Types of web design services



1. Designing templates


It is proved that a web page has only 10 seconds to seize the attention of its first-time visitor. You never know if he is your prospective customer who strikes the fortune bell of your business. You do not have time to take chances. Web templates from Search Engine Genie help you capture your visitors' attention right away and keep them stuck to your site!

A professional web template is a jump-start towards a magnificent website. A web design template is a pre designed web site ready to just insert your content. Website template (HTML site template) is a basic page of any web site. Only content area is changed in professionally designed websites and each page is built on the same template. The base of website (site template) usually remains unchanged.

Most websites use either same site template for all pages, or one template for a title page and another one for the inner pages. We offer the professional development of HTML website templates at a very reasonable price. Search Engine Genie’s professional team is well equipped in designing your website template which suits your site’s overall appeal.

2. Simple websites

Search Engine Genie creates Simple sites for people who prefer a substantially designed website but who are working with a small budget.

We do the design, publication of a site with linked pages using a font or graphics-based logo, and containing text, graphics, and/or sound clips. We also give links to external sites. Sites may include 0-20 pages with minimum Javascript and HTML.

Our aim is to provide our customers with a professional quality website within a very short period, for as little as $399.00.

Search Engine Genie can also make your site search engine friendly. For more details, contact, webpromotions@gmail.com
This site is an example of some of our basic designs.

These are just some of the work we have done .If you want more proof of our work you can contact us at webpromotions@gmail.com



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