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SEO Copy writing and Promotion

SEO Copy writing has come a long way that now it turned a little more complex than before. Search engines are becoming smarter day by day updating their algorithm often and also upgrading their criteria for ranking.  You cannot just write some content by stuffing all the keywords.  Google and other search engines know very well how to tackle low quality content that carry keyword stuffing. Google brought out “Content Farm” which demote the sites carrying low quality content and also an option to its users to report sites that carry low quality content via Personal Blocklist Chrome Extension“(If installed, the extension will send the blocked site information to Google and Google will conduct a study to consider that as a potential ranking signal for their search results). Irrespective of the number of tips one can give for SEO Copywriting, ultimately the quality of content only matters the most and in the coming days this will remain as one of the significant aspect for ranking. Once the content becomes popular you will get natural backlinks. Also very important is the way you market your content. Even though you possess quality content, if it is not endorsed then you can’t expect the dissemination of the same. So it is also important to promote it competently and the best medium is via social platforms. One of the most authentic way of propagation is “By Word of mouth” and it becomes a chain communication while referring from one person to another, the same you could expect with social media platforms. For e.g., if you share your content with known people and if they find it worth, without even asking they certainly promote it. Social media like facebook, twitter, Digg in, Delicious, stumble upon are apt medium to promote yourself and also the content.  You could also participate in forums to get credibility for what you say and write.  So keep in mind that Content is the King and forever it remains the same, and equally important is the promotion of the same via social media platforms.

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Want to know how do search engines work?

Webber (2000) defines a search engine as a ‘searchable catalogue, database or directory of websites’, of a reasonably large size.

There is a myth that when you type in some keywords to search on a particular thing, search engine goes out into the web and looks for matching pages to return. But this is not the case. Search engines continuously crawl web downloading millions of pages everyday to place in their own custom databases. So when a person types in certain keywords at search box, search engine return pages that have been indexed on the database. This is the reason when a person gets different results for a query at different search engines. However, search engine falls into two distinct categories:

  1. Crawler based search engines
  2. Human powered directories

For example, Yahoo! Started as human powered directory, but after working with partners like Inktomi, Alta vista and Google, Yahoo! Launched its own crawler based search engine to compete with Google directly. Google is not a human powered directory but crawler based that relies on technology to build its database. The term search engine is used generically for all search engines on the web. Though we use spiders/robots to build indexes, all search engines collect different information in different ways. The algorithm (the computer program which ranks search results) that each major search engines uses for ranking purpose is different for each specific service.

As home page is considered important for search engine spider, content and relevancy is also important. The content on the site page has greater relevancy factor for a specific term than a competitor’s home page, content rich site page is the one that search engine will return for keyword search. Internal pages of a website can attract more traffic to a site than a home page, as they have more relevant content, whereas a home page is normally very general. However, there are certain search engines that do not crawl deeply into a big site with many pages, so it is important to make most relevant site pages available to search engines.

Search engines in their research use different, or various terms for particular components, but we can use basic terms. Crawler based search engine can be broken down into following components:

➢     Crawler

➢     Indexer

➢     Query Handler

Browsers like internet explorer or Firefox, sends HTTP requests, to retrieve web pages to download and show them on your computer monitor. Crawler downloads the data to a client

•                  Crawler retrieves URL

•                  Crawler always connects to remote server where the page is hosted

•                  Crawler issues a request to retrieve the page and its textual content.

•                  Crawler scans the link the page contains for further crawling.

A crawler downloads only textual data; it is able to jump from one page to another through the links it has scanned at rapid speeds. If you notice, major search engines can now download millions of pages every day. You may think that crawlers work is simple, but in essence this is what it is doing. If you have seen log files of a site, you will see names like Yahoo Slurp or Google bot, these are names of spiders for Yahoo and Google.

Just imagine what will happen when Googlebot, visits a website?

  1. Make sure there is <title> tag on the webpage as it is very important piece of information an organization which is used to feed search engine spider.
  2. Next the actual text from the page is stripped out of HTML code and a note is made as to where it has to appear on the page.
  3. Some search engines that use information in <meta> tags, the keyword and description are extracted.
  4. Then spider pulls out hyperlinks and divides them into two categories: that which belongs to the site (internal links) and those which do not belong to the site, such as external links.
  5. Generally external links are used in “crawl control” where they wait in queue for future crawling.
  6. Each page that is downloaded from the site is added in the page repository and given an ID number.

All this information is now stored in search engine’s database. Search engines now know what the title and keywords are, how many internal and external links are there in the site.

Link analysis is considered an important factor which is taken into account when ranking pages following a query. It also makes sense to identify sites offering complementary services that are also likely to be of interest to your site user. Reciprocal linking can increase traffic and revenue generation.

