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Internet plays a major role in this fast paced technology growth. Whether you have a website to market your products or to promote your business, there are not many potential customers if there is no reach. Search engines drive 85% of all first time traffic to a site. A search engine has organic and sponsored results. The organic results attract 80-90% of all search engines. Only 10 –20% will be sponsored. Therefore, you have to attract them as best as possible and this is likely to happen only when you top the list. This is where SEO comes into action. Search engine optimization is a perfect blend of art and science. It is a process to create added visibility and ranking of a website in the search engines. This in-turn increases the frequency of appearance of the website among the search results. Website building, purchasing keyword specific domains, creating search engine compatible websites and writing good original keyword specific content, are all integral parts of obtaining top rankings on the Internet. By employing these methods the prominence of the website or webpage can be increased in the search results.

Search Engine Genie makes it easy for your website to appear at the top rankings of the major search engines like google, yahoo, msn etc. When queried about a particular subject or product, the search engines will reveal all the websites it has in its database. If your web site happens to fall into the requested search category, your website will also be listed and this is called your website ranking. Any changes made on your site to make it more understandable by a search engine are considered "optimizing your site for search engines”.

Doing a work economically is a great way of making a lot of people happy. All clients will be happy to work with people who do projects cost effectively than those cheating companies which charges 1000s of dollars. Many companies are scammers and they simply charge 1000s of dollars to spam the search engines. They never stick to the ethics. They spam the site and take all your money. We do not employ such tricks. We never spam the search engines. Our focus is on creating sites that get results using proven methods.

Over the years we have specialized in Search Engine Optimization, keeping ourselves up to date on the changes in the industry. Our technique is painstaking diligence, taking advantage of every possible method for positioning, rather than relying on any spam tricks. Our whole back ground comes from web design and software development so we can handle any type of website with ease. We can handle any sort of sites which are programmed in PHP, ASP, all html extensions etc.

Search Engine Genie has been serving many Fortune 4000 companies. We have our proven results in the field of search engine optimization and it is evident from our top rankings. We have been offering our best services across countries like US, UK, EU, Australia, Middle East and now in India. Our efforts have always reaped success for all our clients

Search Engine Genie does 3 types of optimization: Full Optimization, On-page Optimization and Off-page optimization.

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