your keyword phase.

Write articles based on your area of expertise. For instance, if you know about foreclosure niche, then write articles on foreclosure subject, how people can save their house from foreclosure etc.

Always write an article in conversational manner. Make sure that your grammar and spelling are correct. Remember few points before writing an article:
  • Find out at least 1-3 keyword phrase before starting an article
  • Pick one main keyword phrase and use it in your article title.
  • Add the selected keyword phrase in the body of the article.
  • If you have 100 words in your article, you should mention the keyword at least 3-5 times in the article.
  • Add keywords in your keyword tags and resource box. Each article directory has a keyword tag and resource box. Add those keywords there.

There are hundreds of article directories but the most important ones for real estate business are,,, and

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Amazing strategies of SEO Copywriting, Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quality copywriting is critical to successful SEO. If you want your blog or website to be successful you need to improve your writing or die trying. There are some tried and try rules of writing for SEO.
  • First effective rule that you must follow for effective SEO campaign is research your keywords.
  • Second rule is start off the first sentence of your content with your top keywords. This will reinforce the subject of your page and help the search engines to learn what your page is about.
  • Next important rule is bold the keywords in your content with the strong tag. Don't overdo it.
  • If you link to other content on your site it will make your content more valuable by extending the experience of your subject. Make sure to use your keywords as the link text as well.
  • While writing ask yourself if the sentences read naturally. If not, then you need to get creative.
  • Try to edit your content and keep it brief. Try to keep your content concise and limit your page length. Keep your pages limited to around 500 words.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.

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