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Google Product Search (Froogle Feeds)

Google Product Search, formerly known as Froogle, is a shopping comparison service provided by Google. You will get this service at free of cost and Google demands no fees for listing products or any percentage of commission on sales. Google Products Search has many unique benefits - Google usually display specific product search results above organic listings; product search listings take visitors directly into your specific product web pages; pressure of keywords density is considerably less than within product search results; total freedom to import all your products;

Google Product Search
Google Product Search results above Organic Listings

Google Product Search is compatible with wireless mark-up language which means they can be accessed from mobile phones or any other wireless devices. There are few limitations also - Google will not automatically import your products. Google will not able to recognize when you add or delete products or change your prices. There is a compelling necessity for you to update your product feed at least once in 30 days. Otherwise, Google will remove your product feed.

Earlier, all e-shop or ecommerce backed admin systems were able to export product feeds. However, this feed had to be manually uploaded to Google each time you edited, added or deleted the product details. If you do not resubmit the feed at least once a month, Google will automatically eliminate your feed and delete your products.

But now a new system has come in place. A direct data feed is established with your live products database. This automates the creation of a product feed, which contains all your product attributes such as pricing, size, image, color and other details.

This feed is automatically submitted to Google not once but several times per week. The revised method will ensure Google shopping search results only contain your most up-to-date pricing and product details. It automatically uploads all of your product details to Google many times a week. Google does not impose any restriction on the number of products that can be submitted or they don't collect any transaction commissions.

Within 24 hours of submitting your items to Google Base, your items are published and searchable on Google Product Search. Your items will continue to be active in search results for a period of 30 days. It is advisable to resubmit the data feed regularly to ensure that your items remain active.

The key to success with Google Product Search is well-structured, clearly defined product information. Shoppers can quickly and easily find your products when you submit them in Product Search, delivering you more traffic and helping you increase sales.

If you happen to be a Google Checkout merchant, then the Checkout badge will appear on your product search listings which will result in attracting even more visitors to your site. As already stated, inclusion in product search is totally free and there are no charges payable either for uploading your items or for the traffic you receive.

Shoppers using Google Product Searchcan rapidly find out where they can purchase items using Google Checkout. Checkout badges in Google Product Search results facilitate shoppers to find reliable stores to unhesitatingly purchase the items they are searching for. The two services - Google Product Search and Google Checkout together offer shoppers one of the most convenient as well as secure online shopping experiences. Google Checkout merchants can sell with complete ease and confidence. Google Checkout identifies and eliminates all fraudulent transactions.

Listing your product in Google Product Search(Froogle) is a free way to extend the reach of your marketing efforts to millions of new customers. Froogle offers their services free and is the only comparison sites out there that you can get into without the extra cost for inclusion. They rely on sponsored ads to pay for the service. You can see these on the right when you search for products.

Google Product Search's(Froogle's) emphasis is on helping users find products, rather than providing product information, reviews, and other associated information found on other shopping search services. Once Search engine Genie creates the feed as described by Google Product Search's documentation, the next step is to upload it to their specified FTP website using any FTP client. Once this is done, we contact them to let them know about the first submission. They will review the feed and let us know of any problems.

After the feed has been reviewed, your products will begin to show up in search results.

Search Engine Genie knows that The key information consumers seek is unfortunately, price. However, products that have unique value and attribute that are important to buyers, are resistant to price-based marketing. Since price is a key criteria in the Google Product Search page, you can use price ranges to your advantage.

If your business future depends on retail e-Commerce sales, Froogle will have an impact on whether your products achieve visibility and therefore are purchased. Search Engine Genie recommends you to get a jump on your competitors and gets to know this new "sales portal."

Search Engine Genie's experts have a good understanding of the Google algorithm and how to get a high Google Rank, as this would help you get your products well placed in Google Product Search. This ranking system of Google Product Search is still in Beta testing and will change in the due course as they try to maximize results. Google Product Search is fast and has a huge database from which to draw upon.

Search engine genie promises a lot of traffic to your site, which improve the persuasiveness by creatively and strategically using proper keywords.

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