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Link building needs dedication and consistent effort. It is the hardest, time-consuming and imperative task an SEO performs to get a website ranked well. Certain tactics are well known to SEOs, while others are in the realm of the experts or forward-thinkers who confuse them out. Search Engine Genie attempted to list here many of the link building tactics used by the SEO community



Although it may seem an apparent and weary way to build links, directory use is still important and valid. Genie has collected an in-depth list of directories counting PR, pages that have been spidered, and submission necessities for directories. When submitting to directories, make sure to vary anchor text and try to use your keywords in the description and title fields as obviously as possible. A good SEO should be able to get between 75-150 distinctive backlinks just from directories.

2.Top Competition

This tactic can help you generate the most visitors to your site. Search Yahoo, Google, MSN and the other search engines for each of your important keyword phrases and make a point of attempting to get a link from each page. Oftentimes a direct phone call to site owners or a very tactful email can go a long way. Search Engine Genie even used handwritten letters to stab to coax site owners into giving me a link. Use whatever resources you have assist persuade - links from other sites you own, money free SEO services, contributions of articles or content, etc. This can be very lengthy and time consuming, but also extremely valuable. Even if your site doesn't get ranked much higher, every link from a site that ranks in the top 20 will bring unswerving, targeted traffic.

3. Link Searches

This old technique has been whetted to a science by many SEOs, but there is at all times room to perk up. The aim is to use Google/Yahoo to search for pages that let you add a link that already have your keyword or some intimately related content on them. Frequently these searches turn up smalltime site operators with reciprocal link directories administered by 3rd party software. Don't overlook these, and make certain you submit. But the real cost is pages that give free links or offer paid links to sites they feel are very important - many of the uppermost PR links can be get hold of through this method, particularly if you conduct the search at SEOChat's PR Search Tool.


The following searches are worthy of being tried, but feel free to experiment:

  • intitle:add+url "keyword phrase"

  • intitle:submit+site "keyword phrase"

  • intitle:submit+url "keyword phrase"

  • intitle:add+site "keyword phrase"

  • intitle:add+your+site "keyword phrase"

  • intitle: directory "keyword phrase"

  • intitle: list "keyword phrase"

  • intitle: sites "keyword phrase"

All of the searches mentioned above can be used without the intitle to provide even more results. As with other link building processes, these are dreary and time-consuming, but it is serious to stay focused on finding quality, pertinent links. When using this method, make certain you note to which other sites the page is linking and what text content is listed. If it suits well with your content, don't worry if the page is PR0.

4. Usurping Competitors' Links

Though this may sound indecorous, it is one of the most effective ways to build links, and is usually practiced. The aim is to find as many domains and pages as likely that link to your entrant' sites and get those sites to link to you as well. This is frequently easier than it sounds, because the site is already linking out to people in your industry. Money, services, links or easy and simple requests are all used to get the work done.

The most effectual ways to find your entrant’ links are listed below:

These are usually the most dependable way to find the sites and pages that link to your competitors and, incidentally, those sites which link to you. Bear in mind to be as chivalrous, direct and affable as possible. Don't forget how effectual non-electronic methods of communication can be - phone, letters, etc.

5. Article Writing & Submission

Writing distinctive, valuable content about your subject matter for your own site is the most vital piece of on-site SEO. But it can also be a incredible way to make quality links from other sites. Many existing websites are designed around hosting the content of others and giving links back to them. below are the some of the biggest 3rd-party article hosting sites

Sites on your specific topics can be found by means of the search engines. Particularly prevalent are sites providing content in website marketing & technology - there are hundreds of sites that deal in content on these issues.

6. Anchor text

A good link strategy is to put your keyword in the anchor text of your link than an easy “click here”. The downside of that is you have to make that appeal from the website possessor on where your link is. But the thing is having you keywords there will greatly affect your keyword relevancy therefore add one more positive feature for the algorithm of the search engine.

7. Renting Pages from power Sites

This method is not frequently mentioned, but can be tremendously valuable. The basis is to rent, for a monthly fee, a page hosted on a better or more authoritative site in your industry. You then add content & links on the page to your own site(s) with the anchor text you opt and in the format you select. These are roughly like 'advertorials' in magazines, where you offer content that the site links to (optimistically not more than 2 links from the homepage) and then link back to your own website.

The fundamental dissimilarity among this policy and simple and easy article hosting is that you approach a site or concern that doesn't usually host other people's content about having your information. Though rejection is often likely, the benefits can be phenomenal, as the page itself may rank well for your search terms very rapidly.

8.Purchasing Online Advertising

Link building through advertising is remarkably expensive, but it can bring in good profits if correctly managed. Make certain as you purchase links that you get the click-through rate from the vendor for the past 6 months. You ought to get a lot of other statistics to review as well - make certain to shun advertising in places where the seller doesn't have good information on click-through rates, visitors, etc. You'll also have to work around re-direct scripts, links sent through ad networks (like DoubleClick), etc. As long as you are up front and affable, you'll be able to have some accomplishment in this field as long as you have the funding.

