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Phrase out your marketing message effectively – SEO copywriting

Copywriting is a big and essential part of marketing your brand. The usage of words and the way you use them is what determines your branding success and helps spread out your marketing message effectively. Let not words destroy your marketing messages, yes! While the right usage of words goes a long way in capturing the attention of your target audiences, the same words when used wrongly can ruin your reputation badly.

  • Too many words: In general, people have an attention span that not lasts more than eight seconds, and with younger audiences, it is just a flash of a second, so you should consider getting you message across to your audience in the shortest span of time. Delete words that are not necessary from your copy. If you fail to do so, then you might have to run the risk of investing a lot of time and wasting a lot of money into something that will be ignored before your target audience can hear the call to action. Keep it simple, remove any filler, do not let your audience get distracted, and always keep it succinct, this will help drive the results you need.
  • Jargons: Skip and completely ignore esoteric words. Esoteric words are words that can be understood only by people who are experts in that particular industry. Even though you’re in a highly technical or regulated industry, try to convey things in simple manner. Always, examine your copy thoroughly for jargon or excessively big words and replace them with simple words. By making use of technical jargons, you will leave the reader perplexed and they tend to search for its meaning, in the due course this will distract and distort them.
  • Wrong pronouns: Great marketing message should connect with the audience, apart from letting them know about your product or service. As a result, you should use second person pronouns in a scattered form. The hard truth is that, audience don’t care about you, whereas they care more about how your products or services and see how it can help and make their lives easier. Always remember the keystone of the basic rule of marketing, “Your product or service is far less important than its ability to fulfill your customers’ needs.” Your messages will not make the grade if it’s going to talk only about you. For this, you need to review the copy and look for case in point where you have used first person pronouns and change them accordingly.
  • Emotional and psychological triggers: Emotional triggers always work out well. Learn to master the art of persuasion to have more sales. This will help you earn the trust of your target audience while also convincing them to buy more or buy again. Above all, an effective marketing message will keep your customers interested in what you have to say.

While there are several deceptively tricky jobs out there, writing web copy might be one among that, but it doesn’t have to be that way, if you are going to follow the strategies that this piece of writing has disclosed. Scale up your marketing message and you will be on your way to experience bigger and better results.

Long tail keywords – SEO copywriting.

Why should you focus on long tail keywords in SEO?
A long tail keyword sounds counter-intuitive, but they are highly valuable, if you know how to use them right. Easier and profitable to target, they are the specific keyword phrases more likely used by visitors when they are closer to a point-of-purchase. That being said, it is very important to use specific long tail keywords that are relevant to your audience. With shorter keywords, a fierce competition for rankings exists, however, leveraging and smartly implementing long tail keywords has several advantages. Most importantly the ROI will be proportionally much higher compared to shorter keywords. And the best part is that you will be attracting a larger group of audiences than that of your less-savvy competitors.
Understanding the value of long tail keywords  
Long tail SEO is a white-hat SEO process and it is all about targeting search terms that are less competitive and highly specific. Seeing that search queries for long tail key terms are high, just about 70%, taking control of them is said to add weightage and value. So long tail keyword, definitely deserve your focus!
Why should you target long tail keyword?
There are several reasons as to why you should target long tail keyword and listed below are some of the most important factors.

  • Fewer competitions and easier to rank for: In view of the fact that these keywords are explicit to a particular business, the competition will be between you and the others who share your niche. Another important thing is that they do not require much effort to rank well unlike other high-ranking keywords. Given that common head keywords face tons of competition, it is easier to rank specific long tail keyword.
  • Consistent organic traffic: Several studies confirm that these long key terms make up a larger part say more than 70% of all searches performed on the web, with very few left for the generic one word or two words keyword. This is mainly because there are millions of unique keyword combinations that can be comprised with more than three words.  Giving you an endless possibility, these key terms will help widen your horizons for writing articles and creating landing pages pertinent to your niche. As a result, you will end up receiving more and more organic traffic from searches for those particular key terms.
  • Increasing conversion rate and high-quality traffic: In general, visitors who look for for descriptive long-tail keywords are more competent and therefore convert better compared to those coming from common searches. Having said that, conversion rate for long tail keywords are 2.5x higher than generic keywords.

