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Google Favicon

A favicon is a tiny icon that is usually accustomed to imitate the uniqueness of a web site. You can come across it in the address bar, in your browser’s tabs, in the bookmarks list or in some feed readers like Bloglines, dig, furl etc.

Google’s favicon is introduced in 2008. It is an edition of the lowercase “g” from its authorized logo. Google has a new favicon now. The new favicon is a fraction of a bigger set of icons developed for improved scalability on mobile devices.

Google’s favicon is hosted at google.com/favicon.ico.It is a 16×16 pixels image which is a usual size for favicons. . In this, the new icon is the depiction of a multi-colored lowercase “g”, highlighted with the colors of Google namely red, green, blue and yellow.Google swap the upper-case “G” in blue border, green and red borders with a lower-case purple “g” in a rounded corner rectangle.

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