Google Panda and Penguin rolled to scrub spammers

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 Google

PANDA – Always Belief Quality

Panda is totally designed to target the spam content sites. Websites which shows up with low quality content frame that get affected by panda. It is dissimilar from the latest penguin update.

Panda Recovery Suggestions

  • Every Webpage must exist with diverse tags such as Meta title and description
  • Never allow to low quality (or) duplicate content to endure in your website
  • Always keep your Bounce rate and ad to content ratio under control
  • Web Site load time is much important
  • Try to increase your Stick rate
  • Always have quality and good content frame – Have sufficient look at your content’s grammar, spellings, source etc

PENGUIN – Spammer be aware

This Penguin update totally targets the spammers. All spammers are getting affected and pushed out of Google’s search engine result page.

Penguin snoops carefully on the Following:

  • Over optimization is an main objective of penguin to destroy the spammers
  • Over use of Anchor text un-matching the domain
  • Blog Spamming and marketing article to numerous sites
  • In-bound and out-bound link exchange in an aggressive manner

Penguin retrieval ideas:

If you’re affected by this latest penguin update, I feel sorry for you. Try to optimize in a good quality manner. It’s unpredictable to be in same grade at Google’s eye. Seo is on the way to its quality development. We all must give hand for its rise with quality website.

Here are general Do’s and Don’ts in this latest SEO weather:


  1. Use attractive content with low quality
  2. Stuff keywords in web site
  3. Over Link using same anchor text
  4. Delete Your Links (unless they are on a de-indexed blog network)
  5. Avoid stuffing footer with content and link
  6. Use landing pages


  1. Always go for quality content
  2. Try to create content structure with 600+ Words count
  3. Use a large range of anchor text in backlinking to the same page
  4. Optimize pages for more than one keyword phrase
  5. Use good links in link building activities (no anchor text)
  6. Use elderly domains
  7. Remove low quality content from your site

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