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3 Secrets To Powerful Social Media Copywriting


When we talk about copywriting, one can hardly count all styles of copywriting. The reason is that they exist in a plenty and it’s indeed a tough task to count them all in a single go. Though these copywriting styles stand on the same fundamentals, but there is a slightly different process in every writing type, depending on the purpose it is meant to fulfill.

One such persuasive form of writing which is trending these days is social media copywriting. As the brands have been trying to get their potential users from these channels, they can hardly imagine their campaign’s success without this sort of writing. In here, you will come to know the powerful social media copywriting secrets that distinct it other forms of writing that you may not have figured out before.

  1. It’s All About Brevity:

Social media writing revolves around brevity, since the posts are usually very short and to-the-point. These posts are read by millions of people who come across looking for the information of their interest. Interestingly, the number of users who want to stay updated to certain information prefers to read a brief social media posts and the longer ones are usually ignored as they fail to grab the attention of the readers. So, it makes the copywriting a bit different from other writing types and only an expert copywriter in this niche can well serve your purpose.

  1. Concise & Catchy Posts Are The Way To Go:

Since the social media posts are written in concise, they need to use powerful words to grab more eyeballs on the social channels. Eye catchy titles with pixel-perfect images are the keys to stand out your posts in the online sphere. If blended with the creative videos, your posts could go viral – giving your brand a reach that you have always wished for! These are the elements of the success of your online social media posts that should be wisely used to get the online reach.

  1. User Need Is The Secret Recipe For Success:

No matter how eye-catchy titles and extravagant words you use in your posts or how briefly you have written them, the users won’t come back again to your future posts if they don’t find your posts useful. If you wish to win the trust of your readers, relevancy is the key. A social media copywriter has to understand the needs of the users and deliver the same through his posts. The success is the obvious by-product of it.


Lastly, though your sole aim is to turn your readers into your customers, but still, you will have to stay neutral while conveying your brand’s messages through social media posts. People tend to ignore direct advertisements and for this reason, it would be better to present the information in your social posts as a solution to their existing problems. It would help gain users’ confidence and lay a healthy foundation for a long term relationship. This is when you will unleash the full potential of your social media copywriting.

3 Reasons To Fall In Love With Professional Copywriting Services

Thursday, April 7th, 2016 Uncategorized

Have you got a business website which is craving for the engaging content? Are you thinking to create it on your own instead of outsourcing it to the copywriting companies? Stop for a while and give your idea a second thought. Ask yourself if you would really be able to create something compelling that can convince your customers. While writing is not new to most of the people but when it is about presenting the content in a professional way, then the copywriting services take the leap.

Copywriting with power

Search engine genie copywriting article

Are you still not convinced yet? Then, let’s just take a few real life examples. Whenever you get sick, you run for the doctor, right? Whenever your computer gets seriously crashed, you let the PC repair expert fix it. Similarly, you need an SEO copywriting agency to write the brainstorming content for your website as they know what will work for you the best. Below are a few more good reasons to make you believe in the professional copywriting companies:

  1. Better Brand Positioning:

There is no doubt that some people have a knack for writing. But, when it is about developing professional copies for marketing materials such as catalogues, brochures, websites, etc., then, things become really challenging for an ordinary person. The complications go beyond the good grammar and spelling. This tough task needs a professional attention to properly position your product or service, so that it stands out and motivates your target users to take actions. A professional SEO copywriting company excels in these overwhelming content-development tasks.

  1. Saves Your Valuable Time:

The writing consumes a lot of time that you may not have. It is indeed a pain for some people to devote their time for writing from their tight schedules. Your time is valuable; you should rather spend it on interacting with your clients rather than putting it to the writing in a closed space. This is where a trusted website copywriting company can help you in freeing your time and perform something at which they are really good – Writing for your website pages.

  1. Supports the Design And Business Purpose:

A beautifully designed website with strong copywriting can work as a magic pill to increase online visits and have the potential to retain your customers. The eye-catching graphics don’t mean a thing if they are lacking useful content. A powerful website copywriting invites your audiences to begin reading in which they are interested. Furthermore, the Compelling content doesn’t let them slip away from your website which influences their purchasing behaviour. But, only a skilled copywriting service can play that magic of words which supports your design and eventually, your business success.



In today’s cut throat competition, you can’t afford to take a chance by compromising and living with poorly written content. Let the copywriting services aid you in developing the content that can target your audience in a right manner and can optimise your success. Never lose to your competition just because you don’t have the well-explained description of your product or service. If you don’t hire a copywriting company, your rivals will, so it is not worth waiting and missing out profits. Contact a professional SEO copywriting agency today!

Your content desires fulfil only at Search Engine Genie! We are a premium digital marketing agency with highly skilled professional copywriters in our team. Let our qualified writers spell that magic of content with the words. Contact us today for your content requirements!

