How Google ranks content with no links – Explains Matt Cutts

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 Matt Cutts news

Matt Cutts latest video portrays how Google determines the quality of the page even if that particular page does not have many links pointing to it.

Cutts says,

But typically if you go back to a user is typing possibly some really rare phrase, if there’s no other pages on the web that have that particular phrase, even if there’s not that many links, then that page can be returned because we think it might be relevant or might be topical to what the user is looking for,

Google ranks the content if the unique search phrase is not found in many other pages

Matt Cutts also says that Google uses different ways to determine the quality of the content, even without links. The search engine makes use of other factors like:

  • Quality of previous content on the domain
  • Keywords in the content
  • User’s search phrase especially if not found on other pages

At the same time overusing of keywords, usually referred as keyword stuffing, creates a negative impact on the page. Google has always been good at differentiating the normal keyword usage and keyword stuffing.

Of course getting high quality links to competitive search phrases will state its authority to Google.

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