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Frequently Asked Questions On Search Engine Genie's SEO Efforts


How long it will take to rank for a particular product?

Depends on what you really need from us.You want the whole site to rank or just a couple of phrases- it is left to you to decide. If you feel we are the right people for you then just give the responsibility to us - we will make the whole site visible to the search engines. Or if you just want us to work on only couple of products like blue widgets, red widgets, even that is fine with us.
Time depends on the idea you have to about the project. Dynamic sites need more time to get indexed, inturn more time for optimization. However, the initial process will start right away.

What about the rates?

We need a clear picture of what you really need .After the briefing, we have given you on this site, tell me which is suitable for you. We can decide the rates accordingly.
We do understand your need to know what are our exact services are and what we'll be doing exactly to your site.


What is the position you will get for us ?

We will definetely get top 10 ranking for you, provided we are given full freedom on the changes we make to the pages. Ok ,I think these descriptions will give the answers for you. I have listed what we will be changing to your site to make it rank high - here ( search engine optimization ) or


check below: -


What will we be doing?


We cannot say page by page since it is a full site review and we charge for it as a consulting charge. However, I'll list the common issues.

Individual Meta,Title,ALT tags will be added or modified to almost all the pages of the site,

For dynamic ASP sites we recommand using XQASP not that search engines cannot crawl dynamic sites( search engines crawl dynamic sites comfortably) but search engines like static type URLs, That is the purpose we recommand this product for search engine optimization. All those pages we create will be promptly connected to the homepage to make the spiders crawl the pages easily.

We will validate code of each and every page and check if they are search engine friendly. We will check them in text only browsers like lynx to check that it is viewed properly.We will Review the HTML and JavaScript code to cleanup broken tags, excessive JavaScript and any other stumbling blocks spiders may encounter as they crawl your website. Since most of the sites use javascript extensively and is designed by a WYSIWYG editors we have to make sure there is no break in java script codings.

Checking and validating the internal linking of your site is very important. This is where you may be loosing your PageRank and relevancy. Pagerank will not share a site due to improper internal linking .We will correct it for you to make it proper.


We will be working on SEO copywriting for your site to get the best contents on your pages to bring relevancy to the pages of the site.


Off-page optimization -this is the link popularity building for your site we will build links for you from quality sites and make your site rank suitably high.

We will make a Comparison review of how you stand in relation to the websites of your competitors and your market.

Optimize for graphics where appropriate. Your site needs some Alt tags and some optimization for the images which will be done.


We will send prompt reports on the ranking of the site,


Keyword research for various combo of keywords if needed,


Necessary Site Map pages will be added for your site. Site map is also often called 'spider food'. Search engines find it very easy to navigate and index all the site content using this file. So do your users.


We Include Robots.txt file to guide search engines on what to exclude from indexing. The search engine bots usually spend a limited time on your site. We don't want them to waste their time indexing unnecessary things.

All the above things are needed for your site on one page or the other so we will be doing this on most of the pages of your site. These are the common issues of a site when it comes to search engine optimization and if we fix this your ranking will be great. . In many sites today,the sites will be ranked right on top but tomorrow it will just disapear from the SERPs. This doesn't happen with Search Engine Genie.


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