Google Panda Algorithm Changes 2011-2012

Panda update

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20th Avatar of Panda – Panda #20

As expected Google threw another fireball this time with a different name called panda 20 and with a major impact. Yes this is the 20th avatar of Panda since its first release on February 24, 2011.As so they named it as panda 20 switching from panda 4.0. Whatsoever…Google launches and we land along with it. Google officially released this update nine days after his previous update 3.9.2 i.e. on September 27.

This avatar is likely to score the largest update algorithm of 2012. An ever powerful Google update that had an impact on 2.4% of English search queries and yet more. Google announced that they released out a new Panda algorithm update that isn’t just a mere data refresh like the previous updates but an algorithm update. The complete rollout of this update is still in process and expected to live over 3-4 days. Much noticeable variation seemed on the release of this update and a lot more expected after its complete rollout.

Google puts the webmaster in trouble to identify the reason for their traffic loss as Google rolled out a separate algorithm the EMD update. It’s a great headache for some site to identify whether their sites are affected by EMD or panda.

Whatever it might be, it seems Google won’t stop releasing his panda avatars. So abide by the panda rules, stay cool and always be ready to watch the panda next avatar.

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Google Panda 3.9 update – Will it kill your keyword ranking?

Google panda lastly updated on June 25th. Here comes the next panda update 3.9. Will it kill your sites keywords ranking? This question makes all webmaster and search marketer a scary day. There are hundreds of algorithms, in which Google update panda continuously in 2012. Panda 3.9 to be rolled on July 25th on  July. This news was tweeted by Google last night.

Google panda 3.9 will certainly affect 1% of the ranking on SERP (search engine result page). Wish want to come out here with Matt Cutts words

 “The goal of many of our ranking changes is to help searchers find sites that provide a great user experience and fulfill their information needs. We also want the “good guys” making great sites for users, not just algorithms, to see their effort rewarded. To that end we’ve launched Panda Changes that successfully returned higher-quality sites in search results.”

Google panda always supports quality websites. NO Spammy sites can make run out from panda hands. It’s better for all webmasters to follow the quality work to implement their site for better ranking.

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Google Panda and Penguin rolled to scrub spammers

PANDA – Always Belief Quality

Panda is totally designed to target the spam content sites. Websites which shows up with low quality content frame that get affected by panda. It is dissimilar from the latest penguin update.

Panda Recovery Suggestions

  • Every Webpage must exist with diverse tags such as Meta title and description
  • Never allow to low quality (or) duplicate content to endure in your website
  • Always keep your Bounce rate and ad to content ratio under control
  • Web Site load time is much important
  • Try to increase your Stick rate
  • Always have quality and good content frame – Have sufficient look at your content’s grammar, spellings, source etc

PENGUIN – Spammer be aware

This Penguin update totally targets the spammers. All spammers are getting affected and pushed out of Google’s search engine result page.

Penguin snoops carefully on the Following:

  • Over optimization is an main objective of penguin to destroy the spammers
  • Over use of Anchor text un-matching the domain
  • Blog Spamming and marketing article to numerous sites
  • In-bound and out-bound link exchange in an aggressive manner

Penguin retrieval ideas:

If you’re affected by this latest penguin update, I feel sorry for you. Try to optimize in a good quality manner. It’s unpredictable to be in same grade at Google’s eye. Seo is on the way to its quality development. We all must give hand for its rise with quality website.

Here are general Do’s and Don’ts in this latest SEO weather:


  1. Use attractive content with low quality
  2. Stuff keywords in web site
  3. Over Link using same anchor text
  4. Delete Your Links (unless they are on a de-indexed blog network)
  5. Avoid stuffing footer with content and link
  6. Use landing pages


  1. Always go for quality content
  2. Try to create content structure with 600+ Words count
  3. Use a large range of anchor text in backlinking to the same page
  4. Optimize pages for more than one keyword phrase
  5. Use good links in link building activities (no anchor text)
  6. Use elderly domains
  7. Remove low quality content from your site
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Trace the panda updates and develop your website

Google Panda’s update on Feb 24 – 2011 dragged many feature sites to down stairs which were lacking with panda’s guidelines. This update made a mark on Google’s search engine algorithm. Matt Cutts stated, Panda update was intended to affect almost 12 percent of all explores and approximately 500 of explore progress were scheduled for release in coming years.

Here are few key places were panda update plays major role:

Quality Content

Only Quality content matters. A page or article in your site must contain at least 700 words and more. Google spider considers only worth content. More often sites with poor content rank high than quality content stuffed site.

Spammy Links

Google always avoids spam links and content. This panda update has made landmark on spam link from blogs and profile links which no longer pass much quality to your web site.

Social Networking Sites

Facebook and Twitter are two prominent Networking sites. Google understand, how people are connected with this social sites to develop their own website by considering what friends tell them and how seo is done.

Content Farms

Websites that proceed like content farms have been diminished by Panda. This is important factor since low class and out-of-date content into their web pages for the solitary reason of gaining traffic and raising their search engine rankings.

Losing Long Tail Keyword Ranking

Keywords sense a lot in your web site to gain traffic. Long tail keywords often never last long until the content is much qualified and up class. Panda never touch primary keywords. Only long tail keywords are under problem.

