Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Pay Per Click Services

Best keyword management by customizing your keyword advertising text to maximize its marketing impact. Our Team will find proper keywords for your web site after making in depth analysis of your site so that you will not miss those priceless "bargain" keywords.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

"On governing precisely, PPC advertising can be a prosperous way of sweeping intended traffic to your website"

Is your company looking for great returns from your Pay Per Click advertising campaign? If so, we will be the best team to make up with your desires. Our team of endorsing PPC Specialists is capable of optimizing your campaigns with the just done tools and assures your success. Here are some valid points for ‘Why We for your website?’

  • PPC Optimization

  • Focused Adcopy Writing

  • Right Keywords

  • Attractive Ad Extensions

  • Attest Implementation

  • Regular Audit on Bids

  • Improved ROI

  • Conversion Tracking

  • Reports for insight

Why Use PPC Services? - How does PPC Advertising work?

Regardless of the sprawl in online advertising and marketing, search engine marketing is thriving! Finally, people are catching on to the power of search engine marketing. While search engine optimization can be an intensive time consuming process, pay per click advertising is fast, easy and flexible. Search engine genie brings you a perfect pay per click management campaign.

Pay per click advertising on search engines allows you select keywords you would like your site to appear for when a search is done. You pay only when a person clicks on the search results. If one million people see your ad and only one person clicks on it, then you only pay for that one person. The more you are willing to pay per click, the higher your site will appear for the keywords you choose.

Optimizing your keyword bids and monitoring those bids are very time consuming and distracting - but not with Search engine genie. Search engine genie handles everything for you so you can focus on building your business and service your customers.

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Main Pay Per Click Services

google adwords

Google AdWords is a quick and simple way to purchase highly targeted cost-per-click (CPC) advertising, regardless of your budget.

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yahoo search marketing

Yahoo has come with its new pay per click product: Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly known as Overture and

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Other Pay Per Click Services:
find what

FindWhat is one of the top pay per click services offering ease of advertiser usability, high value per click and having targeted traffic.

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look smart

Looksmart ads can reach a wide section of the Internet users. Its distribution partners include Lycos, Infospace Network, CNET, Cox Interactive, and Apple’s Sherlock.

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kanoodle has affiliate distribution agreements with,, and in the pay per click services market.

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