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You cannot be recognized as a full fledged computer professional – whatever may be your qualifications and other accomplishments – if you have not heard or read about Matthew Mullenweg. Matthew was ranked as one of PC World’s top fifty persons on 5th March 2007 and Business Week’s 25 most influential persons on the Web (2008-09) and 30 Under 30: America’s Coolest Entrepreneurs on 22nd September 2008 – not to speak of several other such honors.

Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg


Matthew Mullenweg was born and brought up in Houston, Texas. Beyond this information, we know precious little about Matt’s early days. Matt used to do consulting even while attending school in Houston. He shifted to San Francisco to work for CNET Networks.

Towards the end of 2005, Matt relinquished employment to found ‘Automattic’ which turned out to be in later years, as the father of, Akismet, Gravatar, bbPress, IntenseDebate and BuddyPress. Matt has been threatening there are more to come. Not content with all these, Matt is currently an advisor to Sphere, WeGame, Rescuetime, and Foodzie.

Matthew Mullenweg Cartoon

Matthew Mullenweg Cartoon


Matt Media Coverage

Matt in Media Coverage

Matt has been receiving wide media coverage in the form of news items, interviews, radio talks etc. People interested in knowing more may visit  wherein 105 such listings are found.

Matt claims he writes code, prose, and music and he is also a prolific photographer. Matt has ample proof to show the world that he is an adept in all these and more. Difficult to believe, but Matt had within the first few months of 2009, traveled extensively to many countries and cities across the globe including South Africa, British Virgin Islands, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Kyoto, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Saigon, Vietnam and Hanoi. To let readers know that photography was a passion with Matt – suffice it to mention that during his globe trotting to these places, Matt had created nearly 20 albums comprising of a whopping more than 2000 photographs.

If you do not know – then know it nowMatt is the founder and developer of the WordPress, the immensely popular blogging software that runs millions of sites across the globe. As the website aptly defines WordPress as – “WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform” Matt claims, and in no exaggerated way, that WordPress is an integral part of him.

Matt is a much sought-after speaker who ardently shares his wisdom and learning in conferences and other public events. In a single calendar year 2008 alone, Matt had spoken in over 35 cities across six continents. Matt has accepted many speaking assignments at various international forums and has delivered erudite lectures and keynote addresses on several topics including SEO, Web applications, WordPress, Blogging and Social Media, Customer service etc. Some of the prominent events Matt had participated and delivered lectures are listed in his website:

Matt has written a plethora of essays and some of his recent ones are:

The several prestigious projects Matt has associated with include Automattic (there is no spelling error – that’s the way Matt spells it), WordPress, IntenseDebate, Aksimet, Buddy Press and PollDaddy. His selected affiliations include WordPress, Ping-O-Matic, Global Media Protocols Group,, Automattic, bbPress, Web Standards Project and Digital Web Magazine (PHP for Designers).

Matt must be greatly enjoying socializing on the Internet as he was actively involved in many social networking sites – Me on Facebook, RSS Matt on WP, RSS Blog, RSS Me on Twitter, Me on Dopplr, RSS Me on Flickr and Ohloh. He was also earlier associated with Houston Palm Users Group, Verve Creative Partner, Networking Works and CNET Networks.

Unsurprisingly, Matt has a great sense of humor and one should not miss reading some great jokes available on his website. It is worth narrating one or two jokes to let readers know what to expect:

There were these three guys at a football game and it just so happened that they were sitting behind three nuns. They couldn’t see really well over their habits, so one of the guys says, “Man, I wish I lived in Ohio, there are only 25 Catholics there.” One of the other guys says, “Well, I wish I lived in Idaho because there are only 20 Catholics there.” Then the last guy says, “Well, I wish I lived in Oregon there are only 15 Catholics there.” Then one of the nuns turns around and says, “Why don’t you go to hell — there are no Catholics there!”

Bill Gates is hanging out with the chairman of General Motors.“If automotive technology had kept pace with computer technology over the past few decades,” boasts Gates, “you would now be driving a V-32 instead of a V-8, and it would have a top speed of 10,000 miles per hour. Or, you could have an economy car that weighs 30 pounds and gets a thousand miles to a gallon of gas. In either case, the sticker price of a new car would be less than $50.” “Sure,” says the GM chairman. “But would you really want to drive a car that crashes four times a day?”

Matt himself admits “In my normal browsing I occasionally come across things that are humorous and I share with whoever I’m chatting with at the time”.

After reading all about Matt Mullenweg, the readers will obviously be eager to contact our Incredible Internet Hero.  Matt himself explains the couple of ways whereby he can be reached:

By Land: Matt expresses his love for email messages and makes a realistic promise that you will either get a reply right away or in a couple of months. If you have a WordPress support question, then your best bet, according to him, is to ask on the excellent support forums. 

By Sea: Matt states AIM is another popular method to get in touch with him. Though Matt detests AOL, he is generous to accede their messaging platform is remarkably functional and usable.

By Air: Matt lets you the privilege of contacting him on his cell (877) 273-8550 for seeking interview appointments and any other urgent matters.

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