Simple e-commerce website



E-Commerce web sites offer a new innovative sales vehicle for your company giving profit not available with customary trading methods. Some of the advantages of e-Commerce websites are 24/7 customer access, compact costs giving higher margins, instant product and stock updates, and cost effective promotional activity.

Search Engine Genie's back end programming skills are so perfect that your users will have a perfectly smooth experience from secure order processing to final dispatch of goods advising on expertise, applications and online trading.

The features of our simple e-Commerce website include server site and client site scripting, implementation of shopping cart, database creation. We implement up to 250 products. The cost for our services is $999.

If you do not want to make your site caught somewhere in the web's unseen areas, we shall help you by making it search engine friendly.



Complex e-commerce website and Big e-commerce sites


From custom shopping cart coding to using pre-existing shopping cart, Search Engine Genie's expertise is spread across many areas. Our prices are much competitive in par with other sites of our level. Search Engine Genie has experts in designing shopping carts with more than 50,000 products. We expertise in custom shopping cart design, implementation of secured servers, back end online business monitoring, web mastering shopping cart titles etc. For big e-commerce websites, we charge $2500 up to 1500 products and it increases as the number of products increase.

The cost for complex e-commerce website would be $1500.

Search Engine Genie helps you make your complex and big e-commerce websites search engine friendly.


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