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A Professional Advice for Quality SEO Link Building!

Link building in the right way is a key to success in the SEO world. Read on how you can improve your link building to achieve high rankings on Google!

As you know that the Internet is built on the links. This means that Link building has a significant role to play in achieving the rankings on the Google. If you are still living in the era where buying hundreds of spammed links was possible, consider yourself as outdated. Now, such practices have been strictly banned by the Google- making you push to go for the genuine methods of link building, so that you can create your online reputation in the most organic way.

Quality Seo Link Building

Nowadays, what works in the world of SEO, is the superior link building techniques. You will never notice the improvement in rankings if still using quantity over quality links. Search engine rankings have become far more difficult to achieve unless you build a good relationship with some authority websites which will help your brand to stay authoritative in the eyes of search engines. Therefore, all you need to achieve superior rankings is to go through and implement the specially crafted link building techniques which are proven to work. Get the insight below.

3 Unique Ways To Perform SEO Link Building Are:


1. Create infographics For Higher Brand Awareness!

Infographics enhance the approach for an outstanding SEO link building. If you use infographics in a creative way, your website will not only look nice but will also increase your brand awareness. Carefully created infographics are a secret key to the best marketing approach and a great link-bait method to grab many eyeballs. It has been seen that aesthetically appealing visual content has higher chances of going viral as well.

So, if you possess crucial information, don’t let the opportunity go by creating it to the text rather turn it to the fascinating information with attractive infographics. The next step is to get people to link to it. For making the most out of your link building plans, you may also consider using a few trusted infographic submission sites which will boost your campaign.

2. Amplify Your Internal Linking Strategy!

If you want to increase your website’s usability, consider implementing internal linking. This SEO approach helps the users in finding the most relevant content in your website. Adding relevant internal links also helps Google understand that you have tons of correlated content in your various posts/pages which promise you to be a credible authority. This top-notch link building technique works best when you have 6-7 interlinks to different posts on your web page.

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3. Make Your Reach To The Influential Bloggers!

Reaching out to the professional bloggers who are specialized in your niche helps building quality backlinks. Just try finding these influential bloggers on the social media and engage with them for the mutual benefits. This is a time-tested approach for gaining the potential users of that blog and is a worthy stuff. This way you would be getting more attention from the search engines and from the potential users online which will accomplish your successful link-building mission.


Reaching to the top of the search engine page is achievable if you strategically work to implement the above mentioned link building tactics. Though with the continuous change in the Google’s algorithms, it is becoming harder to be visible on the very first page but SEO link building requires persistence to be successful. Just make sure that you invest your precious time in building those high-quality links and the success will eventually be yours!

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Matt Cutt says – Google handles 404 and 410 error pages in different manner

In a recent video, Google’s head of search spam “Matt Cutt” answers a question about how Google handles 404 and 410 error status code.

Here is what he conveyed:

What is 404 and 410?

He initiated the answer by explaining what a 404 and 410 actually mean to Google. These are HTTP status codes sent by the websites, whenever a browser or a Google bot request for a page.

Google make use of these status codes to determine whether the page was not found or is permanently gone.

How Google treat when it encounters a 404 and 410 error status codes?

Matt Cutt says that Google handles 404 and 410 error pages in different manner.

During the crawling process if Google bot encounters a page and sees a 404 then they keep that page protected in their crawling system for 24 hours. This is done to avoid the removal of the page when the 404 error was unintentional.

With a 410 status code Google believes that the page has gone permanently and will never return back. In such cases Google treats a page with 410 as an error.

“Penguin impacts have different levels” Reveals Matt Cutts tweet

The Google’s penguin update released on April 2012, that penalizes sites for building unnatural backlinks has been putting webmasters in a great mourn.

The penguin updates has wiped off many sites from the face of Google and some are thrown at the verge of extinction. The reason is quite simple and has been revealed by Matt Cutts in a recent tweet to one of the webmaster.

Matt Cutt tweet revealed that there are different levels of penguin algorithm we can say it as low, mild and heavy.

Here is the Matt Cutt’s tweet to webmaster:

In his tweet he recommended the webmaster to carry on his backlink cleaning process as he still sees a mild case of Penguin there.

It means penguin algorithm of Google does not affect all sites equally; the impact depends on the extent of unnatural backlinks.

