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Thursday, August 27th, 2015 Software Project Management


Prepared by Shipra Pandya and Khusboo Trivedi

One of the most important tasks of software project management is the selection of prospective projects for development. Many organizations have developed a variety of sophisticated methods for screening and selection of projects in order to ensure that the firm does not have to face any pitfalls during the later stages of development. As part of the selection process, most of the firms adopt their own methods, based on their available data, technical criteria and organization’s policies.

All organizations select the projects they decide to pursue from among numerous options. Firms are literally bombarded with opportunities, but of course, no organization enjoys infinite resources to be able to pursue every opportunity that presents itself. Choices must be made, and to best ensure that they select the most viable projects, many managers develop priority systems—guidelines for balancing the opportunities and costs entailed by each alternative.

What criteria determine which projects should be supported? Obviously, this is no simple decision. The consequences of poor decisions can be enormously expensive. Recent research suggests that in the realm of information technology (IT), companies squander over $30 billion a year on projects that are created but never used by their intended clients.

All these call for an effective yet reliable process that highlights the various effective criteria to select a project that ensures development of successful products/software. Despite the availability of various existing models, there arises a need to address the “project selection” issue in a more detailed manner, which will cover all major and unseen criteria based on the size of the firms. The Project selection model proposed in this study will address this issue in a unique way, where; based on the size of the organization, the firm can check the required criteria that are necessary to select a project.

Index Terms: Software project management, Software project selection criteria, and project selection model.

Software project management is the process of effectively selecting projects and developing them which will be successful for the organization. Project selection plays a very important role in software project management, as it decides the success or failure of the project. Even though there are many other factors that play a vital role in the success or failure of the project, selection is the first phase that comes to the list.


Deciding whether or not to go ahead with a project is really a case of comparing a proposed project with a number of alternatives and deciding whether to proceed with it or not. When the project selection is made, a lot of criteria’s are taken into consideration before the organization decides to proceed. Selection of a project among a number of viable options will form the basis for every other activity that is undertaken following in the project. Many organizations have their own company policies that will decide whether or not to choose a project. Some organizations choose the strategic assessment method to choose a project, while other organizations follow the old traditional method of feasibility study that will check the advantages and disadvantages of undertaking a given project.


Feasibility study comes handy when small decisions are to be taken after choosing the project to be done. An example of feasibility study will be checking whether a particular feature incorporated in the software will be a good option or not. Feasibility study works well when small parts of the project are considered. There are many projects which are failing because of wrong selections made.


The traditional model for software project management known as the “step-wise- project planning model” emphasizes more on the development stages of the project. It assigns the phase “select project” to step 0, which indicates that the project selection stage is outside the main project planning process. But with the live examples that are seen in the real world, it is mandatory to give utmost importance to the project selection phase, where the organization decides whether or not to select a project. An independent process that will help organizations to select a project is the need of the day.

selecting the project small


Projects are not initiated in thin air; some process needs to be there to decide which one to start with. It is not that a project is to be completely rejected if it doesn’t match the prescribed criteria. The right category that the project needs might be varying from one organization to another. It is just that project selection should be done carefully so that the organization does not suffer problems in the development phases.


The aim of this research paper is to propose a process model that will enable easy and efficient selection of software projects. The research paper will also project a comparative view of the traditional project selection criteria and the criteria put forth by the project selection model. The project selection model will categorize the types of organizations and based on the type of organization, the model will determine a set of criteria that will enable effective selection of projects.


The criteria determined by the project selection model will be subject to the type of organization. It is clearly understood that economic assessment of the project is done by every organization that does the project selection. The basis of classifying the type of organization in the project selection model will be based on the economic status of the concern so that the project that they choose will fall under their economic criteria.


Project selection is making a commitment for the future. Project selection is the process of evaluating individual projects or groups of projects, and then choosing to implement one of them so that the objectives of the parent organization will be achieved. The proper choice of investment projects is crucial to the long-run survival of every firm. Daily we witness the results of both good and bad investment choices. The execution of a project will tie up the company resources, and as an opportunity cost the selection of one project may preclude your company from pursuing another project.