Concluding remarks
Training copywriters for SEO success is one of the best things you can ever do for your business online. So start by structuring it out and optimize to see desired results. Now that you are aware of the importance of long tail keywords, make sure that you take the effort to train your copywriters on how to best pull it off.


Copywriting hacks – Ultimate guide – SEO copywriting

Your ultimate guide to copywriting hacks- nail it down

Everybody wants high conversion rate for their sales copy, by this means one can acquire more customers plus grow their revenue and business. You can make or break a user’s experience on your website with the content produced. No one would invest their valuable time surfing through a website that lacks to seize attention. Best capture the interests of your customers by engaging them and inspire them with solutions that they are looking out for.

Follow these copywriting hacks and see business conversions go up.

  • Conversational tone– how you say is as important as what you say. Your connection with the users should be very genuine. As far as triggering buying decisions is concerned, commit to memory that people will buy only from those whom they trust and like, so try to bring out your authenticity and do away with anything that makes them feel skeptical. Not an easy feat though, you can nail it down by a conversational approach. Keeping things casual and conversational is always more efficient than those long-winded language.
  • Benefits first, features next– Specify the benefits first and then move on to the features of your product/service. When it comes to writing sales copy, writers are entangled with a limitation of space and as a result, some of the brands choose to induce their prospective customers by spelling out their USPs. A strategical approach is what goes a long way in satisfying your customers, tag along the strategy of letting your customers know about the benefits first and then list out the features. Before they could scroll down for anything, seize them by revealing the whole lot of benefits. Be succinct, this will help you to stay on the safer side, for instance you can use bulletin points and list out the benefits and features. Having said all that, to list out the benefits alone is not going to help you out, but make it a point to persuade and prove to the prospect the benefits are true.
  • Not clever, but be clear- A sales copy that is too clever can be confusing and complicated, but a one that is clear will definitely be simple and easy. Focus on short tail taglines than on long tail and trim down with time, tagging along the basic and essential elements. By this way, you can help make a world of difference to your sales copy. Eventually this will help in high conversion rate.
  • Write for people, not robots– Some digital copywriters believe that a higher search engine ranking is best achieved through keyword stuffing, this is not the case. As a matter of fact, an effective online keyword density should be somewhere between 2-5%. Having said that, you should also concentrate on the proximity factor. With the means of naturally occurring keywords, well place in the body of the content, your chances to enhance browser relevance and content search engine is high. In general, search engines make use of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) to match search results to the targets of browsers probing for content. Well, this clearly states, for things to fall in place, you need to be very sensible enough to merge keywords into the body of the content as logically and as naturally as possible. It shouldn’t give a feeling of keyword stuffing, naturally occurring keywords is what considered healthy.
  • Concealed advertorial – Explicit sales will turn-off a potential customer. Your sales should be firm, at the same time make sure it is a masked advertorial. Follow a 70-30% scale and make a point to give 70% good and valuable information and let the 30% focus on sales. Just give a mental reel, imagine yourself as a customer, would you like reading an explicit sales pitch when you are on the market for a product or service. Whereas, a sales pitch with great information is the best way to take in your prospective buyer’s attention without turning them off.
  • Scanning – Approximately 80% of readers, who are internet savvy, have a tendency to scan through the copy, instead of reading it out-and-out. There exist a variety of reasons for this, with a millions of websites vying for a valuable customer’s attention; it is not possible to read through the entire content in a website as well. Catchy and crisp phrases, apart from adding visual interest, it also helps your content for sales and conversion.
  • Writing rhythm- Visual hooks make content presentable, writing rhythm makes the content readable. Work on the physiological elements that will raise interests and clicks.

Good copywriting is the key to brand authority, to have a good control over it; you need to understand things in and out. Ultimately the results show up.