So the impact of penguin update on a site can be a lot or a little or somewhere amid. The tweet is very interesting and reveals that the impact of penguin algorithm varies with sites backlink quality. But it is hard to conclude that only cleaning up backlinks can get out your site from penguin algorithm.

Recovering strategies for unnatural link building penalty

It is quite painful when you see a notification of a manual action for unnatural links from Google in your Google Webmaster Tools account. It has become a common and a troublesome issue among the webmasters after Google’s unnatural link penalty changes. How to recover from this? The most important solution that everyone is eager to implement to recover their site. The answer is quite easy; by just following simple guidelines and working hard to take a prompt action can solve the issue to a great extent.

But before we move forward, identify the links that cause the trouble. Google does not provide an insight view on the unnatural links which penalized the site.

Here are a few examples which assist you to analyze the offensive links pointing your site:

  • Trading Links: This includes buying and selling “do-follow” links simply to boost rankings.
  • Extreme link building: Involved in excessive link building campaign just to enhance the site rankings.
  • Linking to spammers: Linking to low quality and unrelated sites in an effort to manipulate page rank. This includes links from low quality and spammy directories and bookmarks and forums that just created to provide room for submitting links.
  • Excessive footer links: Excessive footer links and links from blogroll and article directories.

Let’s move forward to remove this links:

Once you have an idea of the unnatural links you can start cleaning up them, in other words taking action to remove all those spammy and low quality links.

Get a list of all your links from your webmaster tool and make a separate spreadsheet of the unnatural links as you identify them. Removing unnatural links can be done in the following 3 ways:

  • Removing links that are under your control
  • Removing links by contacting other webmaster
  • Removing links with disavow tool

Removing links that are under your control

The best place to start is collecting and removing links that are under your control. This includes links of low quality and spammy article directories, bookmark sites, profile sites, forum and blog comments and excessive footer links that just created as brook for submitting links. If you have set up links from any of this and you have direct control over, you should remove or edit them. This step of link removal process works up faster than any other ways and you can see the results immediately.

Removing links by contacting other webmaster

This step works little bit slower than the preceding as it depends on your approach and the webmaster you reach for. If during your link building campaign, you have obtained links from unrelated or low quality sites or blogs you can remove them by contacting the webmaster to do so.

It’s a fluky process. Try to approach them in a way that makes the job easier for them to carry out. Don’t give up with the first try, remind them frequently until your job is done. When done right it has the second highest possible ways to get success in your unnatural link removal process to recover your site.

Removing links with disavow tool

Disavow tool – the biggest gift of Google to the SEO community and to the webmasters who were suffered by the unnatural link penalty. This tool can be very useful to add success to your unnatural link removal campaign where you cannot implement the above mentioned steps. By making use of this tool webmasters can explicitly submit links to Google that they consider unnatural backlinks to their site. Google treats all the links submitted using disavow tool as no-follow links. Though it works slowly and takes time to bring up the change, when used appropriately it can boost up your site recovery process.

So it needs a simple understanding and patient to be successful in recovering your site from the penalty of unnatural link building.

Matt Cutt’s Link building advice to stay ahead on Google

For the past two years, Google has been updating its algorithm and has reframed with many changes. Despite the updates, link building still plays an important role in your site’s rankings. The only new is the strategy that we use to build backlinks. Link building is one of the most powerful criteria that determine your website visibility on search result.

In the present epoch of Google updates, the right link building has a Herculean effect on the organic traffic yet to come. Negative link building strategies can wipe off your site’s visibility from Google.
Here are some of the Link building advices by Matt Cutt’s to stay on the good side of Google. Following these guidelines can help you to survive long within Google’s strict guidelines.

Using a 301 Redirect is Safe Says Matt Cutt

Sometimes you need to change the URL when you are moving to a new domain or simply while changing its appearance in search results. There are no issues if the page does not have any backlinks. In case if the page has huge backlinks and brings a significant amount of traffic, using 301 redirect is the best solution to curtail down the damage caused by modifying the URL.

A 301 redirect automatically directs users from the old URL to the new one thereby preserving the link juices you had from inbound links pointing to the old URL. So it is always safe to use a 301 redirect to gain the power of your old URL, says Matt Cutt.

Say No to Unnatural Link Building

Link building works great when done right. Building backlinks through unnatural way has the ability to harm your site to a wide extent that it takes years for you to recover. Google penguin update was made mainly to penalize sites that build backlinks just to boost their sites through unnatural ways.