We live in a world of finite resources and therefore cannot carry out all the projects we may want or need. Therefore a process is required to select and rank projects on the basis of beneficial change to your company. There are many different techniques that can be used in project selection. Traditional methods that are in practice determine only whether to select the project or not. But as the technology is growing and the numbers of software projects are increasing, it is completely mandatory to select the project based on certain criteria. There are both numeric and non-numeric models are used in order to select projects. As the name implies, numeric models use numbers as inputs but the criteria being measured may be either objective or subjective. Non- numeric models are older and simpler and do not use numbers as inputs.
Some of the numeric models include:

  • Present & Future Value
  •  Benefit / Cost Ratio
  •  Payback period
  •  Internal Rate of Return
  • Annual Value
  • Variations of IRR

A large majority of all firms using project evaluation and selection models use profitability as the sole measure of acceptability and hence use the numeric models to decide whether or not to select a project or not. But the drawback with these numeric models is that it does not focus on technological and commercial risk. Another disadvantage with numeric models is that they focus on a single decision criterion. There is need for a process model that highlights multiple selection criteria.
Some of the non-numeric models include:

  • Unweighted 0–1 Factor Model
  • Unweighted Factor Scoring Model
  • Weighted Factor Scoring Model
  • Constrained Weighted Factor Scoring Model

Non-numeric models are widely used by firms that do not want to focus on the profitability alone or those firms that want to assess the project based on non-numeric inputs. These models have multiple selection criteria that vary widely in their complexity and information requirements.


Hence it is observed that even though there are many proposed models both numeric and non-numeric, there is a necessity of a simpler model that is easy to implement and which gives desired results based on the type of organization. It is observed that the projects chosen sometimes do not match the type of organization that chooses them. Thus the “project selection model” will determine criteria based on the type of organization, enabling lesser failure of projects that occur due to wrong selection.


From a study, it is observed that 38% of projects fail in IT and only 62% work as planned. When   the factors that are responsible for the failure of projects are considered, one among them is “wrong project selection”. If the wrong project selection criteria are taken care of, then there are chances that 38% can be brought down and the number of successful projects can be increased. The below mentioned chart determines the project success and failure percentage.

web development paper

Keeping the current scenario in mind, the project selection model categorizes the organization that take up software projects into 3 categories. The classification is based on the economic criteria or the yearly turnover of the company in monetary terms. The 3 categories of the project selection model are E1, E2, and E3. The firms with highest turnover fall under the category E1, firms with lesser than that fall under category E2 and the firms with the least turnover mentioned fall under the category E3.




It is observed that any IT company that takes up projects will have a turnover of 50k and more in Indian currency. Thus the least turn over category starts with the basic turnover and scales up to 6 Cr and more. It is clearly known that top IT companies have their turnover in millions and billions, those companies may also fall under the E1 category of the project selection model. The basic idea of categorizing the firms based on their economic value is to determine the criteria that will best suit the needs and type of the firm. These criteria will help determine the factors that are to be considered while making a project selection. These project selection criteria can be applied to the list of projects at hand and the project that best suits the company can be taken up.
The following criteria are to be considered when selecting a project. Criteria Measurement scale
1. Performance of the project High  medium  low
2. Technical literacy 5  4  3  2  1
3. Payback period Number of years
4. Cost of development High  medium low
5. Profit from the project High  medium  low
6. Time to market High  medium  low
7. Development risk High  medium  low
8. Project complexity High  medium  low
9. Project flexibility High  medium  low
10. Government safety standard Yes  no

These are the ten criteria that are suggested by the project selection model that will be applied to each of the category of classification made by the project selection model. It is observed that these are the basic criteria that are needed for any project selection. These criteria together when applied to a project helps determine the selection of the project. Projects that are selected based on the criteria value suggested in the project selection model are less prone to failure and more efficient. The contexts in which these criteria are evaluated are:

  • Performance of the project:

Performance of the project is calculated by comparing the proposed project with the other projects that are available for selection. The performance can be determined either by the cost or the purpose the project serves. The performance is rated in terms of high, medium or low. Projects with low performance are discarded from the list.

  • Technical Literacy:

Technical literacy determines the technical skills that are required for the project to be developed and implemented. The technical skills of an employee may be in terms of number of years of experience. Hence the rating scale is from 5 to 1, with the highest technical literacy being 5 and lowest being 1.

  • Payback period:

Payback period is the numeric model for evaluating the project. It is determined by the time taken to gain a financial return equal to the original investment. The time period is usually expressed in years and months. Hence the approximate payback period for E1, E2, and E3 is determined in number of years.

