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Search Engine Optimization companies flood the SEO market and the essentiality is that you pick the best one. A company's success and quality solely depends on the expertise and skills of the workers. Let us introduce to you, the magicians behind this Search Engine Genie. The sweat and the toil of these professionals is what make your magic happen in actuality.

Proceed on with the following links and you will know the justice in our pride. We believe in extending our individual commitment towards our team effort. This forms the excellent foundation of our team spirit. Our Team Comprises of More than 75 Genie's who make Search Engine Genie Victorious.....

J. Vijay Chakravarthy Managing Director And Chairman
"Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is a waste. Action with Vision alone will make a positive difference." Joel Barker's words best suit our Company which is a positive difference in many lives here. The man behind this vision, action and the positive difference can none but be our Chief Executive Officer And Chairman of Search Engine Genie.
Lara (a) Elavarasi Chief Technical Officer And Project Development
A Chinese proverb goes on like this. "Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere". For Elavarasi, our Chief Technical officer, the treasure follows her in every other walk of her life and the treasure adds up every day.
B. Saravanan. Chief Operations Officer
Think calm, live calm and be calm- is his mantra. Saravanan, being a project manager of our company is casual and simple ever. He has been involved in search engine optimization for the past three years.

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