The Penguin update of Google has vanished a number of sites from the face of Google for building inbound links in an unnatural way. Google has crushed a number of link networks that offers paid links to users. Matt Cutt recently let everyone know that Google is penalizing sites that build links violating Google algorithms.

Build links that give long term visibility in Google and not the one that vanishes away your site from the face of Google.

Use the Disavow Tool Appropriately, Yet it may not fix all issues

Sometimes during your link building campaign you might unknowingly get linked to low quality sites. In certain situations, to minimize the damage you can use Google’s disavow tool to unlink your site from those low quality sites. Matt cut says once you have identified the backlinks that points from a low quality site go ahead and use the disavow tool whenever you want. He has also mentioned that disavowing all the low quality sites won’t fix all your issues. You should try some alternate ways to remove all those links manually by approaching assistance from a webmaster. The more effort you put to remove the bad backlinks, the more it helps to recover from Google’s penalty.

Limited Guest Blogging

In recent years, ‘Guest Blogging’ being one of the natural ways of building backlinks, is acquiring more popularity among the website owners. This became the reason for many issues to emerge. It has become too popular that it has made Google to take a notice of everything that you do too much.
Matt Cutt says, to stay on the safer side of Google, ‘Guest Blogging’ should be moderated.
It means you should not rely completely on this to build backlinks for your site; instead your link building should be as diverse as possible.

The certain things listed below need more attention when it comes to ‘Guest Blogging’:

•    Verify that the guest post site is a high quality site.
•    Guarantee that your guest post content is cent percent original and worthy to the readers.
•    Be sure of using natural anchor text to get backlinks to your site.

When done moderately with attention ‘Guest Blogging’ will have no chances to harm your site.

Code To Text Ratio – Know the Reason behind your sites PR

CTR (Code to Text Ratio) – The Percentage is estimated to signify the actual text in a page. This apparatus helps to dig out the content from the paras and anchor text from html codes. Based on this information’s the process of text ratio is calculated.

Importance of CTR in SEO

  • Every page’s code to text ratio is used by search engine.
  • It allows Google Bots to calculate the relevancy of the webpage.
  • A good PR for web page is obtained depending of the wage of ratio.
  • Higher ratio is always expected to rank higher in Google eyes.
  • All engines never have the check on CTR, only few does.
  • It’s good to rank high comparatively than your competitors
  • It gives you a great kick start on your on-page optimization.

Variation on Ratio

0-10 % – Believe in adding additional content or smarten up your code.

11-24 % – Content is sensible, but try to improve.

25+ % – In general, it’s good, but try not to over do it.

Code to Text Ratio = Text Size/Web Page Size*100


Try this Code to Text Ratio tool to analyze your websites reason behind ranking. Use this widget to benefit yourself.

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Nature of Press Release in SEO

Press release is an act of writing about any thing which utilize your company and discharging it on various press release sites. Your site may rank in Google and Yahoo News and million of impressions may gather on your release. Only News worthy content or information must be freed at press release. It helps lot of your customers and non-customers as essential information. A significant and optimized release will automatically drive (or) mount traffic for your keywords at search engine. Numerous amounts of backlink may rise for your website.

It is more important to write for your audience. While people Google your keyword, its necessary to accomplish your website in SERP.. Here are some ways to construct a healthy press release.

Important Features in press Release:


The Title must always dictate your reader what is in inside your content. A poor title drifts down the visitors. Try to engage with important keywords. Always have only 100 or less characters in your headline (or) Title.

Nature of info:

Never miss your target audience at any stage. Use hyperlinks at your text. Make some important things bold. Also, provide link to other useful (or) related information, which may help readers. Anchor text is must and link to any of inner page is also must in content. 250 – 350 words are limit in online press release. Use keywords in your text, but never stuff it. Always use http:// in your links or it can not be clicked by visitors.

More Useful Terms:

  • Try to include images and video to the content and if possible, link the video to your website or YouTube channel.
  • Content must always have interesting information that makes visitors to travel around your website for long time.
  • Always keep in mind that you need a story to tell for it to be published. So the content should be remarkable and motivating. Think why should the reader study the news and then put in writing.
  • You should send out the press release to your existing traders, manufacturing specialists, commentators and bloggers. The more populace you gain the additional benefits you acquire. Always include a private email with each submission where necessary so that the content gets published on authority sites.