  • Cost of development:

The cost of development criteria indicates the reasonable cost estimate for developing the project. The costs of all the proposed projects are calculated and rated on a scale high medium and low. The projects that fall under the high category are considered last, as those projects might have a return on investment.

  • Estimated Profit from the project:

The profit that will be derived from the project is estimated by subtracting the expect income from expected expenditure that will be incurred. Profits of all the projects are calculated and rated on a scale of high medium and low. Projects falling under the category low are discarded.

  • Time to market:

Time to market criteria is for projects that are generic. If the time taken to promote the project is more than the development then such projects have no value. Thus the time taken to market can be calculated in months or years (take common parameter for all projects) and rated on high, medium and low scale.

  • Development risk:

The development risk of a project is the risk that the company faces during the development phases. It can be requirements risk, lack of resources, lack of personnel, change in requirements etc. all the risks pertaining to development are identified and ranked on the high, medium and low scale. Projects with high development risk are not considered.

  • Project complexity:

The complexity of the project can be determined by the complexity factors such as LOC (lines of code), FP (function points), and man hours required for the development of the project. These complexity factors are calculated on a high medium and low scale.

  • Project flexibility:

Project flexibility is a very important criterion when selecting projects. Flexibility refers to the capability of the project to adapt to changing environment. Portability and interoperability factors are checked to determine the project flexibility. The project flexibility is also ranked on a high, medium and low scale.

  • Government safety standard:

The government safety standard is the last criteria proposed by the project selection model. It checks to determine if the project developed is abiding to the legal rules and regulations and is in the government safety standard list. This criterion is rated on a yes/no scale.



The desired values for any category of organization are:

Performance of the project High
Technical literacy 5
Payback period 1year
Cost of development Low
Profit from the project High
Time to market low
Development risk Medium
Project complexity Low
Project flexibility High
Government safety standard yes

But as it is observed no project fulfills all the criteria in the desired rating scale, the project selection model applies these 10 criteria to the 3 categories classified by the project selection model. The desired values that the criteria should possess are specified in the project selection model below.

It is observed that the category E1 organizations can select projects that have technical literacy 3, 2 as the organization s capable of hiring training teams. But the E3 category cannot select projects with such medium technical literacy as the turnover will be low and the organizations cannot afford to spend on training and development; as the cost incurred might affect the profit of the concern.
Thus the project selection model aims to simplify the project selection mechanism in a way that the projects selected using this process does not end up in failure.


Case: A company has selected an alpha project based on a numeric model namely Payback Period. As the name suggests, the selection of a project among varied choices will be made based on the period of time required to recoup the funds expended in a given project. Projects with shorter payback periods will be preferred over longer payback period projects. The company has selected the alpha project after evaluating it with other alternative projects depending upon the criteria under Payback period.

The same alpha project is undertaken and selection model is applied to derive at a conclusion of whether a project selected by using other numeric and non-numeric models can be selected when the selection model is used for evaluation. The criteria in the selection model are applied to the alpha project to determine the following values:

Performance of the project Medium
Technical literacy 3
Payback period 3 year
Cost of development Medium
Profit from the project High
Time to market High
Development risk Medium
Project complexity Low
Project flexibility High
Government safety standard Yes

For a project to be selected, the below mentioned requirements are to be met:

  • The technical literacy rate should be greater than or equal to 3.
  •  Payback period should be as low as possible
  • Cost of development can vary depending upon the size and complexity of the project
  • Time taken to market the proposed project should be less than the overall development time. Hence, preferably it should be low.

requirements smallIt is observed that the alpha project is not feasible when the selection is made using the proposed selection model since it does not satisfy the requirements mentioned in each category. Although the cost of developing an alpha project is medium, it’s payback period according to the selection model will be 3 years. A company would be interested in such projects whose cost of development and payback period will be as low as possible. Other criterion that does not meet the stated values is time to market which is high signifying that it will require additional time to market the project above the time taken to develop the project. The value of performance of the project is also medium, which along with other non-satisfactory criteria, is the most important reason of not selecting the alpha project.

Henceforth, the alpha project which was selected when Payback Period numeric model was adopted cannot be selected when selection model is applied to it. The type of model used for selecting a project greatly depends upon the nature, objectives and size of the company. It is not always necessary that a project that is found appropriate when using a particular model will be favorable when a different model is used.