When a user is online, they want to be engaged and entertained quickly, so you should tailor the writing accordingly. Moreover, interactive content not only entertains the user but also converts website visits into sales, statistics says. Having said that, it’s the small detail that grabs attention and this best applies to web content. The catchy phrases and sometimes even single words can engage the readers so much; most importantly when they couple with other set of produced information, they should be designed and placed on a page in such a way that it inspires, engages and addresses the wants and needs of a user.

Final point:

The key to writing greatness isn’t achieved overnight. It demands a lot of understanding about your business, its objective, the market, and your potential customer’s requirements. All this packed together, concentrate on the core; most importantly make and take the time to make a good copy, don’t be in a rush to write content, writing greatness is best achieved over time and if you rush up, then you will have to compromise on your standards. To get a constructive response for your content, you need to put in a considerable amount of time, so take ample amount of time and you will nail it down.




3 Secrets To Powerful Social Media Copywriting


When we talk about copywriting, one can hardly count all styles of copywriting. The reason is that they exist in a plenty and it’s indeed a tough task to count them all in a single go. Though these copywriting styles stand on the same fundamentals, but there is a slightly different process in every writing type, depending on the purpose it is meant to fulfill.

One such persuasive form of writing which is trending these days is social media copywriting. As the brands have been trying to get their potential users from these channels, they can hardly imagine their campaign’s success without this sort of writing. In here, you will come to know the powerful social media copywriting secrets that distinct it other forms of writing that you may not have figured out before.

  1. It’s All About Brevity:

Social media writing revolves around brevity, since the posts are usually very short and to-the-point. These posts are read by millions of people who come across looking for the information of their interest. Interestingly, the number of users who want to stay updated to certain information prefers to read a brief social media posts and the longer ones are usually ignored as they fail to grab the attention of the readers. So, it makes the copywriting a bit different from other writing types and only an expert copywriter in this niche can well serve your purpose.

  1. Concise & Catchy Posts Are The Way To Go:

Since the social media posts are written in concise, they need to use powerful words to grab more eyeballs on the social channels. Eye catchy titles with pixel-perfect images are the keys to stand out your posts in the online sphere. If blended with the creative videos, your posts could go viral – giving your brand a reach that you have always wished for! These are the elements of the success of your online social media posts that should be wisely used to get the online reach.

  1. User Need Is The Secret Recipe For Success:

No matter how eye-catchy titles and extravagant words you use in your posts or how briefly you have written them, the users won’t come back again to your future posts if they don’t find your posts useful. If you wish to win the trust of your readers, relevancy is the key. A social media copywriter has to understand the needs of the users and deliver the same through his posts. The success is the obvious by-product of it.


Lastly, though your sole aim is to turn your readers into your customers, but still, you will have to stay neutral while conveying your brand’s messages through social media posts. People tend to ignore direct advertisements and for this reason, it would be better to present the information in your social posts as a solution to their existing problems. It would help gain users’ confidence and lay a healthy foundation for a long term relationship. This is when you will unleash the full potential of your social media copywriting.

Organic SEO Content- Facts to be considered

A sound knowledge about the basics will take you forward and always be confident and work hard keeping in mind that your content will be indexed and rank well in the SERPS and also motivate your fellow audience.

Ensure that your content meets all the below requirements:

Key Word – Your page topic should be well defined with the apt keywords hence search engines can indicate you based on the search query. Keyword phrase will display in the title.

Primary Keyword – A summary about your entire website, what you offer is the primary keyword and should highlight at the beginning of the title. For Eg if you are providing welding equipments, this would be your primary keyword.

Search Query– Users always browse internet mostly for the answers for their queries or for some other information. Make sure that your content provides answers right to the questions that the users have raised.

Meta Description– This stands as an indicator which intimates the potential visitor what they can receive from your site. The targeted keyword or phrase will show a visitor how relevant is your content with regard to their search query.

Article body
Keep in mind that your content should grab the loyalty of its readers by engaging them and also should meet the purpose- deliver information, get products sales etc. Above all it should rank well for the primary and secondary keywords and phrases.

