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There are a multitude of companies out there, promising you the miracles for your websites search engine rankings. Sadly, many of them are not delivering what they promise. Even worse, some of the techniques employed can bring your pages rank DOWN or even cause your page to be excluded from the listings if the actions taken by this company (in your name) violate the policies of the search engine.

Two areas of potential problems in an SEO/Client relationship are the actual ownership of the work that has been done, and the definition of the services that will be provided.

In ownership of content issues, imagine that you pay a company to optimize your website, and page by page they change the code, add keywords, perhaps even realign the navigational structure of the pages. When you are penalized, what then? Well, not much but firing them, reporting them to the search engine and asking forgiveness and reinstatement, and starting over. When it comes time to fire them however, many problems can arise. A little foresight in the stage of hiring an SEO company, can make a lot of difference if it ever comes to this.

So it is very important you have to see what the company services are whether they adhere to the guide lines of the search engines,

Search engine genie is a legitimate company and we do only legitimate optimization. No spam techniques that will cheat the search engines.

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