Quick Plagiarism checkers for copywriting content

Friday, February 27th, 2015 copywriting

Remaining unique on online is quite a challenging task as content and other branding elements gets duplicated on a larger scale. This in-turn affects the marketing campaign leaving the buyers a way far from your product. To prove the excellence of your brand it is vital to create distinguishing copywriting content that define only your protocols and features for your product. Eliminating plagiarism is thus inevitable to keep your site fresh and appealing which gives constructive impact for making your campaign successful. On the other hand you can make sure you don’t fall to SEO penalties. Make use of the following tools to check the plagiarism status of your site content.

Copyscape – The tool is widely used by many business organizations, search engine companies and copywriting agencies. The version of the tool can be downloaded for free which allows users to check both the duplicity of the site and the content. On entering the site URL the status of your site content can be checked, on the other hand it is also possible to check the status by copying and pasting the content.

Article checker – The tool checks the plagiarism of text. The checker goes much useful to article writers who post regularly on online. Copy a portion of the text and check its status on major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Grammarly – The tool performs both the detection of content duplicity as well as the correction of grammatical errors within your online content. The checker has in-build hundreds of protocols to perform this functionality.

Duplichecker – The type of checker allows users to check the plagiarism for the entire file. The file having a .doc or .txt extension has to be uploaded for tracking the status.

Siteliner– The type of checker allows users to check the plagiarism for the site content. On entering the site URL the status of your site content can be checked.

2015 Copywriting trends

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014 copywriting

The year 2014 saw some dramatic changes in SEO few of which include three major updates to the panda algorithm, modification in the pattern of local search and number of other progressive implementation. Yes, 2015 is also going to be a year of massive enhancements in SEO industry. The way of copywriting has also a major part to play in competing with the advance updates of Google algorithm. Let’s check out how the copywriting is expected to be appealing in the forth coming year.

2015 Copywriting Trends

A report states, in recent years consumers analyze a lot about product and service terms via branded content prior to their purchase. Rand Fishkin, SEO thought leader stated that the consumers demand have raised in seeking informative content from the websites which include:

  • High appealing, quality and informative content marketing
  • Based on user experience what they literally believe to be true
  • Quick responding time

The copywriting trend in 2015 seems to be far more different from the old strategies of keyword matching and feasible Meta descriptions. The comprehensive approach of developing content with high quality and user friendly web experience are really going to mean a lot. Get familiar with the domain strategy before heading on with your brand description. One can’t give a sigh of relief just by running a website on an internet. It is very important to remain unique on online as other competitors tend to express the similar messages. In this pace your copywriting strategy has to be very clear and strong.

  • Define your brand with appealing influences and unique identifiers.
  • Present it in your own way without changing the focus on the topic and concept
  • Do research on target keywords ensuring consumers to identify your brand
  • Create content that is worth and valuable for your buyers.

2015 will be really a cake walk for copywriters if they tend to maintain a comprehensive content strategy, well balanced web presence and a relative affinity for conducting an online research.

George Orwell’s five digital copywriting tips

Thursday, November 27th, 2014 copywriting

Copywriting is the art of effectively influencing the target customers making them realize that they reached the right place for extracting out what they need. No flashy or attractive words could grab attention of people but, it is all of presenting the complex concept in a simple way. Am sure many know about George Orwell, a famous English novelist, essayist, journalist and critic of 20th century. His significant novels still has a high impact especially his campaign for writing in plain English. In his famous essay Politics and the English language, he explained the principles of idea of plain English. Now, let’s see how it is associated with web writing.


Never use a metaphor, simile or other figure of speech

The bottom line of copywriting must be reaching out clearly. Usage of metaphor, simile may give embellishments to the content but, in most of the cases it stands odd as a complete extraction of the theme is made hidden. Keep your sentence precise and simple.

Never use a long word

There is a saying that a good writer can make understand the fact just in few words. Go for short and familiar words rather making into a long compound or complex sentences. Use the word “surprising” instead meaning it as “startling”.

Try to cut words in possible cases

Check every word count and try to remove ambiguity of words as much as possible. So, write and edit, write and edit. Create precise content and have its meaning direct.

Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word or a jargon

Avoid using phrases like ‘joie de vivre’, ‘cul de sac’ or other technical words which can make people feel difficult to understand. In case to present any technical content, analyze the complete stuff and try to make it clearer and simpler.


High-impact copywriting books

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014 copywriting

I believe strongly that there is no limit or age for the desire to learn something new which has a power to boost our knowledge. Professionals in respective fields keep learning in making themselves intellectually strong in their course. Here, pursuing a career as copywriter I tend to read various books that educate me to think beyond from an ordinary human being. I listed some best copywriting books that do help you in every stage of your profession.

