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Link popularity is very important when it comes to today's search engines.Most of the top search engines consider link popularity as an important ranking factor. Especially Google gives a lot of importance to links, so when it comes to search engine optimization link popularity is very important.

In search engine optimization we cannot get natural links from everyone. There are two remedies for this -

  • buying links

  • adding reciprocal links.

But buying links is a costly process. So we prefer going for reciprocal links.When it comes to link building, we should be careful not to link to bad neighborhoods. Linking to a bad neighborhood like link farms, FFAs, Redirect spam sites, etc. might hurt sites. Linking to such sites hurts both the positioning as well as the traffic of these sites. So it is better to be on the safer side and not to do any linking to bad neighborhood. Also check the status of the link often.


The above image states that link building is good for SEO provided it is done the right way.


Have you seen the Google directory? Some sites on the bottom of the directory are without any PageRank Most of these sites are in the penalized list by Google. So be careful when you go for link building tactics.

There are many different ways to present reciprocal links. One way is to clearly designate them as reciprocal links and then delegate them to specific areas or pages of your site. An alternate method is to incorporate links to valuable resources inside your own content. You also have the choice of separating reciprocal links and other links, or joining them all together.


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Link Building Request Quote

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Best Ways to get links is to give links through reciprocal link exchanges

Link exchanges does two main things. First, it makes getting the links easier. Most of the webmasters are willing to help each other, so if you give them a link, most times they will return the favor.

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