Pay-Per-Click Advertising Tips– A Helpful Guide for Local Businesses to Excel!

Friday, January 8th, 2016 Adwords, pay per click

Pay-Per-Click Ads can make a local business more successful if used in conjunction with the right advertising techniques. Read on to boost your local business appearance on Google!
In the era of the national brands dominating the web advertisements, local businesses still perform better online. In fact, the location-centric PPC ads yield outstanding results and outshine the ads which don’t have locations labeled on them. It clearly states that the customers find local companies more trustworthy. The local companies have their business in tune with the local requirements which is a competitive edge over the national competitors.
PPC Advertising Tips
To run a successful Pay-Per-Click AD campaign for your local brand, all you need is to carefully go through the below pointers. If implemented the way these tricks are mentioned could bring your business a serious return on investments. Let’s reveal the vital information below:

1.Create An Eye-Catching PPC AD:

The first and foremost thing is to make your Advertisement copy stand out. To add a chilling effect, you will need to make it direct and concise. Watch out if you are missing some crucial details before making it live. The best PPC ad must include the following details:

    • A Well-Expressed Headline!
    • 2 to 3 keywords In the Advertisement Content!
    • An Eyeball-Grabbing Call to Action!

2. Focus On Localizing Your Complete Web Content:

The moment a user clicks on your PPC advertisement, he wants to make sure that he has landed at the right place. The best way to make him feel good is to remind him that he is working with a local company and not any offshore business. To make it happen, you will need to specify your location on the home page, so that users can detect your business location after traveling all the way through landing pages to your website’s home page. It would assist you in reinforcing your credibility.

3. Location Extensions Are Need of The Times:

To grab the users’ attention online, local extensions best fit the purpose. For a local business, these serve as a boon and can help you make more visible to anyone driving through your city. The power of local extensions can be easily understood from the scenario when a person searching for a car wash in your city gets your address for a specific keyword. It will be a winning edge for your business if the Google Maps is showing your business as a result of the demand input by the user.

4. Track Your PPC Campaign Like A Spy:

An effective marketing is incomplete if you are not able to track the progress of your AD campaign. However, with the Google’s phone call extensions, the marketing campaigns can be easily adjusted for the best performance. This facility helps you in capturing the number of customers calling and the reasons to call. For instance, they might be calling you to check the prices of your products/services or to book an appointment with you. In this way, your business can be made more optimized as you can track down the keywords for which you are getting calls to your business.


These quick and effective PPC tips will help you make the most out of your local advertising campaigns. However, you should understand that PPC isn’t everything but organic search do. Therefore, to reach the masses and create your brand awareness, you should better be using a mix of both strategies. The day, you accomplish blending your solid PPC strategy with the effective organic search results, that day you will see yourself at the top of the first page on the Google.
Search Engine Genie has vast experience and rich history in making the PPC Ads more fruitful for the local businesses. We know what’s trending in the PPC Industry that could make our clients’ business perform better. Your key to getting high ROIs is just a call away!

The beneficial “click to call” ads service

Friday, July 4th, 2014 Adwords, google, pay per click

From research to purchase, the people habitually rely on their mobile than any other devices. The Mobile devices help the business on the go at any time and from anyplace.

Thus the Ad words mobile click-to-call ads for connecting clients are very relevant and meaningful. It allows advertisers to connect with customers online. In fact, over 40 million calls are made directly to businesses from Google ads each month and the number keeps growing exponentially.

The call conversions are only available in US, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Australia. And Google is planning to expand to more countries in the coming year.

Not all the phone calls value the same. It depends on the keywords and the ads generating more phone calls…. so the beneficial cal conversion setting is going to help the advertiser further.

Mobile devices inspire people to call businesses now more than ever before.

In order to understand which set of keywords and ads are generating more valuable phone calls, assign conversion values to different call conversion types.         It is vital to maximize value than volume. Different calls should be valued differently. With the help of Target ROAS, a flexible bid strategy, with auction-time tender tunings that factor in signals like device, location and time of day, you can involuntarily make the most of call conversion value across campaigns. 

