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The two main criteria required for successful internet marketing is search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Search engine genie offers both of these services with excellent levels of satisfaction to its customers; this has been possible because of our confidence and the zeal to be 100% perfect.

Search engine genie guarantees higher placement of your website in the different search results through the search engine optimization process. The search engines are not restricted to not only Google, Yahoo, MSN, but many others. In the SEO process we make sure that your site is positioned in the top ten search results.

We have developed internet strategies which are completely based on sound business principles to suit your needs in the internet marketing online. In this competitive world building a website with excellent contents is not enough but you need to make sure that your website has good placement so that it can generate prospective website traffic. With SEM we ensure that our clients get the maximum click per ratio and increase the revenues tremendously. We will completely assist you in selecting the keyword that would yield the maximum return on investment. We commit that there will not be any unethical practices used that would result in the ban of your site in the process of SEO and SEM.

Need and importance of SEO and SEM

These days search through internet and online sales have shown tremendous growth.

Most visitors prefer to do business with the companies that are placed high.

Researches have shown that the searchers do not continue their search after the third page.

It has been proved that the return on internet marketing is higher than any other marketing effort.

In this competitive world the longer your site isn't placed on the sites the harder it is going to be for pursuing the marketing effort.

The financial benefits are so high that many companies are competing for a higher position in the search engines.

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