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Building links are just like making friends in college or your hometown, you seek out those who have similar interests," says Gardi, The senior vice president of Teoma.Link building, how important is that? Digital marketing has become a highly competitive field. If you want your website to rank, you have to earn quality and natural links to your site which helps your page to rank among top results in search engine result page. Google has changed the way, it deals with the links. Those days were gone, when you used to buy a link from other sites which help your page to rank. Google's updated and sophisticated penguin algorithm punishes such unnatural link exchanges with penalties.


Search Engine Genie's link building offers natural Backlink building services through well planned and organized SEO strategies. Link building, termed as a backbone of search engine optimization, has to be done ethically in order to avoid penalties.strong>Link building plays an essential role in higher search engine placements and good traffic to your website. We provide quality, inexpensive, ethical and theme based Link Building and a wide range of specialized Seo Services. If you are searching for a typical link building Company that can help you get quality links then your search ends here. We offer many Link Building Processes to all our clients.For more information on Search Engine Genie's Link Building services, contact us at Or send us a request for free Link building Quote.

What exactly we do for successful link building campaign?

Our link building experts have an organized and well planned link building strategies which work in an effective manner.

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  • Backlink Analysis
    Backlink Auditing / Analysis

    Many people are worried how their backlinks are working for them. Some of them would have hired rogue link building / SEO companies whose link building strategies bring long term damage to a site.

  • Content awareness links
    Content awareness links

    Content is king, was king and always king when it comes to Internet. Contents can bring passion to people who visit your web pages, content can gain social reach, content can gain great backlinks from top news outlets, contents can attract many people out there.

  • Other Link Building Methods
    Other Link Building Methods

    We at search engine genie will also help you to rank your website by proving other link building methods by linking to online reviews and reching hight quality bloggers.

  • How to we perform effective link building?

    We, at Search Engine Genie, offer you white hat link building services which will benefit your business in a very short span of time. SEG develops a brand specific link building procedure which reaches the targeted audience. Our page ranking experts do effectual content marketing which increases brand awareness and referral traffic.

    After seeing the results and success that Search Engine Genie has achieved for me with their services, I would not consider going anywhere else for Search Engine Optimization services. This service has given me a nice boost in our search engine positions and Search Engine Genie has really done an outstanding job once again! My traffic has been incredibly off the charts with their service. I highly recommend this site to others!


    Link Building / Link Popularity Services from Search Engine Genie

    Link popularity refers to the number and quality of the incoming links that are pointing to your site. No marketing tool can replace the effectiveness of word of mouth advertising. The same principle applies to website links. When a trusted site links to yours, people follow the recommendation. That is how linking works.

    Link baiting has been around for a while now. It was a hot discussion topic after Penguin update. Penguin update was a life changing update for many link building companies, seo companies, webmasters and many other people who revolve around search engines. We at search engine genie have changed our link building strategies long back. Nowadays we are very selective about how we build links for our client sites. We are moving away from artificial methods and moving towards natural link building. When Google first discovered the potential of ranking sites based on backlinks they never expected many spammers to abuse it. But people took advantage of the nature of links work and the benefit it provides with Google and started doing lots of unnatural, artificial links. Google jumped in, in 2012 and they killed most of sites rankings for sites involved in excessive artificial link building.

    Link Building Request Quote

    Search Engine Genie is an experienced hand in the field of link building campaigns. Search Engine Genie assists you in making your link building and website promotion easier and faster.We at Search Engine Genie don't get involved in aggressive link building anymore. We don't do link exchanges, 3 way links, junk article / directory submissions etc. Link baiting has been one of our top priorities now. We make sure we get links by attracting visitors to like the pages, widgets, articles etc we build for our clients.Our link baiting SEO strategies had been successful and we have built over 500 unique links to certain pages for our clients. We only do link baiting as a long strategy. When people like something it should be there for a much longer time. We don't get involved in quick link baits which will lose it's value pretty soon. We make non-search engine spam widgets to boost our client sites.For more information on Search Engine Genie's Link Building services, contact us at Or send us a request for free Link building Quote.

    • Backlink AnalysisBuilding Links using killer content

      Search Engine Genie's content writing team has years of experience in creating a productive content. This results in driving more traffic to your site and obviously you will earn more referral links from other websites. Our natural link building services drives organic traffic for your site in a fast manner.

    • Backlink AnalysisLink Audit

      SEG's Link audit process makes sure that you get Backlinks from the site which is most relevant to yours. Link auditing is an important activity which is used to find out the 404 error, dead and duplicate links and removes them manually. We will carry on link auditing process which disavows the unnatural links and overcomes the risk of receiving penalties from Google.

    • Backlink AnalysisInfographics

      Our skilled graphic designer team creates a unique and quality Infographic images with unseen data. This convinces and helps to create editorial links in guest posts and social media. It is a proven fact that human brain is more prone to visual effects. Hence creating an infographical content increase your popularity among other sites and social media platforms.

    • Backlink AnalysisLink Bait

      Our content marketing team works 24/7 to produce the unique, catchy and read worthy content which attracts the targeted audience. This makes them to share the content. Marketing your link bait is essential to success. We carry out the necessary activities which earns link sharing among many platforms.

    • Backlink AnalysisSocial Media Marketing

      Social media offers a great platform to gain natural links for our website. Search Engine Genie's SEM team creates a viral content which targets the customer at the right moment. The authoritative and useful content created by us will be shared with the links of your site in social media.

    • Backlink AnalysisRelationship Building

      We build relationship with other website which are relevant to yours and obtain links from them. This particular technique needs lot of proficiency and our SEO experts are well versed to do the same. We use various methods like email marketing, blogging, forum posting etc. to get natural links from other sources.

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    What makes SEG link building services more advantageous?

  • Leading link building service provider who follows ethical and white hat SEO techniques to gain natural links faster
  • Highly expertise link building experts who drives results in a fast pace
  • Successfully performing link audits and other link building services to our clients
  • Served many clients worldwide with effective link building services and gave satisfactory results

  • Link building is an easy way to battle with your online business competitors. Search Engine Genie offers its affordable link building services to worldwide clients on various business streams like health, business, clothing, food etc. We understand that every business is unique and provide quality link building services according to their needs. Join us to achieve your marketing goals faster and easier.For more information on Search Engine Genie's Link Building services, contact us at Or send us a request for free Link building Quote.

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