Simple Dynamic Websites


The whole mass of websites can be cut down into two main groups, static and dynamic. It is widely approved that the better marketing tool for each business is dynamic website with all its features. It rightly can find out customers’ needs and habits.


Search Engine Genie has a bright background of having handled great dynamic websites. Our experts take great care in managing your site whether it has simple or complex coding.


Search Engine Genie has a team of experts in coding your sites in either of these codings like asp, php,, perl, python etc. From Photoshop to, the experts handle all the projects with great acumen.


Search Engine Genie’s websites can also be a great shopping experience. You do not have to rely on big e-commerce sites to bring in customers. Our expert coders with a simple dynamic website can bring out a pleasant shopping experience for people actively scaling your services. We have already designed a two-page e-commerce site, which are excellently converting. The cost for creating a dynamic website is just $ 599.


Many dynamic web sites are unintentionally part of the Invisible web, but there are several approaches for making them more search engine friendly.


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