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The central concept around which next generation products revolve is a technology called .net. Rather it's a collection of tools and rich components: a programming and development environment; a runtime; a library of classes; a set of languages; a group of robust built-in security features; a highly effective way of programming for the internet; and a commitment to support XML-based, object oriented, easily deployed, scalable, and a reliable multi-platform computing. That’s quite an ambitious little solar system of new objects and technologies all in orbit around the central idea of .NET


We have experience in all major areas of Windows applications development and in-depth knowledge of Windows API and Windows internals. Allow us to put this experience to work-creating high quality custom solutions for your organization.Genie knows how to put the power of Windows to work for you.


At genie, we use best suited software to each project's needs where execution speed and robustness is crucial. Our programmers have extensive experience and a wide variety of skills that allow genie to build the best team for your project, ensuring a quality outcome.

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The .NET Framework is a development and execution environment that allows different programming languages & libraries to work together seamlessly to create Windows-based applications that are easier to build, manage, deploy, and integrate with other networked systems.


The .NET Framework consists of:

The Common Language Runtime (CLR)
A language-neutral development & execution environment that provides services to help "manage" application execution.

The Framework Class Libraries (FCL)

A consistent, object-oriented library of prepackaged functionality . The .NET Framework provides the basic infrastructure that Windows-based applications need to make Microsoft's .NET vision of connecting information, people, systems, and devices a reality:


Support for standard networking protocols & specifications

The .NET Framework uses standard Internet protocols and specifications like TCP/IP, SOAP, XML, & HTTP to allow a broad range of information, people, systems, and devices to be connected Support for different programming languages.

The .NET Framework supports a variety of different programming languages so developers can pick the language of their choice Support for programming libraries developed in different languages.


The .NET Framework provides a consistent programming model for using prepackaged units of functionality (libraries) which makes application development faster, easier & cheaper.
Support for different platforms


The .NET Framework is available for a variety of Windows platforms, which allows people, systems, and devices to be connected using different computing platforms. E.g. People using desktop platforms like Windows XP or device platforms like Windows CE can connect to server systems using Windows Server 2003.




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