  • Can I Change Your Mind? Lindsay Camp
  • The Copywriter’s HandbookRobert Bly
  • Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Customers with NeuromarketingRoger Dooley
  • Persuasive Online CopywritingBryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg
  • The Long TailChris Andersen
  • The War of ArtSteven Pressfield
  • The Elements of StyleWilliam Strunk, Jr. and E. B. White
  • Positioning, the Battle for Your MindAl Ries and Jack Trout

Role of Copywriter tools in getting payable customers

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 copywriting

Contents on web are posted more aggressively as facts could explore exponentially in reaching the target audience. Reports state the contents being posted on internet largely fall under 3 categories: profits by sale, creating awareness and sharing information. Surely each one will have certain motive and expectations on the content what they have posted probably giving a positive impact. If you want to forcefully reach your audience it is must to enhance the readability of the copywriting text. Are you looking for payable customers? Wondered how to check the readability of your content?


Here, I highlight some of the Copywriter tools that works effective in making your content more readable

Hemingway App  

The App has a set of inbuilt guidelines that can spot the common errors, highlights sentence that need split, short phrase usage, removing passive voice, common word usage, etc. You could also check for the readability score. Supposing if the score is 7, it should be readable by an average 13 year old.

Readability evaluation in Microsoft Word

It is the simple way to track your readability. Click the office button and select “Word options “. Highlight the proofing tab then click on the check box next to “show readability statistics” and click OK. Now you can access the readability of content whenever you perform a spelling and grammar check.

The tool works on the principle of Flesch Reading Ease test and the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level

Flesch Reading Ease test

Depending on the weighting factors of word length and sentence length readability score has been determined.

90-100 : can be easily understood by 11-year-old student

60-70   :   can be easily understood by 13 to 15-year-old students

0-30     :   can be understood by graduates

The Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level

The Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level is widely used in the field of education. Here instead of using scores, U.S. grade level is used.

US grade 13-16   :     can be understood by graduates

US grade 11-12   :     can be understood by 12- 13 year old

US grade 6-10    :     can be understood by 7- 11 year old

US grade 2-5       :     can be understood by 3- 6 year old

Matt Cutts evaluation on the importance of body copy

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 copywriting

Matt Cutts the head of Google’s Webspam team recently posted a video emphasizing the importance of body copy on search engines as well as its impact on the customers.  Click and watch the video in the below mentioned link you would definitely admire the way how it is captured running inline to his illustration.


Matt Cutts description video

Head section

People who work having search engine as their domain definitely know lot of stuff and especially on the elements that forms the head section. Yes, it is obviously the Title tag and Meta description. Title tag includes title of the page and Meta description is usually the short description of the content on the page.

Matt Cutts view on body copy

Matt Cutts states that most site pages have body contents irrelevant to their head section. He also claims that only title tag and Meta description are valued more in highlighting the information rather focusing on the body copy. He insists to use keywords and phrases that target the potential audience and reinforce those key messages throughout the body that could keep the niche audience engage on track with your market goal. The relevant body content is one of the major and important scenarios to concentrate on in order to reach the niche audience.

How to create appealing copy that influence clicks

Monday, September 15th, 2014 copywriting

Copywriting primarily educates, inspires and enables free flow of information, views being shared with huge community in bringing the true result explored. The major key aspect in creating content appealing is to win the hearts of people. Go agreeable with scenarios what is universally accepted as fact by larger community. Trying things unique is actually different from following the built-in or predefined instructions. Go with deals which are accepted as right by large communities.

appealing copy

What does appealing mean in copywriting?

As discussed above, winning more hearts is the basic line in delivering the content appealing; it’s a way better to go agreeable in making points of what your audience agrees with. This subconsciously brings positive impact on audience minds towards your opinion. Of course, it also symbolizes that you show interest in their problems and you have something of what they want. This is how your copywriting strategy wins many hearts.

Getting way to clicks

If your copy deals entirely about you and how great your company/ product/service is, you are actually losing customers as people seek for solutions only for their search and not for your offered services or recommendations. Understand the feelings and needs of your reader, and by addressing them one by one in showing empathy in your copywriting will really make your products/services get enormous clicks.

How branding strategies influence copy writing

Thursday, September 4th, 2014 copywriting

Brand- the DNA of company

Internet is stuffed with extensive information and so it acts as a major source for people in getting themselves knowledgeable in wide areas. There exist large communities of people named consumers who regularly and rapidly surf internet for their needs. Obviously, the content plays the major role in making people understand the basic line of process what the company or organization deals with. Branding is the core where most people concentrate. The copywriting tends as the main medium in defining the brand effectively than a logo. So, it is always important to deliver copywriting that goes in-line with branding.


Influence of brand story on content

Brand story serves as a distilled essence in giving out the blueprint of company/product process, procedures and terms. Copywriting either on online or offline must essentially underpin this branding story. It is extremely a powerful strategic tool helps in identifying and communicating a powerful and distinct identity to the customers. At a gradual level, it can increase the long term development of your business by boosting customer share at a greater extent.

Copywriting with brand story helps in building a long lasting and value worth relationships with consumers.

Guidelines of writing brand story

The brand story has to be built on considering certain schemas like Authenticity, Quality and Credibility. These basic substances help in delivering the greater value of brand to its owner and to its customers. Once you got a brand story incorporating the above mentioned scenarios now it’s time for you to start creating a content strategy.


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