Project selection is a very vital stage that any company goes through. Selecting the right project is a very mandatory decision that any company takes. If any wrong project is selected, the development and future execution of the project is bound to suffer. According to various researchers and practitioners, project selection is a risk in itself, whose consequences are uncertain. There are many project selection models that exist, which enable project selection easier. But the project selection model proposed in this research paper is a combination of both numerical and non numerical project selection models that determines criteria based on the turnover categories of the company.

The turnover of any company determines which category the company belongs to, and determines which criteria can be adjusted according to the category of the company which will determine whether a prospective project will be selected or not. Thus it is recommended that the project selection model be used to select prospective projects in any company which will ensure no wrong projects are selected, and selected projects turn out to be successful.


  • Software project management, third edition, Bob Hughes and Mike Cotterll


Prepared by Shipra Pandya and Khushboo Trivedi

SEO – Do’s and Don’ts


  • Always work in user point of view. Focus the users, not search engines.
  • Navigation paths in your site must be clean. If a visitor explore your site, he should feel very comfortable.
  • Apply labels for all the pages very clearly. Give a brief about it so that your users will understand the page better.
  • Be sure about the information you are publishing in website. All the contents in your website must be helpful for users.
  • Submit sitemaps if you add new pages. This will let the search engines to know about the new pages and getting crawled.
  • Apply text in non-textual content areas such as images, videos etc….
  • Keep an eye on the impact of organic results for your website regularly. Always analyze before and after implementing any SEO factors.
  • Your code must be simple and clean. If it is vary tidy, it is a setback for your website.
  • Instead of targeting homepage for each and every keyword, Create unique page for important keywords and target those pages.
  • Get direct links from sites that have same theme as much as possible.
  • Make sure your site files and folders were following a hierarchical structure. This will increase the visibility of site to the user and as well the search engines. All files were interlinked and you can avoid orphanage files.
  • Search engines won’t crawl script. So make use of CSS more and JavaScript less.
  • Be tolerant until you get the result you expect. Good rankings may take more time. Even if you achieve better rankings quickly, it will vanish soon.
  • Always keep in your mind that each one connected with your business is possibly a link partner, including your customers, your affiliates and your advertising partners.
  • Always read blogs, participate in forums which makes you updated and stands you on top in SEO.



  • Do not duplicate your content. Each and every article in website must be unique. Through carelessness you may lead to create duplicate pages. It will always happen in dynamic websites.
  • Don’t use parameters in the url. If it is needed, don’t use too many parameters. Always rewrite urls structure using .htaccess.
  • Don’t have any 404 page in website. Always create custom 404 pages and redirect dead pages to new pages relevant to that old page.
  • Don’t use too much Flash. Search engines will not crawls flash codes. Also it consumes more load time.
  • Don’t have many outgoing links (links to other sites).This will drain the link power of your page.
  • Never involve in any black-hat SEO techniques that will lead your search engine rankings down.
  • Don’t contact vendors for SEO problems and ideas. Their main motto is to advertise a product, not to boost up your rankings in search engines.
  • Don’t fear if your rankings went back. Rankings will fluctuate sometimes, and if your rankings did not bounce back quickly, you need to analyze and implement a better strategy.
  • Don’t rely on untrustworthy expert advice while selecting keywords for your website. Use data.

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Can you kill your competitor?

Friday, September 16th, 2011 SEO Myth Breakers

Google has been claiming you cannot kill your competitor just by adding a few backlinks from a negative network or a list of strong links say 25 which would mean a sudden boost of backlinks for the site.
There was also one interesting webmaster video from Laurence, London who asked

Can I flag spammy links to my site that I didn’t create?
“Is there a process through which a site owner could flag spammy links being built to their site by third parties (by a competitor for example)? How do you protect against sites being penalised for bad links which they have not built?” Laurence, London

Well though Matt and the search team try really hard to identify GBL from BBL. May be the manual team may take over this department of monitoring links along with duplicate content generation.
Check out the testing results here:

Operation Kill Competitor – Successful

But note these test results were able to affect micro sites… i.e a comparatively newly built site which has not seen the old faces of Google algorithm. For the keyword it got shuttled to NF. But for a site that has aged with cloaking techniques, hidden links, bad network of links, link farms… and that which also have a clean set of good back links as backup was not affected.
? Good luck with some competitor *** kicking.

Can I Get Ranking report from google?

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 google, Search Engine Optimization


Google Sitelinks

What is google site links?

Sitelinks are created robotically, and are intended to offer search engine users with more valuable search results.