Sitemap and Exact Match Domains

Sitemap is simply known as map of your website. Always update your site map. If you use WordPress, there are plugins available that routinely produce and update your sitemap.Many poor websites achieve good ranking because of EMD. A domain of a website is one of the significant attribute of a website. Due to panda 30% drop in this case of websites.

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Hints about Limitations on Link Building in Google Panda Era

Traits that are judged to be more essential:

  • Link quality, link quantity, link speed resembles with high rank
  • Age of Domain
  • Your neighbor server must never be spam and trust on domain
  • Use content of 2400 words. Avoid poor contents with 300 words
  • Applicable Tags and Doc type must be used
  •  Onpage aspects
  • Miscellany on using html tags
  • Healthy upholding of site

Try to fix panda dilemmas and build your site in great way. Small web sites may have crucial problem with poor content and stuffed links. Avoid such things and be clear and worth. Try to explore wit ads but in recent amount.

If you web site is bowing down in ranking, Try to hold up all important factors and never panic until next update of Panda. Satisfy your customers with great content and continue worthy link building.

Save your New Site – Aware of Google Sandbox Effect!!

A New Website always faces the limitations of Sandbox effect. Your significant keywords lacks for good ranking in Google for months. It affects a good site even it occurs with lot many good inbound links, quality content. Sandbox is appreciable for spam sites which come up quickly with irrelevant information.  Also spam sites would use various strategies to mount to the top of the exploration results, and achieve heavy sales prior to being prohibited to go against Google Terms of Service.

Several SEO experts express sandbox a fake effect. Unless Google has highlighted recently that Sandbox filter is real. It filters newly developed websites who are pushing themselves to rank good enough with highly competitive keywords. You can be away from this effect unless you work with keywords of less – competition. Most over three months a new site will stay inside sandbox. Only one to six months is the maximum duration. If your site has a better PR and inbound links, and it shows up in search results for some secondary search keyword, but the site is nowhere to be initiated for the most essential explores, then it is very expected the site has been positioned in the Google Sandbox.

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Easy link building Steps to increase your google page rank

Link Building sometimes can be tedious and boring at times. However, recent time it seems to be one of the most profitable activities of your business. Backlinks will increase your site popularity which will gradually increase your Google Page Rank. The majority of your Page Rank is determined only by the good backlinks.

A good content:
It is said that “Content is king”. The content plays a vital role in link building.
The content should be informative as well as interesting it should be more precise with proper and minimal usage of keywords.The information should be conveyed in a very simple method and mainly within few pages. Proper navigation within a page is also an important factor which should be considered. And therefore it should be a killer content.

Creating blogs
Do not just create a blog and dump it with useless posts. Blogs should be created out of passion. It is necessary to keep your blogs updated with all interesting and entertaining stuffs. Occasionally, you should link it back to your main website. This is also one of those link building strategy.This also helps your page to remain active.

Social bookmarking is necessary
Social bookmarking is not exactly creating backlinks however; it helps you to fetch significant links from social bookmarking sites of high page rank.

Getting permanent backlinks
The only thing that puts you off is that when your page is not ranking well. It’s common for all sites to drop off and lose your backlinks. If you buy links from any link services that require a monthly or annual subscription you run the risk of losing your links when you cancel. This will drop all your links and cause your search engine ranking to drop as well

Getting links from high Page Rank sites
Getting a link from a high page rank site will yield you more value than a link from a low page rank site. The home page URL carries more value and that’s why links from high PR sites are so sought after.

Use of proper anchor text
Use of proper anchor text is very important in building quality back links. Using your keywords as anchor text in your back links is a great way to add traffic to your keywords.

Avoid giving nofollow links
Most of the sites now have the “nofollow” tag which was actually introduced to deter spammers from posting random links everywhere. The nofollow tag means that a link will not be considered as a backlink, and thus do get links from nofollow sites they will be worthless from an SEO point of view.

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Web site Requirements

Web site requirements describe the features, functions, and content of the site. They are a list of what the site must have and what it must allow users to do.

Requirements might be general features and functions, such as:

  • Search
  • Contact us

Requirements might be specific features and functions for your site. Perhaps your Web site must allow users to:

  • Apply for grants online
  • Sign up for email alerts of contract opportunities
  • Purchase products
  • Get data from a database

Requirements might be specific content or content areas that your site must cover, such as:

  • Reports of research
  • Articles on health for the general public
  • Lists of funding opportunities
  • Links to other related sites
  • Reports of meetings
  • Press releases

For more info:

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Automated On-line Survey Methods

Evaluation of Web content effectiveness is difficult this is a given. And conducting surveys and interviews is time consuming and often costly. However there are other means to perform Level 2 evaluations (Evaluation Learning). In this module the focus is on the use of a type of statistic called Web metrics and novel ways to analyze them.

After completing this, you will be able to:

  • Describe the difference between basic and advanced Web metrics.
  • Explain why Web metrics are limited in what they can reveal.
  • Discuss how Web log data can be re-conceptualized as a survey sample of Web visitors and why this is useful.
  • Define the Maslow Hierarchy of Human Needs.
  • Relate the Maslow Hierarchy to Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation.
  • Explain how Maslow’s Hierarchy can be used to examine a user’s experience with your Web site.
  • List the five “Traffic” indicators suggested by Darren Peacock and explain their significance.

For more news:

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