9. Text Link Brokers

Though first thoughts about link brokers can give a bad intuition, this new industry can in fact have a positive value on your link building efforts. I suggest against buying site wide links if not your only aim is to build PR (i.e. directories or SEO related sites, etc.). Sitewide links have come to be linked with "manipulation" of the SERPs by search engines and should be mainly avoided. On the other hand, buying text links on particular, associated sites bounded by the content of your selection can be precious, if hard to find.

The key to a winning text link is that all the components of natural SEO are there:

  • Is the page closely related to your site's matter/topic?

  • Is the link placed in a strategic position - i.e. not in a clear advertising space or footer?

  • Is the site connected to the topic of your site and the topic of the page?

  • Is the site spidered often by the search engines and do the pages have noticeable PR?

If the link meets these norms, it could be very valuable. On the other hand, be careful to shun paying soaring prices for a finicky page or site, just because of its PR. It is more probable that multiple low PR (3, 4 & 5) pages are value more to you than a solitary PR7 or 8.


More than a few lists of text links sellers are available online:

  • Link Sellers - List of Text Link Ad Sellers

  • Text Link Brokers - Discussion and some links at SearchEngineWatch Forums

Be wary and always do some search research and asking at the main SEO forums prior to purchasing from text link brokers. The industry is, unhappily, widespread with scammers & firms that don't deliver as promised.

10.Distinctive Tools & Services

By providing exact, relevant free Internet tools/services at your site, you can produce naturally built links. My suggestion is to find a tool or service that isn't currently provided or that you consider you can perk up upon. For a few industries, this will be much harder than others, but ingenuity is your finest tool. Visualize what automated web service, list of resources or submission-type tool would best gain you and then build it and provide it on your site.

Some outstanding instances are listed below:

  • For a site about animals, a tool that visually diagrams the phylum/genus/species relationships

  • For a site about travel, a tool that creates a pre-planned schedule based on a selection of interests

  • For a site about real estate, a tool that estimates property value or gives a % option of selling for a based on time, region & cost.

The possibilities are never-ending, and there is little qualm that the web can mechanize and make simpler and easier hundreds of errands in any industry. The key, after you have built your tool, is to promote it with industry leaders - send it to bloggers who talk about your subject matter, ask people to use and calculate it on forums, etc. You can even try to uphold it by writing an article about your findings, growth or the simple existence of the tool and submitting it across the newswires.

11. Mechanized Link Building Programs

A lot of SEOs feel that automated link building is a surefire way to get banned/punished by the search engines. If you are trapped practicing this tactic, I would surely agree. On the other hand, for those willing to take risks, the rewards can be substantial. Well-built and well hidden link networks often bring privileged rankings in a short span of time. The key is to choose a provider who will give the following:

  • A immensely dispersed network that is not interlinked and doesn't share any C-Block IP addresses

  • Linking pages that enclose some related content that has been well-linked through a sitemap system

  • Pages that are as close to naturally-designed and built as feasible

  • A company that can speak at a skilled level about SEO and the strategies they use to evade discovery - call them and talk to them first; their facts and competency should be right away clear.

  • Someone you belief and have researched methodically – Search Engine Genie DO NOT suggest posting on forums about these concerns, as you could harm your chances for victory. Just ask for suggestions from trusted members of the SEO community.

  • Pages that link not only to your site(s) but to other pertinent, related sites as well - even if they are your composition. That way, if you get punished, at least your competition is affliction as well.

This is one of the riskiest tactics that can be followed in link building and I suggested it only with great caution. You are flouting the search engine's printed regulations by "intentionally manipulating the search results" and you should have a contingency plan in the occurrence of disaster.

12. Contributions & Charity

Many soaring PR websites are run by charity organizations, open-source technology cluster s and the like. Hand-outs of time, money or resources in exchange for links are routine places and very valuable. For this sort of link building, relevancy is still vital, but you might not be able to determine any link partners in this section if you focus exclusively on topic-sensitive sites and pages. It may be very valuable and useful to donate despite and see if the links from PR7 & 8 pages can help to boost your significance.

In order to find sites like these, People use the PR Search tool at SEOChat to search for terms/phrases like donate, donate, give, etc. Appending your widest search terms/phrases to these kinds of words can aid you find the sites most probably to pass you a good link. Bear in mind that even if non-profits, charities, etc. don't have a link program in place, they may be more than happy to give a special link for you if you request it when donating. If nothing else, these links and the time/money you expend getting them are an immense way to sleep well at night.

13. Natural Links

Fundamental link building tactics recommends that you make an incoming natural link. Unnaturally created links will lead to punishment and will drop a sites rank. Requested links are the finest link you can have, as search engine puts a soaring regard on link that people voluntary link to as of the websites content.

14. Be Intent

Stay factual to your objective. Only link to those web sites that have relevancy on what your website is providing, steer apparent from off-topic neighborhoods, spam sites and link farms at is will not offer you good return. Your focal point should be to link on websites that would provide you your preferred result.


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