When it is orginated?

In the year 2005, Google go ahead by researching with an improved listing in their organic search results that can enhance a site’s visibility and reputation, and drive more traffic.

Sample snippet of google sitelinks


How to access sitelinks?

  • Log in with your webmaster tools account.
  • On the Webmaster Tools Home page, click the site you want.
  • Under Site configuration, click Sitelinks.
  • You will view the sitelinks listed by google.
  • One can block the links as per his/her wish. Google webmasters call this as “demote of links”.
  • We can’t add link of our own. Google sitelinks were automated ones.
  • How google site links benefit websites?

  • Increase a site’s visibility
  • Increase a site’s reputation
  • Provide more traffic
  • Help users navigate your site
  • Get a better understanding of what the site is about before they visit
  • Take a shortcut from Google to the topic that interests them
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    Saturday, September 12th, 2009 Security
    One of the offical websites of verizon. has been hacked by a malicious hacker. If Large corporations think they are immune i would say they are not. I got the following message. Their website was hacked and loaded with phishing information. Check the following message
    Due to a number of incorrect login attempts, your Citi online account has been locked for your security. This has been done to secure your account and to protect your private information in case the login attempts were not done by you.
    At Citibank, your security is our primary concern, so for your protection, we are notifying you about this suspicious activity.

    If you did not trigger this lockout, please visit Citibank at
    and follow the steps on the website in order to unlock your account.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

    Citibank Credit Cards are issued by Citibank (South Dakota), N.A”

    Can we believe Verizon atleast? Which websites are still safe?

    SEG Blogger.

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    Matt Cutts WordCamp Transcript Part-8

    Thursday, August 27th, 2009 Matt Cutts Video Transcript

    Feedburner is another nice tool it will tell you where people are coming from, how many visitors you are getting, traffic data etc.


    Ok I have 5 more minutes now let me tell you something which you probably should not do. ( screen shot here ) This is one email I got like in September 2008 be a Google millionaire wow, I have been with Google for 9 years I could filled up and bought their product and made cash if only I had known right. If something looks too good to be true it probably is.

    Anyone heard of this Google money tree thing consumer court got about 478 complaints about them and about 460 has not been still responded to. So they claim you can make 107,000$ just doing searches in Google and yahoo.


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    One other important thing you need to know is keep you wordpress blog updated. We just don’t have time to show an example of this. American Nazi party, is anyone here a pro-nazi any big fans of the Nazis in here. I did think I am bit not a nazi fan myself. SO you see nice things on the American nazi party website you see these 88888888888888888 looks cool huh. See our site is better we have lots of eights but when you scroll down to the bottom of the page you see cialis and other links. What, the Nazis when did they start selling cialis. So now whom do you blame the Nazis or the hackers who added the cialis links on their site. I don’t know it’s not sure Ha ha. Yeah it happens so it’s better that you have good security yourself and prevent such kind of vulnerabilities on your website.


    In particular there is this really cool site called save the internet they talk about net neutrality and all sort of stuff but recently when you go to blog/wp-content/uploads/authors/pletal.html you can buy Viagra from this Canadian pharmacy.


    And it got to be trust worthy because it claims to be the No.1 drug store in internet LOL. It’s very easy wordpress got methods to do automated updates. Latest versions have much, much better security and because of automated updates it can easily get new versions easily. You just need to take advantage of the latest updates. And if you are a super power user you should be saying I know that but no you don’t. Here is one power tip add a .htaccess to your wp-admin and add this simple code


    Well this says that only allow the above Ip addresses to access your admin area you can modify the IP addresses to your own IP addresses. So if they hackers try to exploit and try to hack into your blog they cannot do it because their IP is blocked on your server.

    I take this opportunity to thank automattic and wordpress for doing a wonderful Job. They have come a long way from what it was in 2007. Almost all my wishes are already happening with wordpress.


    All of them are already pretty done, automatic updates, protected wordpress content directory and rel=canonical. Well I am not going to talk about rel=canonical because there is nothing to talk. It just tells Google that this is the only page that needs to be taken into consideration and avoid other duplicates formed by similar but different URLs. Rel=canonical is coming with wp 2.8 and above inbuilt so you don’t have to worry too much about it. It just helps you with search engines so that your PageRank is not split between different URLs.