But reciprocal arrangements have to be entered into with caution since many search engines will downgrade the value of such pages. Also, search engines like Google can easily find out link exchanges between whole networks of sites, so if you are developing various websites and interlinking them simply because you would have heard that Google likes links ad will increase your rankings-chances are you will be doing more harm than good. Rankings will suffer but you might end up being banned from Google’s index altogether-and no site can afford that to happen.

Link analysis module looks at the surrounding connectivity of the page, i.e. which pages link to you and which pages do you link to.  This is very important to search engines and works on citation analysis. For example-if many pages point back to an organization’s site, then it is likely that their page may be an authority on a given subject. This process is referred as ‘hubs’ and ‘authorities. Hubs are sites that point to others and authorities are pages they point to.

Here are certain factors that determine ranking:

•                  Link popularity

•                  Keyword weight

•                  How old is domain

•                  How much long it has been in database

•                  How fresh is the content on the website?

But now factors have changed as algorithms have become more sophisticated. Now search engines determine relevancy between a search query and keywords within a phrase than simply considering keyword weight. Now Google considers more than 100 factors in its algorithm to determine rankings. Nowadays Google’s ranking algorithm gives more weight age to the age of web sites and the pages within them, as they want to give fresh and up to date content to searchers. Google’s algorithm gives importance to those websites or blogs where page content is updated, new pages are added and how many new links point to your website etc. But do remember Google will keep changing its ranking algorithm time to time and so what scores a top 10 result today may not do so tomorrow. That’s why you should monitor for changes.

Query interface is where the whole thing has to come together. The average query length at a search engine interface is two to three words. From these two to three words search engine has to decide from billions of pages it has in its database which ones to return. This is where organizations have to think and optimize the web pages. If a website has to be in top 20, it needs to have pages that will target around these three words that the surfer issues on any given subject and organizations should have link popularity to go with it if they are to be successful. However you will not receive success based on increasing the number of links to a site, it is more important about the quality of links received. It looks at words contained within the text of that link too. If they match in certain way then Google will consider the link more favorable which in turn will give an added boost to the rankings.

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Copywriting – Best marketing method!

Copywriting is basically marketing. Copywriting is persuasive and it promotes an overall idea about a company, product or service. It is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Copywriting can include anything from slogans to articles. Understanding copywriting is essential to being able to successful run a marketing campaign.

Basic copywriting has the single intention of selling. The reason for the copy is to sell a product or service. When it comes to website copywriting, though, there are two main intentions.

Website copywriting has the goal of selling and also a goal of boosting search engine rankings. For this reason, website copy is usually more in depth and wordy rather than the typical copy.

Copywriting is the aspect of choosing words and text. It does not usually include the look of the copy. However, when it comes to website copy, all aspects are considered.

Since the main idea of copywriting is to sell an idea, product or service, it is very important for a business owner to understand what makes up a good copy. It is all about quality content that gets to the point and captures the potential customer’s attention.

Copywriting is about knowing how to use words. You have to know how to manipulate them and put them together in a way that achieves your ultimate goal. A good copy will grab attention and make people excited.

The internet is a large place to try to run a business. Success in the internet market place is all about catching people’s attention. You have to be able to get people to come to your website if you ever want to sell a thing.

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SEO Copywriting – Great Career

Many people select to pursue various jobs that are within the writing industry. Some of the most common jobs that a person can choose in the writing industry include writing as a freelancer, publishing, and even copywriting. Copywriting jobs are becoming more and more popular as time progresses. There are numerous things that make a copywriting job appealing to many people. Here, you will find many of those things.

One of the first things that make copywriting an appealing job is the amount of flexibility that the person who holds this career has. Seeing that copywriting is a job that entails paying special attention to detail and ensuring that a quality product is completed. Due to this fact, it is important for a copywriter to take their time in releasing their final product. This allows the person who chooses the copywriting career to set their own pace, and basically invest the hours that they see fit into the project. Many people thoroughly enjoy the freedom and the flexibility that the copywriting career has to offer.

There are many different areas that a person may work the copywriting career. One such place may be with an agency that specializes in advertising and marketing. Many people may work as a copywriter in the entertainment industry. Other people may work as a freelance copywriter in the comfort of their lovely home office. There are numerous opportunities when it comes to working as a copywriter. You can select to work for yourself, or a company. This is one of the many things that make the copywriting career very appealing.

Many people who find the copywriting career interesting enjoy the fact that the work, while it remains mostly the same, is constantly changing and offering challenges on a daily basis. Many people enjoy the fact that they are able to be constantly challenged by new tasks and that the pace of their work is ever changing. This makes a great career choice for people who love to be pushed and pushed to offer their best work. It is also a wonderful career for people who place a high quality on detail and ensuring that items are completed as they should be.