If your content is for a website it shouldn’t exceed 300 words. You can have 400 words for a Blog post and 500 words for an article.

Don’t give too many links. The ratio 1:150, ie, you can give one link for every 150 words.

Impressive Headline
Make an impression by using a catchy headline or title that will encourage the users to proceed.

Key Focus
Your content should focuses on vocabulary (using the right keyword), psychology (Consumers interest level) motivation (marketing element).

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What is quality content in SEO Copywriting?

Everyone is highlighting the importance of quality content which paves way to ranking but no one has explained on how to write good content or what attract the fellow readers. Mostly a novel content which no one has discussed much might woo readers as far as the newsworthiness is concerned. On the other hand a topic that has been widely discussed may get popularity. But in both cases readers will only see something useful to them, so decide on a topic which you would like to get answers for or interested in.

Another factor is that how will you write appealing and engaging content about the same topic/client.

Remember if you keep writing the same topic with little changes it will be less successful in the SEO point of view. Newsworthy content always catches the, a topic that has to do something with the current trend will attract people. The article shouldn’t be too lengthy that people get bored reading the whole stuff. It should be concise and not repetitive with same keywords. It should certainly make some sense which means that it shouldn’t be a keyword stuffed article which explains a topic that has been already discussed.

Undertake a thorough research about the topic which you are attempting to write and list down all the important facts pertaining to the same. Pay attention to the words that you choose to explain the matter so that it will be likable as well as convincing to the readers. Provide an informal touch to the topic in order to grab the personal sense to draw more readers towards your article.

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The significance of Keyword for SEO Writing

For SEO, the content should be strictly focused on the topic and centered on the relevant Keywords. Search engines crawl the relevancy of the page based on the keywords. Do not assume that they just see the keywords alone. They are smart enough to evaluate the significance of the keyword with regard to the entire content. Spamming with keywords will never work, in fact it will have a negative impact on the content, ie you will no longer be noticed by search engines. It is crucial to research and be creative to find and use keywords especially in the online world because it  dictate whether you attract browsers or buyers, information seekers or product and service seekers, and finally, keywords even help to determine how many visitors you receive from search engines.

Before writing the content a careful analysis of the competitor with respect to the content and keywords is vital. Also there is no point in writing a large content with unnecessary explanation. Users will get attracted to quality content and also in the very first paragraph itself you need to provide the summary of the article by following the journalistic norm ie, the content should be in an inverted pyramid style including 5 W’s(WHAT , WHO, WHY WHICH, WHEN, WHERE and 1H (HOW).

Title is the first thing that a potential visitor will find in search results. Keywords should begin with the title in order to woo the search engine and also the users. Also important is the Meta description which induces whether or not you get the click and it should be limited to 165 characters so that the full description will be visible in search results. A keyword density more than 5.5% will be considered as keyword stuffing, and certainly irritates Google.  Keywords alone cannot take your site on the top slot on a search result page but using the right keywords plays a great role in getting search engine traffic.

Your site can be accessed only through the relevant keywords and without them it is invisible to everyone whatsoever, useful and informative they may be. A professional copywriter will always learn the competition for the product or service and hence use appropriate keywords at the right places with accurate headings. The keywords should be proportionate and equally disseminated throughout the content.

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SEO Copy writing and Promotion

SEO Copy writing has come a long way that now it turned a little more complex than before. Search engines are becoming smarter day by day updating their algorithm often and also upgrading their criteria for ranking.  You cannot just write some content by stuffing all the keywords.  Google and other search engines know very well how to tackle low quality content that carry keyword stuffing. Google brought out “Content Farm” which demote the sites carrying low quality content and also an option to its users to report sites that carry low quality content via Personal Blocklist Chrome Extension“(If installed, the extension will send the blocked site information to Google and Google will conduct a study to consider that as a potential ranking signal for their search results). Irrespective of the number of tips one can give for SEO Copywriting, ultimately the quality of content only matters the most and in the coming days this will remain as one of the significant aspect for ranking. Once the content becomes popular you will get natural backlinks. Also very important is the way you market your content. Even though you possess quality content, if it is not endorsed then you can’t expect the dissemination of the same. So it is also important to promote it competently and the best medium is via social platforms. One of the most authentic way of propagation is “By Word of mouth” and it becomes a chain communication while referring from one person to another, the same you could expect with social media platforms. For e.g., if you share your content with known people and if they find it worth, without even asking they certainly promote it. Social media like facebook, twitter, Digg in, Delicious, stumble upon are apt medium to promote yourself and also the content.  You could also participate in forums to get credibility for what you say and write.  So keep in mind that Content is the King and forever it remains the same, and equally important is the promotion of the same via social media platforms.