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    Matt Cutts WordCamp Transcript Part-7

    Thursday, August 27th, 2009 Matt Cutts Video Transcript

    Ok let me show you a few quick screen shots


    I did a post in my blog where I wrote about how to get free links, how to get free great links, which ofcourse everybody will like free links. The trick was we have something like will show you the posts on your site and who links to it.

    Example: the link in purple ie7-promo-page the one with parenthesis Jeremy is the one who was formerly with yahoo and now with craigslist linked to my blog and the link was broken. Jeremy has got a lot of PageRank and we definitely want that PageRank it’s good to drop him an email to fix the link. You can say hey Jeremy you want to take that parenthesis off and if he does you get a free link. The point is he is already linking to you just the link is broken and needs to be fixed, you can help yourself, so this is a completely free service which you can make use of to get free links. Here you can find out about all kinds of people who are linking to your sites or pages on your sites that don’t really exists. One more quick thing about we give you all sort of crawl stats.


    For example this is how much time Google takes to crawl your website, here you can see it shows a huge drop down its because I changed the site theme as it does better CSS here


    It You can see the amount of changes the amount of pages being downloaded it is pretty handy and will help you diagnose your issues. And Google also helps you set or which is also very handy.Here is a quick question anybody uses Google analytics? Ah great that’s lot of users I love you guys. Ok here is something you don’t know about Google analytics. You can click settings on top of the links and this will tell you which blog post gets the most visitors.


    This one hacking an iphone anyone want to guess when I wrote that? You know I wrote that in 2007 so how come still in 2009 it’s the No.6 most viewed page on my site? What does that tell me? May be I should go back and update that post because everything in that is probably wrong or may he I should write an other one. Ok here is an other one, one of my top 10 post ( gmail tips ) it’s a old tips page, oh people already know this now so ill throw it down No, people still love it so may be I should write 5 more gmail tips. So when you are sitting on a blank screen and thinking what should I do today?

    You can talk a walkthrough in Google analytics and see what are the pages people like on your site and make sure they are well built and ideal for them. And what about bounces yes, bounces tell you how often people land on your page and then leave. If people come from DIGG they come on your page and then leave so if you try to reduce the bounce on your site that means it will be more visitors and that will be more Business for you if that is what you are looking for. It will result in bringing more clicks to your ads, bring more site usage and bring more business all those stuff. One simple trick which I have on my template is show me the leading posts to my visitors right, someone has just finished reading your blog here is a great article they have one happy feeling about you, what do they do now they leave why because you didn’t give them anything else to do show them some related blog post. There is one blog post they like it, read it if they find something links more from the bottom they might click and read some more. So that is the simplest way to reduce the number of bounces and can lead to people staying longer on your site.

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    Matt Cutts WordCamp Transcript Part-6

    Thursday, August 27th, 2009 Matt Cutts Video Transcript

    Life Hacker – Anybody knows him?

    I don’t think you know him because you spend more time how to be more productive than the actual productive that you get. You like to read about productivity all the time ? big may these guys. Now that life hacker has time they have high quality tutorials and guides. Creative niche, man if you got one good idea that could take you so so, far. Love cats yeah rock on I made it that I love cats. Same way you should google all these stuff all the stuff in this slide ( slide here ) and look at them, these are some of the best ways to burn time in your life they write so funny. One says like they are having sex and their mother walks in and stuff and the other says they have one creative sense so that’s really, really fantastic. So people can draw but this guy can’t actually draw but he is really funny and he knows a lot of science and that kind of stuff and he can just create a niche. Open source can be a fantastic way to get links in my idea. Write a good project people will use it. Case of point wordpress, right? We know how many use word press these days. WordPress doesn’t need any PageRank has an amazing amount of PageRank. Like blogging so any of you guys are blogging this its cool. So some of you are blogging and you get a chance to get 3 or 4 good links while others are just sitting and watching. So did any of you guys imagine what you guys should do when you are in a recession? You should write about it. If you are too lazy you can just write whether you loved this camp or you just hate it. People will love lists so if you write a list of 11 reasons why wordcamp rules you can get links.

    Create controversy if you want to write and be creative writing negative stuffs then its fine people are ready to take your negative energy and link to you. And you know twitter, facebook there are lot of people who get to know each other on these social networks and it can make a lot of difference. So I had the pleasure of speaking to you in this Wordcamp 2009 and one of my funnier paper glance was could you do a podcast. Everyone can do a podcast probably those people are downstairs listening to the other session. But the bigger question was should you do a podcast or should you do a video I bet your picture is hotter than that if you are 6 and above you do a video and if you are 5 and below you do a podcast right. I already said this is a very attractive audience so you are going to publish it on your video.