“Ad- Surveys” in advertisements for user’s feedback:

Monday, May 19th, 2014 Adwords, google, pay per click

Last year Google introduced the mute button in display ads which allows user to cancel or control the ads that they do not wish to see. Millions of ads have been muted till date in Google platform. So Google rolled out a new tool, designed to know the feedback of the users as why they chose to mute the ads. The choices may include, “I don’t like the content of this ad”, “I’ve seen this ad too often” and “The ad is too distracting”, etc…

These assessments help to deliver better ads and to provide a better experience to the users who view the ads. Investing in ad controls with tools like ‘Ads Settings’ and ‘Mute This Ad’ enables us to deliver better episode for users and most dependable solutions for advertisers and publishers.

ad small

Customers who no longer want to see a certain display ad can now enjoy the benefit of ‘Mute This Ad’ experience. Google has come up with this new icon to make the user’s adventure far better than before.  This smart move from Google is said to elevate user’s events while browsing.


Shop locally , through Google ads.

Friday, April 25th, 2014 Adwords, google, pay per click

With Google Shopping, people can easily research products, compare items, and link up with merchants online to make their purchase. Their growth has been improvised globally to provide a quality shopping experience to the users. At times, the most essential data about any product might be regarding its availability at local shops.

Now, Google Shopping has added on a couple of vernacular features which are:

1: Ads showing List of Products available locally appearing on Desktops and Smart phones: Search Queries are now good in showing the local availability of the products along with the search results.

google maps small2: Guiding to local Shop front: On clicking the local ad, the shopper will be guided to reach a local storefront, where he can find similar items, along with the other inventories there. He can also be informed about the working hours and directions leading there, before they call in person.

Both the above features are based on the data feeds about local products which are managed by the Google Merchant Center, allowing retailers to supply users with updated, detailed price levels and the availability details to all individual system memory. Retailers participating on the Product Listing Ad, are payable for the clicks on it to the particular local Store on CPC basis. Retailers can also see separate local click performance.

These local features help retailers influence the scale of Google Shopping to market items sold in their physical stores.

Site links for creating better campaigns.

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 Adwords, pay per click

Site links are nothing but the links that allows you to add additional information below the ads. Site links show value to potential customers before a click occurs and it is extremely significant for thriving ads. The CTR of a site link does not show the actual worth, but on going deeper into the campaigns, you can find the CTR of an ad with site link boosts by 10- 20 %. Many are unaware of the advantage underlying in this excellent feature within the campaigns.

The basic point which must be followed in adding the site link is that, make sure that you have at least 6 active links for desktops and 4 active site links for mobiles. Site link allows only 25 characters for the link and the space is for testing. Remember, Shorter the site links, the more effective they are. You can add your own descriptions for the site links.

Site links are designed to show-up only if the search engine considers that your ad is the best result for a search. The site link can vary at times. The format which you have created may not be displayed together.

There won’t be any cost for setting site links. You will pay the same Cost Per Click (CPC) as your standard campaign. If a person clicks more than a link it will be considered as a duplicate click by the search engine itself.

To add the site link to your campaign follow the steps given below:

  • Go to your AdWords campaign.
  • Click the Ad extensions tab.
  • Choose Sitelinks.
  • Next to the Sitelink settings link, click Edit
  • Create a new sitelink or edit an existing sitelink by clicking it.
  • Fill out the sitelink text and URL.
  • The Description field is optional, but recommended.

Facebook PPC Marketing

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 Adwords, pay per click

Facebook allows us to target people with unique interest. The advertisements on Facebook don’t work just with a search. For this we have a solution of exploding their interest based on their personal likes and the demographic factors. When you start a campaign you should understand that only a few percentages will bring in leads. Constant tweaking is the only way. To make your advertisements effective, here are some points listed below for you to run through:


A picture speaks louder than words and it is worth about 1000 of clicks. An image is the first thing that a person looks at, so as on the Facebook and it has the vital role in the Facebook advertisement. The permitted size of images for Facebook advertisements is only 110*80 pixels. It is a bit hard to display an image jutted on because of the color combination (blue /white) and so, brighter and bolder colors are required to blend off with the color scheme of Facebook.