List of Best Press Release Sites













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Link Building Structure in Essential Manner

There are many reasons for optimizing link building in a website. It’s harder after panda updation to list out good quality links since, it played major role in drowning Spammy links. Link building is a part of on-page optimization so, we can’t avoid link building concept to our developing website. A worthy link can be determined from few things such as dofollow link, link from quality content site etc. We have listed from rungs to estimate a classy link structure.

Traffic Driving Links

PageRank boosting or elevating termed keywords to top page does not generate traffic completely. Traffic generating is a step by step work. Text links, banner ads, forum participation, blogs commenting, social marketing, famous directories etc are few list of generating traffic. Google AdPlanner and Compete are two excellent traffic mounting links. Links will allow exposing your website on result page with a good optimism of referral visits.

Google AdPlanner:

  •  Allows to know unique visitors, page views, average time on site
  •  Article on Audience interest, related sites visited, and keywords searched for
  •  Also demographics info’s such as gender, education level, income level, age
  •  Lets you know, which site accepts advertising and links to their page on website


  •  Allows to compare up to fives websites
  •  Good Ranking keywords, Referral sites, Most often searched keywords

Result Page Enriching Links

To enrich termed keywords to a good position on search engine result page, main key is obtaining dofollow links to your sites related pages with perfect anchor text.

KeywordLuv plugin is an essential way to get backlinks to your website. Always do guest posting with anchor text using related keyword phrase. Also use on your forum signatures, article promotion, directory submissions, organic links, author bio etc.

Links to Enhance PR

PR- Google PageRank is a very important factor to consider while we search a site. Google keeps on updating the PR every time after some duration. Pr matters a lot in mounting traffic. SEO Quake can be used to enhance more about page rank on your website.

Obtaining link on higher PR page is an essential step to obtain good ranking. Once you discover significant pages with high PR, you start constructing PageRank improving links to your website via blog comments, link requests etc.

Reputation Building Links

Reputation links can be assembled in a massive amount of ways.

  •  Interlinking one social profile with another
  •  Blog commenting using your name as anchor text
  •  Social profiles as the website URL
  •  Adding up your social profiles to relevant directories

Trace the panda updates and develop your website

Google Panda’s update on Feb 24 – 2011 dragged many feature sites to down stairs which were lacking with panda’s guidelines. This update made a mark on Google’s search engine algorithm. Matt Cutts stated, Panda update was intended to affect almost 12 percent of all explores and approximately 500 of explore progress were scheduled for release in coming years.

Here are few key places were panda update plays major role:

Quality Content

Only Quality content matters. A page or article in your site must contain at least 700 words and more. Google spider considers only worth content. More often sites with poor content rank high than quality content stuffed site.

Spammy Links

Google always avoids spam links and content. This panda update has made landmark on spam link from blogs and profile links which no longer pass much quality to your web site.

Social Networking Sites

Facebook and Twitter are two prominent Networking sites. Google understand, how people are connected with this social sites to develop their own website by considering what friends tell them and how seo is done.

Content Farms

Websites that proceed like content farms have been diminished by Panda. This is important factor since low class and out-of-date content into their web pages for the solitary reason of gaining traffic and raising their search engine rankings.

Losing Long Tail Keyword Ranking

Keywords sense a lot in your web site to gain traffic. Long tail keywords often never last long until the content is much qualified and up class. Panda never touch primary keywords. Only long tail keywords are under problem.

Sitemap and Exact Match Domains

Sitemap is simply known as map of your website. Always update your site map. If you use WordPress, there are plugins available that routinely produce and update your sitemap.Many poor websites achieve good ranking because of EMD. A domain of a website is one of the significant attribute of a website. Due to panda 30% drop in this case of websites.

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Hints about Limitations on Link Building in Google Panda Era

Traits that are judged to be more essential:

  • Link quality, link quantity, link speed resembles with high rank
  • Age of Domain
  • Your neighbor server must never be spam and trust on domain
  • Use content of 2400 words. Avoid poor contents with 300 words
  • Applicable Tags and Doc type must be used
  •  Onpage aspects
  • Miscellany on using html tags
  • Healthy upholding of site

Try to fix panda dilemmas and build your site in great way. Small web sites may have crucial problem with poor content and stuffed links. Avoid such things and be clear and worth. Try to explore wit ads but in recent amount.

If you web site is bowing down in ranking, Try to hold up all important factors and never panic until next update of Panda. Satisfy your customers with great content and continue worthy link building.

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