    Now if you see this flip mobile phone, these flips are just couple 100 bucks ( dollars ) and you can make a video in 2 minutes and it can be any kind of creative as you want hot casting or podcasting I really recommend doing video these days because its not that much harder to make a video than it is in a podcast. And lot of people like watching videos this one is like around 15000 views in a day and we literally threw it up and this was just want tweet. I can post a video I didn’t even blog about this and yeah its really easy to do videos and you can drive a lot of attention to your site. And videos tend to rank pretty well in Google.

    I am going to say you this I am not selling anything here I am here telling about wordpress not about blogger and I am not saying Google is the best always use Google go for Google. But there are few tools you need to know about ill just show you few of them. 1st up is website optimizer you should have already heard of them if you are already into power blogging you should try different types of templates and see which one works for you and see which one on investment gives you better conversion. Then you know about custom search engine then you know site search. Here are something very few people know, you can use these 2 tags it will help adsense in your blog post you can place it where ever you like, in archives or where ever you like. So if you are using adsense I highly recommend you add these tags around your post because your ads will become more targeted , people will click on your ad more and you can make more money.


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    Matt Cutts WordCamp Transcript Part-5

    Thursday, August 27th, 2009 Matt Cutts Video Transcript

    Now this is my favorite slide in entire talk because I am going to tell you the real true deep sea type of blog and that is Katamari. Has anybody played katamari, so what is katamari its a Japanese game where you start with prints, the prints have what you call a katamari and its only 3 cm tall and he roles up things. It rolls up paper clicks it rolls up recordings eventually it can hold up a block it can hold up a big gum.


    And when you are done you have Katamari 100s of meters tall and you can roll up buildings, roads in 100s. And when you see these people roll up buildings they scream aiyaaaaa. Lot of people play katamari, I play katamari and I love it. Ok the Katamari Philosophy is this. Start small start in a niche where you can do well and that might be a very small niche it might be a small niche like how to put a default printer in Firefox or Linux. But then build up, build up, build up and you will make it big don’t over reach. In Katamari when you roll up a thing you can’t role up skyscraper in a thing you need to start from scratch and get there gradually. If somebody tells you that you will be the NO.1 Gadget blogger in 3 days and you can be in 3 days laugh at them and send them packing. It doesn’t work that way, but one thing in Katamari is you always roll and make it bigger. You always make it role and make bigger and bigger things. So if you want to be a real good gadget blogger start out with a small niche ok i am going to write about a particular type of phone.

    The Google android or the blackberry or the palm creak. And then you can work on en-beginning, En-beginning that niche write about more and more important things and bigger niches and over time people get to know you people tend to link to you people start thinking and reading about your blog, people start sending links your way. Then later people start sending things your way and life is good. The katamari philosophy works very well. What else we can do about gaining reputation. Oh yeah this is the only slide where i have cool dissolves and stuff. There are so many other ways you can get links you can provide useful service.


    There is a law professor named Eric Goldman. He is a blawger you guys ever heard of blawgers? The law blawgers yeah I like it, he wrote about how people have adwords trademark policy but not everybody cares about that but he got his niche, he knows better he is a law professor he knows things that regular people do not know. So you can provide useful things like a newsletter. Original research or reporting is huge there is a guy who writes about search his name is Danny Sullivan he is very respected because he has written about search for more than 10 years and one thing he does is like what is the spam level at Gmail, Yahoo and hotmail and for a month he tracks all the spam that he got which will be the most annoying thing to do in the world correct?

    Here is another 400 spams and here is another 800 spams this day, he tracked it at the end of 30 days he was able to say which service had less spam. It was gmail, YES; . But that was great original research anybody could have done it, anybody could have monitored the spam folder and would have done that. Now have people heard of louis grey? Yeah he is a great writer, one way he does is he looks at his referrals and referrals are like search engine logs, like web logs where people are coming from where they are visiting from. And he does notice some strange useragents like readburner and he is like what they heck is readburner and blogs about it and in 2 days people notices it and they say yeah we are trying a totally new service and you found us out. And he did that in like 3 times in a row. So just by looking at the bots, the bots that was visiting his site he was able to bring really cool stuff and from there he really just hustled his blog. I like blog and respect it a lot.

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