Speaking succinctly has never been important and even the brief advertisements work better.90 characters are allowed in the body of the advertisement and corroborate on benefit-focused and clear content.

Keep in mind that advertising on a social network leads to deliver best results!!

Google Announces +1 Button Globally

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 Adwords

A few months ago Google released the +1 button on English search ads and organic search results on More newly, they have made the +1 button accessible to sites across the web, making it easier for people who love your site to help their friends and other users find your content in Google search.

Today, +1s will start appearing on ads and organic search results for Google pages globally. Google will be starting with sites like,, and, and then expanding rapidly to most other Google search sites soon after.

Google has also partnered with a few more sites in Europe, Japan, India, Australia and New Zealand where you’ll start seeing +1 buttons in the coming days.

Pay Per Click

You can also add the +1 button to your worldwide websites by going to the +1 button tool on Google Webmaster Central where it’s already available in 44 languages.

This personal annotation will help users know when their ads and organic search results are relevant to them, increasing the chances that they’ll end up on your site.

Think of +1 buttons as an enhancement that can help already successful search campaigns perform even better, now, at a global level.

Ad Sitelinks With New Feature Of Embedded Format

Friday, June 10th, 2011 google

Google AdWords is always experimenting with new formats, enhanced targeting, and other ways to make both Google and all its advertisers a little more money. Their most recent experiment is embedded Ad SiteLinks, which automatically link portions of your ad’s text to sub-pages inside your site.

With the embedded format of Ad Sitelinks, there are no extra lines appended to your text ad. Instead, text in your ad that exactly matches one or more of the sitelinks in your campaign will automatically be linked to that sitelink’s destination URL. With embedded sitelinks, potential customers can pick the part of your ad that applies straight to their current interests and visit the most specific page for that topic.


For example, if you sell home goods, your ad may mention that you sell appliances, furniture, and flatware. If you have separate sitelinks set up for the words “appliances,” “furniture,” and “flatware,” those words would be hyperlinked in your ad text, leading potential customers to a page for the specific part of the ad that drew their interest. These targeted destination URLs may encourage more users to click on your ad and make it easier for them to find what they’re searching for when they arrive on your site.

To show with embedded sitelinks, your campaign must be enabled for Ad Sitelinks. Also, your ad must show above the search results, and part of your ad text must accurately match one or more of your Ad Sitelinks. Additionally, embedded sitelinks will only show for ads that don’t meet one or more of the necessities for one- or two-line Ad Sitelinks.

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AdWords Location Extensions – Important Changes To Clicks On Directions

Monday, May 30th, 2011 google

Many use location extensions to automatically show your business address and other information in your ads on Google. These ads also show directions to your business location, along with your address and phone number. By clicking on the directions, potential customers can map the quickest route from their location to your business.

Google Adwords

Location extensions with directions are helpful to users and lead to more interactions with your ads. In January, Google launched a report in AdWords to help you measure these useful interactions.

Google Adwords

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see performance metrics for directions beside those for clicks and phone calls. Google will also begin to charge for clicks on directions in the same manner as clicks on your ad’s headline or phone number. If your campaign has a high number of these clicks, these specify that your customers are interacting with your ads to get directions to your business.

Google Now Shows Your Display URL Domain In Headline For Select Ads

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 Adwords, google

In an AdWords ad, the display URL may be last, but it’s surely not least. In fact, the display URL can be an important deciding factor in whether a user clicks on your ad. Google will now automatically show your display URL domain in the headline for select top placement ads on Google. As a result, your brand will be featured more importantly in your ad, and you can use the text in the headline to highlight other information. Potential customers, on the other hand, will be able to more simply identify the site to which they’ll be taken after they click on your ad.

Google Ads

Google Ads

When shown in the headline, the display URL will be spaced by a vertical bar and will consist only the domain, not the “www.” prefix or any subdirectories .Your display URL will also continue to appear as normal below the description line. Of course, if the headline previously contains your domain, it won’t be displayed again. Finally, it’s possible for the display URL domain to appear in addition to a description line that is promoted to the headline, as long as the resulting headline is sixty-eight characters or less.

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