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Since 2001, Search Engine Genie has been developing and implementing Web Promotion and Search Engine Optimization campaigns. Realising the importance of balancing the services that we provide, we also started concentrating on the following services :

1. Webdesign and Development
2. Link Building
3. Ecommerce Implementation
4. Pay Per Click Services
5. Graphic design
6. Shopping Feeds
7. Shopping Cart Customization
8. Product Development
9. Online Forms and Database Integration
10 Programming Services
11.SEO Consulting

We are always diligent to the changes in the industry and adapt ourselves accordingly.We have staff who are specialised in the various services provided by Search Engine Genie.We provide cost effective services to our clients. We also make it a point to see that we complete the work within the assigned time.

Our clients include Fortune 5000 companies and other multinational companies as well as world class banks.The testimonials that these clients have given us speak louder than any of our claims. For us, client satisfaction comes above all else.

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