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How to write effective hyperlinks

A hyperlink is a more convenient way of jumping from one page to another. That’s all hyper linking is on most websites.

  • While using hyperlinks use same wording on every page. Don’t put “How to join” in one page and “sign up” in another. You do not know where your user has come from. Do remember that it is irritating for the user to click on several pages to reach the desired target.
  • Don’t use these link phrases as they are not meaningful
    Click here to enter
    Click on this
    Select this

  • Never put up too many links within the text. Make your reader know your point instead of dashing off to another page only because there is a link. Try to keep link words as short as possible (2-4 words only).
  • Know about different country rainfall statistics for 2001 and 2000
    is better than
    Click here to know about rainfall statistics

  • If you want to keep sentence length to a minimum, use link titles. Try out
  • See rainfall statistics

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    Some common grammatical errors and how to avoid them

    What do you think is common in blogging and good copy writing? It is the conversational style that appears in both blog and a well written copy. Since the conversational writing style is a personalized form, there have been relaxations regarding strict grammatical rules for communicating effectively. Often you find sentences ending with prepositions, a technical word would dangle at the end or even abbreviations are used in the place of em dash. All this is basically incorporated to get the feel of talking into the content.

    But this informal style of writing doesn’t give you the authority to mess up with all the grammatical rules. You need to avoid mistakes that would affect your credibility. Even though it is true that the message that has to be conveyed is more important, some people are very particular about the grammar and they simply would not subscribe or link to your blog if it lacks authenticity.

    Using ‘you’re’ instead of ‘your’: This is a common mistake that most copy writers commit. You can easily avoid this error if you simply take a second and think about what you are trying to convey. Basically ‘your’ is a possessive pronoun which is used to indicate some possessions. For e.g.: your blog, your website. Whereas ‘you’re’ is the contraction for ‘you are’ as in ‘you’re writing a blog for many reasons’.

    Messing up ‘it’s’ with ‘its’: It is yet another common confusion among the copywriters who use it’s in the place of its. This can also be avoided by thinking through what you are trying to say. ‘It’s’ is a contracted version of ‘it is’ or ‘it has’; like ‘It’s easy to avoid spelling mistakes’. On the other hand, ‘its’ is a possessive pronoun as in ‘The company is losing its identity’. There is actually a golden rule of thumb; if you have doubtful about using ‘its’, just repeat your sentence out loud using ‘it is’ instead. If that sounds senseless, then ‘its’ is the right word.

    ‘There’ v/s ‘their’: This mistake happens occasionally to everyone often as a complete typo. The only way to prevent it is by looking for the error during proofreading. ‘There’ is used as a reference to a place (She wants to go there) or as a pronoun (There is no money). Whereas ‘their’ is a plural possessive pronoun.  For e.g.: It is their house. If you want to get rid of the confusion, ask yourself if you are talking about more than one person and something that they possess. If yes, then you need to use ‘their’.

    Confusing ‘affect’ with ‘effect’: Even the grammar experts would pause while before using affect and effect at the right place. As with any other grammatical errors, you just need to take a second and understand the whole sentence before using the words. Basically ‘affect’ is a verb and ‘effect’ is a noun. For e.g.: ‘Your spendthrift nature will affect your wealth’ and ‘Your character will have an effect on your child’. The confusion can be clarified by putting ‘the’ in front of the prospect word. It has to be noted that ‘the’ will not come in front of a verb. So it won’t come in front of affect.

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