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An intriduction to Plagiarism

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism, as we all know, is taking the work of someone else and submitting it as your own work. Copying pages from an encyclopaedia or a novel and presenting it as your own writing is obviously plagiarism and none of us would consider it for a moment. But what about websites?

Perhaps the most-often plagiarized works on the web are “links” sites — sites such as “Yahoo,” or “The Linguistic Funland TESL”. Sites such as these collect links to relevant resources, including short descriptions of the sites. Many people see nothing wrong with copying the information from these pages wholesale, and pasting them into their own “links” site without giving credit to the original site or its creator. It can be quite frustrating for the creators of such sites to see their work taken in this way, since they often have put hundreds, if not thousands, of hours into describing the sites and setting up their pages.

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Top Ten Copywriting Books

If you are copywriter then the best you can educated yourself by reading some of the great books written on copywriting. The best copywriting books around are not written specially for online, as you could tell from this list. But you should have at least one, and it’s a close call. Based on that, I have listed the top 10 copywriting books written with best intension:

1. On Writing – Stephen King

2. Net Words – Nick Usborne

3. Movies in the Mind – Colleen Mariah Rae

4. Triggers – Joe Sugarman

5. Influence – Robert Cialdini

6. Tested Advertising Methods – John Caples

7. The Copywriter’s Handbook – Bob Bly

8. The Robert Collier Letter Book – Robert Collier

9. Advertising Secrets of the Written Word – Joe Sugarman

10. Wizard of Ads (Trilogy) – Roy H. Williams

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Stay Ahead of your Competitors

SEO copywriting is an endless process which procures good fame among writers. Today, more writers can be seen with excellent, interesting and reliable writing. More competition is faced by the writers and they have to stand ideal among the list.

Develop Own Style

The foremost factor to be considered in SEO copywriting is the writer should have own style of writing. The writer should develop their own style, because it makes your content unique. Most of the authors make a mistake of copying the style of other well known authors. This does not create uniqueness in the technique of author and establishes to be the piece of other author.

Initiate New Technique

Come up with new things in the content. Initiate creative styles, new varieties and techniques. Make sure that the article is reliable, informative and understandable by the users. Try with new things and it initiates you to be a best writer.

Make Real

Develop own style and try new things in your article. It attracts the reader and creates a character for you. Make your character clear to the readers and ensure that you are working hard towards it.

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Choose a writer who suits you

Copywriting is very crucial for the company’s overall growth. It is because the brand building online and that messaging is very significant. The writing that one contributes is very important to showcase your corporate culture of the company, your products and all your services. So it is very important that the writer becomes you when he/she writes for your company. The ‘ownership’ is very vital for processes like this. A poorly, non-empathetic writing will always lead to poorer results. The results may be good based on the writing, but the sustainability of the customer or surfer trust is very important. Direct marketing writing is very easy that is successfully completed by many people here.

Search marketing copywriter is one who feels the product’s use in the perception of the customer, when he still carries the thoughts of search engine and rankings. With this context, it is essential to search for a copywriter who is technically (here I mean writing) skilled and strategically (with reference to search engine and search marketing) excellent. When choosing a copywriter for your search marketing, it is essential to keep certain points in mind. Ask for their experiences and their references. This will establish the standard of the articles. Be diplomatic in giving the work, do not rush the topics. When selecting the keywords, it is essential for the copywriters to be there. This will enhance the copywriter to best understand the concepts. Apart from explaining about the company completely, fill him/her with information.

Thus you can choose and get the work done from a copywriter for your search marketing campaigns.

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Copywriting and online Marketing

Let’s talk about two important concepts. Writing, which was then a hobby, is now a powerful medium. A word can pierce into any heart and can cause such an impact that can change lives. Writing is a powerful medium of communication and it revolutionizes today’s communication world. On the other hand, Online Marketing is gaining much of popularity in these days. The whole world is shrunk into a small screen and the communication is getting easier and smarter day by day. Internet is something that no one can avoid and this electronic medium rocks the floor. Thus marketing online is a very reasonable and of course a smart move by the investors.

Copywriting, the most necessary and effective element of effectual online marketing is the talk of every Search Engine optimization firm. The technicality and the logic behind copywriting inculcate the usage of appropriate words to affect a person’s view on a particular product, project or a person. The words are written strategically to promote either estimation or an opinion. All this is to lead the reader to follow a mode of action that fulfills the aim of online marketing. The important thing to make the content writing a happening thing is to grab the attention of readers with compelling materials.

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who to focus on? search engines or the reader?

Who to focus on? Search engines or the reader?

In search engine optimization content is the king. SEO copywriting thus gains importance. But who is the target audience- the reader or search engines who determine whether the content should be read by the people or not? The answer lies in the question itself. It is the search engines who determine the relevancy of the keywords in the content and decide the position of the page or the site in the results page. So, I believe SEO copywriting is targeted more on search engines.

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